1. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Redding Type S FL Bushing Die- 6.5 Creedmoor

    Selling my Redding FL Bushing Die (77446) with 2 steel bushings- .290 and .292. Excellent condition. Includes all it came with. $95 shipped conus. Venmo, PayPal f&f, or you cover fees
  2. wpeach1912

    Reloading Equipment WTT/WTS Varget, Hornady .308 bullets, and Hornady .332 Bushing

    Some reloading components to sell or trade. I can't ship powder so we'd have to meet somewhere in Eastern Idaho. I also travel around Idaho and Northern Utah a decent amount going to competitions. 2 pounds of Varget unopened: trades or sell $150 180 grain SSTs: Gone 195 grain ELDMs: $55 shipped...
  3. dukerugger25

    Reloading Equipment Sold - 6 Creedmoor Hornady Dies

    Selling the reloading components that I had purchased for a 6mm Creedmoor build that will not be coming together after all. All components are new and unopened. 6CRM Hornady Match Grade Dies $70 TYD
  4. skulldragr17

    Reloading Equipment Whidden 6BR FL Bushing Sizer

    6mm BR Click Adjust Full Length Bushing Sizer -Comes with Benchrite .2650” carbide bushing $105 shipped No trades
  5. A

    Gunsmithing Bushing Firing Pin Affect Headspace?

    Does bushing a firing pin change a rifle’s headspace to the point of it becoming unsafe, excessive, detrimental to accuracy, etc.? Should I wait to have the pin bushed until I’m ready to rebarrel? From the research I’ve done, it seems that custom shops (LRI, Gretan) either mention the topic or...
  6. R

    Bushing vs. Expander Mandrel For Obtaining Neck Tension

    So I know "neck tension" can be a hot debate, but I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on using a bushing vs. an expander mandrel for obtaining a desired amount of neck tension. Right now I run all of my new brass threw a 0.263" expander mandrel (shooting 6.5 creedmoor) to obtain...
  7. E

    Redding Bushing Dies for Semi-Auto Use

    Hello all, I have a JP LRP-07 on order in 6.5 Creedmoor and have started gathering reloading materials. I have ordered a Redding Type S Full Length Bushing Die, but I just received an email from Redding in which they do not recommend using bushings in conjunction with semi-autos. The reason...
  8. B

    RCBS .308 Neck Sizer Bushing Help

    I recently received a set of RCBS Gold Medal dies as a gift and I’m in need of some data so I can order the correct neck sizer bushings. The instructions on how to determine the correct size bushing is as follows. Measure the outside neck diameter of a sample loaded cartridge, subtract .002"...
  9. Moof

    6.5X47L bushing

    I'm gonna order my dies for my 6.5X47L build soon and need to know which bushing size am I needing? I'm NOT planning on turning the necks. Thanks for your info.
  10. 19818119

    Bushing Size

    For the guys running the 115 DTAC's through lapua brass in .243 Win. What bushings size are you using
  11. G

    Bushing Sizes for 6.5X47L

    Did a search and didn't find anything I could use. What Redding bushing sizes are you using for best results. Will be starting with the 123's L. With Lapua brass. Thanks GoldenRod
  12. D

    .223 optimal neck sizer bushing and powder?

    I got myself a Rock River varmint A4 and am going to start loading for it. Wondering what the best neck sizer bushing size is for lapua brass. Loading sierra blitzking bullets. Also wondering what everyone uses for powder. I was accidentely sent 8lbs of benchmark (no returns on powder) so I was...
  13. sniper7mm

    Redding.308 bushing problem???

    First time using my Redding comp bushing dies, have always used standard FL dies in the past. I am using Blackhills match brass (Win) When they were loaded from the factory they measured .333"-.334" so I ordered a .332 bushing. I just ran a few through the die and checked the inside neck...
  14. jayjaytuner

    what size redding bushing do i need?

    For .223 remington gonna be loading 77 grain lapua scenars dont have the compenents YET... figured someone would know to save me some time..... its gonna be for a precision SPR ar-15 so im assuming .001 smaller than one for a precision bolt gun. thanks for any help jason
  15. jayjaytuner

    redding FL bushing die

    the redding full length bushing dies i belive there type S... can the expander ball be taken out of them? thanks for the help jay
  16. S

    Redding Type S neck bushing die...lube needed?

    When using the Redding Type S Neck Bushing Die, is it recommended practice to lube the cases? In the Redding instructions they state that if you have the Titanium Nitride bushings, lube is not required. It doesn't state anything about the heat treated steel bushings that I use, which leads me...
  17. T

    243 bushing size.

    I am currently building a 243ai and am ordering dies but don't know which set of neck bushing to buy for the redding neck bushing dies. I will be using 243 lapua brass with either 105 amax or 107 sierra's.
  18. B

    RCBS Gold Medal Match Series Bushing N/S Die

    Anyone got experience in using this die and what's the benefits compared to a regular NS die (not from the advertisement but from the real life as a reloader )
  19. J

    Bushing Die Question

    Hello all. I am trying to put together a reloading setup for .308. I am looking at getting a Redding Big Boss 2 and I have questions about the S style bushing dies. When measuring for the bushings, I should use a fired case to take the neck measurement, right? Second, do you guy neck resize or...
  20. 19818119

    Bushing Size

    Gents, My loaded rounds are measuring 0.338, I'm currently using a 0.334 redding titanium bushing. I've read that 0.002 neck tension is optimal, should I switch to a 0.336 bushing. This is for a rifle that is currently being built so I can't compare any accuracy difference by changing bushing...