1. Jimmy2Times

    Load development: The good, the bad & the ugly.

    Ok so I just got done putting this rifle together and started doing a bit of load development. Ultimately, I will develop a 175 gr. load but at this time, in my area, all I can get my hands on are 168 SMK HPBTs. I also had to use Remington 9 1/2 primers as I am out of BR2s. Anyway, here are the...
  2. rickp

    New Zero or just a bad shot??

    I went to the range to shoot my R700 for the first time in quite a while. I took 5 shot on 5 diferent .5" dots and all my shot were about .5" low. As I started to question my shots I started to adjust elevation 1/2 MOA up and that brought up my shots and I was happier with my performance. So...
  3. B

    bad group with H335

    I loaded up some hornady 68gr BTHP bullets with 23.5gr of H335 for my AR. The groups were really bad, I had to try some m193 just to make sure it wasn't me. Should I drop the load down a bit or change powder? I got around 2820fps with the H335.
  4. ArcticLight

    Maggie’s How to tell when a banana has gone bad

  5. Jayhawker

    Maggie’s It's been a REALLY bad day...

    So I'm on my way to work this morning...take my eyes off the road for a minute and BAM, I run the Rover right into the back of a car that stopped short to avoid running over a squirrel.... I'm setting behind the wheel just shaking my head thinking about the crappy start to my day. The door to...
  6. J

    Gunsmithing Ionbonding - Any good or bad experiences?

    to send my Badger M2008 off to have it done, any good or bad experiences to share? Also, I heard its thinner than Cerakote which will be good since the M2008 is pretty tight to start. Any one know the coated thicknesses of each? Jason
  7. TBass

    Range Report Bad Chronograph readings or erratic velocities

    Looking for some advice… I went out early this morning to zero my rifle w/ some new handloads. * Conditions first thing this AM were: 81F, 47% humidity, Density alt 7255, barometer 25.33. * My first string of velocities were: 2961, 2972, 2964, 2966, 2969 (with avg velocity of 2966 & std of...
  8. 1

    Photos Bad Hair Day

    Before the Worm Pit.
  9. 45.308

    Was I bad?

    I got a PM to read and acknowledge the Hides rules, not sure what I posted to warrant this? It would be nice if the post in question was linked so I knew. Guess I will be more quite but I am sill confused at what rules I broke. Thanks
  10. xarmor

    Maggie’s Who's the bad ass

    A Navy Seal, an Army Ranger and a Marine are sitting around a campfire: The Seal blurts out: I am the most bad ass mother fucker on the planet. I once swam 10 miles through shark infested water , dove down to 100ft and sunk a Soviet submarine with my knife! The Ranger replied: That ain't shit...

    1 Bad Actor

  12. G

    Maggie’s Having a REALLY Bad Day

  13. G

    When Muzzleloaders Go Bad - OUCH!

    I just ran across this one on another forum. Let's not get into the bashing of manufacturers here without first-hand personal experiences, but the information's worth sharing. The site is, and apparently they have quite a collection.
  14. 308 5R

    Bad days, have to offload some gear

    Well unfortunately this day has come too early. Gonna have to give up my starter rifle. So here it goes up for sale. Rem. 700 5R mil-spec approx round count 200 stock bedded with devcon steel bed weight added to buttstock via lead shot limbsaver recoil pad blemish free badger 20 moa scope mount...
  15. Tip em over

    Rifle Scopes 2nd bad Zeiss in a row!

    Just sent in my 2nd 4.5-14 x 50 Zeiss Conquest for repair/replacement. First scope would not hold a zero on my rifle. Zeiss replaced it with a new scope which was cool. The replacement scope came with 46 MOA of elevation adjustment compared to 68-69 MOA which my other 4.5-14 x 50 has. I'm quite...
  16. E

    MY AR 15 is a bad choice for my situation right?

    First, I live in CALIFORNIA. Keep that in mind. So I bought a CMMG recievered AR with a LWRC upper, in the event of a social melt down here. Which may happen due to riots, which have happend OR a biq quake and we're left w/o power and limitations on food. I got the AR as just and extra tool to...
  17. Sniper6

    Rifle Scopes New Premier Bad Boy. is Painted!

    My new Premier 3-15X50 Gen-X2 Double Turn scope showed up from Liberty Optics couple of days ago. This thing is awesome, it is hard to find words to best describe how nice and well built this scope is. See when I first got into shooting I couldn’t even dream of being able to afford something...
  18. Hasgun Willtravel

    Rifle Scopes Bushnell: Poor CS, bad math, F.O.A.D.

    Let me begin with saying this, if there is one broke scope, in a pile of 1000 of them, and I was told to grab one, I would reach in the middle, and its my luck to grab the broken one, everytime, no matter what. I have a black cloud over my head with that kind of thing, happens on 90% of...
  19. TBass

    Suppressors Do suppressors ever go bad or need to be replaced?

    Relatively recently I purchased a new titanium suppressor for a bolt gun… and I have to say that I love it. But my question is, due to the incredible amount of heat that builds up in them, do they ever go bad & need to be replaced… and if so how do you know when to replace it?
  20. desertrat1979

    Bad start to my weekend

    I just ruined my last 500 CCI large rifle primers. They were sitting on a shelf in the cabinet with a milk jug that had water and window tint solution in it. Mysteriously the fucking jug got a hole in the very bottom. The damn box soaked all the way through, the packs were soggy, when I opened...