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    Rifle Scopes Leupold, Why No Love?

    Back in the early 2000's I had a MK4 and every year I would have to send it back to Leupold to get fixed because it would stop tracking consistently. Then I bought USO's and Vortex's and haven't had a problem. Leupold has probably gotten better but they can be better for someone else, I'm done.
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    Maggie’s Your Other Hobbies?

    I like slinging big streamers.
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    AR 10 in 6.5 x 47L ?

    I tried it and had feed problems and it was severely over gassed. I punched it out to a Creedmoor and it was fine.
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    Night Vision IR Laser Targets

    I have used the red/white DOT tape and it works great.
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    Just curious...whats your BATTLE READY Precision AR (556) weigh?

    The one on top is a 14.5", middle 10.5" and the bottom is 16" All weights are with the Surefire SOCOM 556-RC and a full 30rd mag 10.5 lbs 9.25 lbs 12.5 lbs The top also has a single battery Surefire Scout light that you cant see. The BCM keymod forend on the 16" is super light weight...
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    Sniper’s Hide Cup Shc 2015.

    I'm good with it being later in the year. I have missed the opening day of fishing season for several years now. If you have ever fished Henry's lake in Idaho you know what I'm talking about.
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    Night Vision An afternoon with Peter @ I2 Technologies

    Being only an hour and a half from Peter at I2 I was able to take my ANVIS-9 goggles to him yesterday for an Up Armor kit. My goggles are an older set that needed a little work. Not only did I get the Up Armor but he also cleaned and inspected everything inside and out, put in an upgraded...
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    Anyone ever get 'Meh' results with Black Hills 77gr OTM Mk262?

    I had a Rainier ultra match bbl that I couldn't get better than 1.5" out of with the Black Hills blue or red box. It may have been the bbl more than the ammo. That gun never shot better than just under an inch on the best days.
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    Texas man hits 1 MOA target at 2.07 miles

    I just took some numbers from my .375CT and with my MV of 3173 with the 352gr MTAC's and a generous summertime DA of 9000' (here in S.E. Idaho) I am getting a velocity of 1001.1FPS at 3650 yards. I drop sub-sonic at 2950. I think the number from the OP are a little off but I dont think its...
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    Portable PLRF "Reflector" - Reflective Material?

    I used a cheap emergency blanket and spray adhesive on card board. Less than 10 bucks
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    .375 Cheytac+Reloader 33

    Update, I got up to 144.5gr with no pressure signs and still not compressed. I did a ladder test and so far it seems to like the heavier charges. I'll mess with it some more and get some velocity's.
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    Anybody running Noveske RSR handguards? Opinions?

    I have a 13.5 on my 14.5 and love it. It's super light and the diameter is perfect for my hands. The only problem I can see with it is now I have to buy at least two more for my 10.5 and my 16 RECCE.
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    Sniper’s Hide Cup 2014 Sniper's Hide Cup Details Registration Open February 15th

    I hope someone brings one so that the issue can be finally put to bed that you can't buy accuracy. Edit, at least with money
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    Shrapnel is not your friend.
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    Sniper’s Hide Cup 2014 Sniper's Hide Cup Details Registration Open February 15th

    Frank, a question about the handgun. My "go to" handgun has a Trijicon RMR on it, if I confirm with the RO before and after the stage that the RMR is off may I use this pistol?