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    Tick Warning for North East Folks

    Possums kill and eat thousands of ticks every season. I always thought they were pretty useless overgrown rats but now I have a new appreciation for them.
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    Maggie’s Tool

    It ain’t Undertow but still awesome. Saw them with Primus in Atlanta, an experience I’ll never forget.
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    Hunting & Fishing Please help me get a deer with my fathers bow.

    I used to hunt with recurves and longbows quite a bit a few years back. They really are addicting to shoot and it is a rush like no other when you get a kill with one. With that bow i'd go with a 5575 goldtip and a heavy cut on contact 2 blade broadhead. Check out Tradgang, it has all you need...
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    Hunting & Fishing 3rd Coyote this week

    Re: 3rd Coyote this week That is the truth! I was within 100 yards on my fourwheeler and they just ran a little ways and turned around and looked at me. Hopefully they will come to some calling tonight.
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    Hunting & Fishing 3rd Coyote this week

    Re: 3rd Coyote this week Think i'm going to try to get a few this evening, jumped two young pups this morning in the middle of a wheat field and saw a big male a few days ago. For some reason they are very active right now.
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    Rifle Scopes Zeiss 6-24x56 .5 cm question

    Re: Zeiss 6-24x56 .5 cm question JBM is just what I was looking for, thanks!
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    Rifle Scopes Zeiss 6-24x56 .5 cm question

    Just got a used Zeiss Diavari 6-24x56 with .5 cm clicks and was looking to make a drop chart. Its going on my Rem 700 LTR .308. What is the best online ballistics program to help me with this?
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    Rifle Scopes Trijicon my best option?

    Re: Trijicon my best option? I have 2.5-10x56 trijicon with the green mildot and compared it to a z6 swarovski 2-12x50 at last light and would rather have the trijicon. The swaro is good, but the reticle is too thin to make a lowlight shot while the trijicon green dot was easy to see. The...
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    Rifle Scopes Premier Light Tactical Pic Heavy

    Re: Premier Light Tactical Pic Heavy What is the weight of this scope?
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    Hunting & Fishing South Texas hunt

    Re: South Texas hunt Hog meat is fine if you let the meat soak in a cooler with ice water and vinegar for a few days and drain the blood out a few times in between. Wild pork on the green egg is one of my favorite meals!
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    Rifle Scopes IOR 2-12x36 Spartan or NF 2-10x32 on LMT MWS

    Re: IOR 2-12x36 Spartan or NF 2-10x32 on LMT MWS I have been very interested in the Spartan for a while too, but it seems like nobody has one. The bdc elevation knob is a cool feature, but I wonder how accurate it is.
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    Hunting & Fishing GA pig hunting

    Re: GA pig hunting Try somewhere on the Ocmulgee river. I have a lease in Twiggs county on the river and theres lots of good hogs. Got this one with dogs and a buck knife. [IMG]
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    Hunting & Fishing Cougar Hunting Pics

    Re: Cougar Hunting Pics
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    Hunting & Fishing Cougar Hunting Pics

    Re: Cougar Hunting Pics Got this tom in Idaho in 2004. For anybody who thinks it looks easy, trust me, its the most physical hunt you will ever do, but fun as hell. I have some live pics somehwere, will post them if I can find them.
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    Rifle Scopes IOR Spartan 2-12x36 thoughts

    Anybody using this scope? Looking for something compact to go on my rem 700 LTR and this seems like it might work. Will be hunting and target shooting.