For you guys looking for 64gr Fusion bullet


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  • Jun 13, 2007
    Just bought some at the "Funshow" , 1100 for $104, Honest man, has decent / fair prices, ( including during the Obamanation Primer Scare/Shortage ) answered all of my nosey questions politely ( and listened to my internet commando knowledge on these bullets.. ) and says he bought these a year ago....and was told they were 64gr Fusion bullets, I have bought , from him ( in the past ) some 62gr Fusion, 64gr GD and now some 64gr Fusion...all have looked exactly like Molon's is his e-mail,.. ..

    GB link... ....

    If you end up buying from him... I really don't know if he is setup to handle mail order delivery on a large scale, so be patient.

    I have looked at these and they look identical to the pulled bullets in Molon's 64gr Gold Dot ammo review.

    And as a disclaimer... I only know this guy from the FunShow.