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    Centurion Arms CMR & C4

    c4 still available?
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    Griffin 30SD QD Flash Hider mount 5/8x24 new in package with shim set

    Griffin 30SD QD Flash Hider 5/8x24 new in package with shim set for 7.62/30cal. retails for $99. $80 shipped to lower 48, paypal please. no trades, please dont ask.
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    Bushnell Excursion FLP 15-45x60 FFP mildot spotter

    was about to post this also. The store has raised the price $20 since the first of the week, though. I thought about buying it, but I think I would rather have better glass for the types of shooting I do. good luck, hopefully someone who needs it here will get it.
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    Rifle Scopes Burris C4 series

    I bought a 30mm 3-9x for an spr build, but have yet to shoot it. I ordered the turret to my specs, and the first one had the wrong info. I sent them an email and explained what was not right with it but did not get a response. Then a couple of weeks later, two turrets show up in separate...
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    thought all of you might enjoy this one...

    Afghanistan GI Snipper Rifle .308 Remington : Bolt Action Rifles at
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    Rifle Scopes Primary Arms scopes ?

    marshall, when will the optisan 1-6x with the acss be out? From what I have read, glass is better along with overall quality. Pics would be great if available.
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    Fav protein shake recipe?

    PlantFusion chocolate raspberry is the best tasting protein powder I have ever had, and it is also very good stuff. A lot of the protein powders out there cause cramping, bloating, and other digestive problems because they are not easily digestible. Some people have no problems, but a lot of...
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    Rifle Scopes Low Cost Rings and Base for Rem 700

    this! Have a couple of sets of warne rings (30mm maxima standard mount) that I have had for 5 or six years now and have floated around everything from a 22lr to 300wsm and never had problems. They can be a pain to install sometimes with the vertical split, but once torqued correctly (I use the...
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    Varget replacement

    I'm low on varget also, but had a about 5 pounds of accurate 4350 I wasn't using, so I am going to try it in my 308 bolt. I have heard a lot of negatives about it in a 308, but also a lot of people saying it was very accurate, but didn't have the speeds of varget and similar powders. Not a big...
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    Rifle Scopes Sightron S3 or vortex viper pst?

    not sure what this is, but not bending over to find out. but on a more serious note, I have two sightron siii 6-24x50 lrmd and they are excellent for the money and sometimes go really cheap used. I picked mine up for $500 each used, but both look like new and have not had a single problem.
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    Diet Help Please

    Add some coconut milk in those smoothies/shakes for some good fat that tastes good, too. The body needs good fat to operate efficiently and this is an easy way to get it (along with good nuts like almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, etc , not peanuts). And also go for avocados for the good fats. I...
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    Diet Help Please

    Push you larger meals back earlier in the day, and you probably need more protein. Not sure what exact time of day you are working out, but most suggest the protein shake or similar 30 minutes to an hour after workout for the best benefit. Also, what type of protein shake are you using. Protein...
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    Need to see some MDT LSS chassis pics before I order...

    Thinking about ordering one of the MDT LSS chassis for my 700 in 223, but really haven't seen that many pictures of completed rifles running them. Anyone have them on their setup? Likes/dislikes? My only concern is that I wish the forearm was a bit longer, but a handguard could probably be...