Gunsmithing  DRM Precision Weapons barrels

Rancid Coolaid

Gunny Sergeant
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  • Aug 10, 2007
    Houston, TX.
    Anybody heard of them or use them?

    I need a threaded Beretta 96 barrel and this is one of the only games in town; however, they don't answer email and their phone says the mailbox is full, won't take new messages.

    I placed an order with them, card hasn't been charged, order hasn't been acknowledged, so damage thus far is minimal. Hell, maybe a gas leak killed them all and no one has bothered to check.

    If no experience with DRM, anyone know of someone who sells good Beretta 96 threaded barrels? Have checked Storm Lake, Beretta, and Jarvis.

    I guess the world has moved past Beretta 9 series.