1. J

    Lawton 8000 / Cheytac M310R Chassis?

    Looking to replace my VERY worn McRees chassis on my Lawton 8000 repeater receiver, anyone have any idea who makes a chassis that will for this action?
  2. Newbie2020

    SOLD WTS: 408 CheyTac rifle, bullets, brass, dies

    Selling 408 CheyTac LER Includes: -Lawton barreled action -29” Lawton barrel -Muzzle brake -McRees Precision chassis -1 7 round box magazine -Reloading dies -1,400 Jamison 419 gr copper bullets (G7 BC = 0.949) -480 Jamison new unfired primed brass -Aluminum shipping case Rifle was fired 60...
  3. M4guru

    EDM Windrunner SS99 .408 Cheytac question

    Hello everyone,thanks in advance for some assistance. A friend is offering me an EDM Windrunner he no longer has the desire to own. It is an earlier built rifle, with the box and all factory accessories. He has put 50 rounds through it, meticulously documented and the rifle is in excellent...
  4. GasLight

    .375 .408 Bertram brass group buy

    I am looking into interest in a group buy on the Bertram .375 and .408 CheyTac brass, if you have interest check my post in the Group Buy Section or send me an email. Dave http://snipershide.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1272944#Post1272944
  5. F

    Powder for 408 CHEYTAC? Also reloading questions

    1. I have (stupid idea here). Any recommended laods for the 408 with it? I am shooting 420 grain Rocky Mtn bullets, both hunting and target. The only other powders I have handy are for 308 and 260 (IMR 4064) H414 and Win 748....assume no loads for those... 2. I have the ammomaster-2 .....which...
  6. B

    deprime 408 Chey-Tac case

    How are you guys depriming your 408 Chey-Tac brass ? I have heard of some guys just taking a punch and driving out the primer. Or are you using custom dies with a deprimer pin ?
  7. F

    .408 primer and reloading question...

    Forgive my ignorance as I am just getting started on the .408 Would I use the large rifle magnum primers for this round? I just use large rifle for my other bullets (.308, .260) but I am assuming I need to step up to the magnum primers (which I have on hand).
  8. J

    .408 CheyTac dies

    Hi, I was surprised to find out that it is not possible to find dies for .408 CheyTac even in Midway. Any hints who may supply them with shipping to Europe? If I decide to make them by myself where to find appropriate blanks? Probably 1" diameter is necessary? Regards Jurek
  9. R

    .408 CT Ammo Box

    After looking everywhere for something to carry .408s in, dropped one nose down in a MTM H-50-XL I purchased for .338 LM. SOB fits perfect! Hope this helps someone. Ed
  10. B

    XM .408 Magazine Question

    I just got a Windrunner XM .408. I got 6, 7 round mags with it that have a logo with the letters TM. They are pretty crappy. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the CheyTac 7 round mags, and if they will work in a Windrunner? I just ordered one and CheyTac said they might work...
  11. J

    One 408 round on gunbroker....70$

    http://v4.beta.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=129893845 Yeah right....... and a 30 dollar case! http://v4.beta.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=129897477
  12. M

    408 windrunner vs 338 lapua

    hey got a good deal on a 408 cheytac edm windrunner but was curious if it really has the capabilities advertised 2500 meters. unless this cartridge can run circles around my 338 lapua i dont want to waste the money to simply go another 200 yards.
  13. H

    Stiller 408 action

    Anyone have any info on the new Stiller 408 action? Prices are on website but no specs or pictures.
  14. G


    Isn't there anybody out there reloading the .408CT. Need powder charge data.
  15. G


    Would appreciate any and all reloading data available for the .408 CT. New M-96 windrunner in 408 arriving and need to start developing loads immediately. Have been able to locate some data but not enough detail. Objective is 2000 to 2500 yds.
  16. B

    Best 408 Brass

    What is the best (most consistent and long case life) 408 brass, who has it and what is the price range? BH
  17. S

    408 CT: neck tension / crimping.

    What neck tension are you using on bullets W/O a crimp band I.E. RMB jacketed. Do you crimp bullets with a band? The TTI ammo I'm using has a slight crimp, I have just about exhausted it and ready to reload, have bullets with and W/O band, rifle EDM WR.
  18. KYS

    Gunsmithing 408 Cheytac M310-R stock question??

    Ok so I have had my 408 Cheytac (M310-R) for about 2 years now, I love the rifle but hate the McMillan stock that its in. So, I ordered a stock from McRee's Precision a couple days ago. Scott said something about the bottom metal being different and it might not fit in his stock without some...
  19. A

    408 Cheytac brass quality?

    Guys Thinking of having a 375Cheytac put together, but brass quality worries me. What brass are you guys using, and how is it performing? Are any of you using brass manufactured by Bertram in Australia? Cheers
  20. J

    Suppressors form 1 408 can

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICvIAWzm49M Just finished it the other day. it's off to be coated now. 12inches 2inch dia. 316 stainless.It's ear safe...........