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    Fifth HardRock Match of 2013

    Table for one, Friday only unfortunately. Hardmix
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    Accurate Ordnance Grand Opening

    I visited the AO shop today for the first time. Nice facility that was clean, well organized and great guys that are definitely passionate about building quality products. I would not hesitate to use them for future builds. Tks for the help and consult today Mark. Hardmix
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    Jon Beanland Special!

    I think you should buy him the whole damn cow! Nice shooting too. Hardmix
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    This is a topic that I have not searched or seen discussed very often. Here is my .02 which is about all its worth....See the target, read the environment...hit the target! Hardmix
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    New member in Las Vegas

    Welcome to the Hide Peter. Hardmix
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    New old member

    Welcome back! Hardmix
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    Suppressors No ATF forms, no shooting?

    Good conversation on a decision most of us will face at some point. In my range bag I keep a reduced stamp that has been laminated, I also like the electronic idea. By the way I think you handled it pretty well. Hardmix
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    Rifle Scopes To Much Additional Elevation?

    This makes no sense to me on a 308, you are spending money on something you most likely will never use, at least effectively. Hardmix
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    Rifle Scopes Scope for my Remmy 700p?

    I would look at the Vortex line, good value for the money. Hardmix
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    Rifle Scopes Budget Scope Decision

    ^^^^ I have one of these on my .22, I would say these are a good value for what you pay for. The upper end of mag gets dicey but overall pretty good for what it is. Hardmix
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    Hockey fans?

    This should be a really good series between Boston and real dog in this fight but I am pulling for the Hawks. Hardmix
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    new to the game starting with a 6.5 cm lrp 12 savage

    I shoot the 6.5 in a 260, great round for target shooting. Hardmix
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    new to the forum

    Welcome, great site to be exposed to news ideas on precision shooting as well as sharing of your experiences. Hardmix
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    generic title about being new

    First off welcome, this site is a great resource for all aspects of precision shooting. Do not worry about posting, most will get the jist of what you are looking for and respond accordingly. Hardmix
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    precision rifles... show em

    This whole site is littered with nice sticks. Hardmix