Suppressors Introducing the EZ-LOK™ System!

    Griffin Armament is proud to present you with the latest QD piston system, EZ-LOK™! We've put together a comparison video for you that goes over the Griffin CAM-LOK® system vs the new EZ-LOK™ system vs tradition piston attachment systems. The Griffin Armament EZ-LOK™ is our new...
  2. SilencerShop

    Silencer Shop News Update: ATF eForms Launch Imminent!

    According to the ATF, eForms will launch between December 15 - 28, 2021! Here is what you need to know about ATF eForms: The New eForms will make owning an NFA item (suppressor, SBR) quicker and easier. Launch Date is estimated between the 15th and 28th of December. If you have an order...
  3. C

    Precision Rifle Gear The Pros Use - NEW DATA PUBLISHED

    A few months ago, I posted some info on the hide about the gear the top 50 shooters in the Precision Rifle Series were using, including caliber, cartridge, scope, gunsmith, action, barrel, stock, bullet, powder, suppressor, muzzle brake, and rear bag. In case someone isn't familiar with the...
  4. T

    Suppressors Mirage covers worth it for 22s?

    I’ll be ordering a TAB SAS mirage shield for my 30cal can, but would it be worth it to by a seprate one for my 22 trainer? (to match) 22 Savage FVSR, 4-14x44 scope, with a 22sparrow 10 shot mag strings, bolt action, South Texas summer coming up with temps well into the upper 90s to 100 deg F...
  5. skinney_7

    Hunting & Fishing "AMBUSH" an all new HD video, brought to you from O'Neill Ops!

    A Late season hunt in mid February, consists of a spot and stalk / ambush! ENJOY! <iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. A10XRIFLE

    Suppressors and Gas Guns! My 2cents

    My opinion: Suppressing gas guns is just not a good Idea. Why, Its kinda like building a 1200 HP car and putting a Muffler on it and a Parachute behind it. As the bullet exits the muzzle and into the can all the Gas, Carbon, Unburnt powder Etc now sneaks into the muzzle and back into the...
  7. S

    Suppressors Re-making suppressors

    Did not know that apparently ATF will not allow a suppressor to be remanufactured with the same serial # as one before. By the original manufacturer. Just one more way for them to screw with the industry and more money for them. Just a short rant.
  8. K

    Suppressors Experience with Tactical Operations Suppressors?

    I am thinking of putting one on my XRay 51 but really have not seen any discussions on their suppressors. I was thinking that since they made the rifle (which is very nicely put together) it would make sense to have their can as well. Anybody have any experience or knowledge on these? Kurt
  9. Kenco Arms

    Suppressors Yankee Hill Machine QD suppressors

    I spoke with sale today (placing an order) the QD flash hiders have been said by ATF to be part of the suppressor so as of right now extra QDs are on hold and you can get one with the can you buy. this also includs the M2 cobra. They are taking orders but you will have to wait for this to get...
  10. JRose

    Suppressors Gassers and suppressors....

    Ever since I started shooting my DPMS LR308 through a can, it stove pipes pretty regularly. The rifle used to run reliably, so I'm wondering what's going on? I don't have any experience with suppressors, but have heard of adjustable gas blocks and such. Is this what I need to look into?
  11. SEPUL

    Suppressors Elite Iron suppressors

    can any one give me any info on Elite Iron suppressors i want a can for a SUPER SASS and was told by armalite that elite makes the cans for them thanks
  12. Opiy

    Suppressors Coastal Guns Inc suppressors, are they good?

    Watching the videos on their site they seem to be quiet. Does anyone have some they can give their opinions on? Pictures or videos. You can't beat the price on them. I am wanting to get a can for either 9MM or 40S&W, 5.56 AR can, and one for a 7.62 AR. I was going to get the Trident 9 and the...
  13. hue001t

    Suppressors noob question about suppressors

    when i search and look at suppressors i see like 5.56 then it jumps to 7.62mm, if you have a 7mm rifle do you get a 7.62 suppressors and then make it fit?
  14. 737shark


    Thunder Valley Shoot This Weekend... Saturday April 18th. I am bringing some new models of the Tigershark and Shark that have a modular Design. In Addtion to my new Full Auto Rated 5.56 Can...Hammerhead Not even on my Website Yet...I Will be there Saturday Night...
  15. TBass

    Suppressors Do suppressors ever go bad or need to be replaced?

    Relatively recently I purchased a new titanium suppressor for a bolt gun… and I have to say that I love it. But my question is, due to the incredible amount of heat that builds up in them, do they ever go bad & need to be replaced… and if so how do you know when to replace it?
  16. kraigWY

    Suppressors M1A & Suppressors????

    I'm not into suppressors, but I wonder if there would be a market for a slplined suppressor attachment, milled like the flash suppressor splines on a M1A, where as, intead of threading the barrel, you could use splines and a lock nut like the existing flash suppressor. OR, would it work...
  17. GUNNER75

    Suppressors Tactical Solutions Suppressors????????

    Have a Karma 5 and a Karma 7 on order. Anyone look at these at SHOT? Thoughts?????? My first two suppressors! They have no idea how bad I want to play!
  18. S

    Suppressors Barrel threading for suppressors in the Dallas, TX

    I know there are really good options out of the area, and it may come to that. Right now I would like to know if anyone has a really good gunsmith in the immediate Dallas/Ft Worth area that does top notch work in this area. Would include threading and adding attachment devices and threading...