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    Tick Warning for North East Folks

    Possums kill and eat thousands of ticks every season. I always thought they were pretty useless overgrown rats but now I have a new appreciation for them.
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    It ain’t Undertow but still awesome. Saw them with Primus in Atlanta, an experience I’ll never forget.
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    Zeiss 6-24x56 .5 cm question

    Just got a used Zeiss Diavari 6-24x56 with .5 cm clicks and was looking to make a drop chart. Its going on my Rem 700 LTR .308. What is the best online ballistics program to help me with this?
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    IOR Spartan 2-12x36 thoughts

    Anybody using this scope? Looking for something compact to go on my rem 700 LTR and this seems like it might work. Will be hunting and target shooting.
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    Leica 10x32 question

    Anybody ever used Leica 10x32 BA series binoculars? Found a good deal on a used pair but can't find much info on them. Also have a buddy with a pair of Zeiss Victory 10x32, but I can get the Leicas for way less money. Just wondering how the two compare.
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    LTR and PSS stock

    I was just curious if there is any difference between a PSS and an LTR remington stock. I know they are both H.S. precision, just never seen them side by side.
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    .243 wssm?

    Anybody hunt with a .243 wssm? Got a chance to get a Winchester coyote for a pretty good deal, but haven't ever shot one. Ballistics look pretty good. Just wanted some opinions from somebody that actually has one.
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    DPMS 308 question

    Found a good deal on a DPMS 308 with the heavy 24" stainless barrel. Thinking about getting it and shortening the barrel to 18 or 20" and putting a new floating tube on it so it won't be so heavy and I could maybe take it hunting occasionally. My question is how about much would this cost and...