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    Official (DTA) SRS, HTI, Covert, Hunter Thread
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    Official (DTA) SRS, HTI, Covert, Hunter Thread

    It's time for me to move beyond a single conversion for my A2 Covert...and I'm looking for some validation of my choice... :) I currently run a 16" 308 (ES-Tactical), it's a laser and I love it (1/4" groups on paper at 300, bangs steel at 1k all day, super handy in the woods and drops hogs &...
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    Rifle Scopes Official Zero Compromise Optic News & Updates

    Any suggestions for a 36mm mount with lots of cant to maximize the travel of the ZCO? My rifle has a 0 MOA rail and for some reason I like to punish myself by pushing my shorty 308 out way too far, so I run out of travel quick. 16" 308 175 SMKs @ ~2500 fps = hitting my travel limit at ~15 MIL...
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    Rifle Competition Events NRL Hunter Heartland Harvester AAR

    Thanks for the write-up! I’m attending the CA match in late March. I’ve never shot any sort of long-range match...just deer/hog hunting, long-range classes and 3gun/pistol the tips are invaluable. I’m definitely concerned about sorting out my gear/process in order to even get...
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    Accessories SOLD

    I don't think there's a non-extending version of this bipod, is there? The pic looks just like mine, with the buttons to extend/collapse it.
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    Magpul D50?

    ^--- This
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    Rifle Scopes Scope for DT Covert 6.5/300 Norma

    @wjm308, This is probably out-dated, but I just came across this thread and that is my rifle with the Magpul bipod on it that @CSTactical posted. It's not sturdy at all. It's what you would expect from a plastic, sub-$100 bipod. That being said, I've shot quarter-moa groups at 300 yards off...
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    Ckye-Pod Double vs Triple Length Pull?

    I got to use a Double last weekend at a class. It's the only Cyke I've used so I can't compare to the others, but I loved it. I was able to make hits in the sitting position (I'm tall, 6'4", but I'm pretty flexible). If I was inflexible or if I had to take a sitting shot facing uphill it...
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    16-18 inch shorty rifles

    Stretched my shorty out pretty far this past weekend...
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    Desert Tech SRS A2. Good first long range gun or start with something less?

    I love my A2 Covert. No regrets. Of course there are trade offs but for what I wanted it’s great. Compact. Accurate. Multi caliber. Let me get a high end scope (single platform, one scope). Use for target, competition and hunting. good advice above. Try to shoot one before buying...
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    Range Report NorCal Long Range Class, 16" 308 @ 1000+

    Yeah it's so perfect...when I out-shoot the creeds, I get to say, "and I did it with a 308" but when they out-shoot me, I get to say, "but I'm shooting a 16" 308." It's win-win. ;)
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    Rifle Scopes Best scope to buy for overall use? 100 yard/ 1000 yards - Hunt/competition/varmint.

    Ever since I bought my ZCO 420 I can never go back. It's simply amazing. It helps that I put it on a Desert Tech, so I can easily run multiple calibers but only have a single scope for them all. Made the decision easier. It sounds like you're putting it on an SRS as well, to me it's a...
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    Range Report NorCal Long Range Class, 16" 308 @ 1000+

    I attended a long-range class in NorCal last weekend, run by Dan & Jacob @CSTactical. Awesome class and awesome range. Targets out to 1675. 700-1675 section pictured below, there's also a lower portion with steel from 25 to 625 every 25-50 yards. My shorty 308 performed flawlessly. SRS A2...
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    Desert Tech Recoil Fulcrum Point

    For what it’s worth, I’m able to spot hits/misses with my 16” 308 SRS. And I’m not special. So there should be something that can be fixed (likely pointed out by the smarter people who already commented). Just posting to give you some hope. :)
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    POF Revolution: any owners?

    I’ve owned the Revolution (Piston) for a couple years. Mostly used it in 3gun Heavy division ...but I cheat and run reduced power loads with 110gr varmit bullets...kicks less than my 223 race gun. :) No issues and I love it. I haven’t done any precision/accuracy testing with it though. Use it...