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Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

82nd. The Rangers still had steel pots then, 82nd got issued the kevlar pots before Grenada.
Marines perhaps.

Sleeves are rolled the way God intended men to roll them.

Think most Marines wore steel pots than too though.
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Yeah and we built the Alaska Highway in a matter of months with 1930's trucks and hand-axes.

And today we can't pave a mile of street without a year-long environmental study and 36 people making sure that the genders of the construction workers are properly construed.

FUCK OSHA. Industrial accidents weeded out the stupid, the sick and the weak.

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Every day @0500 you fire this bad boy up and ride down to the mailbox.

That bike killed a lot of novices... The Widomaker. Not that any of the riders were married. I had a buddy in HS who had one. He crashed it bad... real bad. Walked away with a bit of bacon. But damn lucky.

Insane machines.

Three bikes I rode and said "never again." One was a Bimota. Holy crap, that thing terrified me. Beautiful workmanship but power to weight ratio that was nuts. The second was a Kawasaki triple. The one my buddy crashed. Rode it about 500 yards and turned around and said "no thanks." The last was a Hayabusa c. 2004. I wanted to buy one but did a dealer test ride and said "This thing will kill me on day one." Too bad because I loved that bike and they were CHEAP for the performance.

One bike that I restored and only rode once was a 1935 Zundapp racing bike. Buddy of mine in OH owned it and I did the rebuild for him (except the engine.) It was a cool bike. It was in lots of episodes of The Rat Patrol! He bought it from a guy who bought it from a studio auction. I rode it a couple of miles and also said... "Nope. This thing is nuts!" Cool story on that bike is that it was a prewar racing machine. But the Wermacht had a 'thing' where if you owned/rode a bike, you could enlist 'with' your bike and become a dispatch rider. This bike (no idea about its owner) was captured in North Africa and later used as a Hollywood prop in all kinds of movies and ultimately on The Rat Patrol. Buddy bought it in pieces. We put it together. I can only imagine it's worth big $$ now. When he bought it in 1990 it was a grand. Which was real money for a box of parts. But we rebuilt it over a summer. That bike was %$#@ing insane to ride!

My cousin sent this. I've wondered about the boy for some time.

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I'd suggest that when you have your family gathering at Christmas... you talk to him about this.

Then take him out back behind the house and just put a bullet in his head.

Because he'es gonna shoot up an Arby's!