1. Dr. Davy Jones


    Looking for a BT10 V8, PSR, or CAL Gen 2 with the no clamp. Not interested in a tall version. Well used with beauty marks is fine with me. Thanks guys!
  2. S

    SOLD WTS: Atlas CAL Bipod

    For payment I accept PayPal G&S + Fees, F&F, or Venmo. No notes, please! Atlas CAL Bipod - $200 Shipped + G&S Fees. SOLD Used for roughly 200-300 rounds at the bench. In overall excellent condition with slight wear on the rubber feet.
  3. Dr. Davy Jones

    Accessories FOUND. My Atlas CAL for your Larue Harris bipod

    Have an Atlas Cal, 2 screw model which I recently bought and decided I’m moving back to Harris. It’s seen light use so it’s in excellent shape. Can shoot me a PM for pics. For the Harris, some scratches/rattle can is fine. Not a straight up trade, would be looking for some cash out of the deal.
  4. M

    SOLD Atlas CAL bipod

    *** SOLD **** I have an Atlas Cal bipod NC (no clamp) version for sale. It has been painted a custom camo pattern with Brownells Alumahyde (which removes easily with acetone). I have only had it a month and decided I like my old V8. Bipod is in perfect shape, no nicks or dings. I will take...
  5. D

    Range Report what is the fastest / biggest 30 cal cartridge

    were having a long standing argument about which is the king of ,30 type cartridges that is .308 bullet dia, One that actually excists , so far the 30-338lap is looking about the biggest we can find in our club Anyone shoot bigger? Help me win this one Cheers
  6. A

    SO CAL 1000 YARD MATCH 8-30-09 Results and Pics

    SO CAL 1000 YARD MATCH 8-30-09 at DESERT MARKSMAN RIFLE AND PISTOL CLUB near Palmdale ca. This will be a prone paper match at 1000 yards Bring 50 rounds 20 shots for record + sighters. If the weather is scorchen hot we may drop back to the 600 yard line. This is an individual match with 3...
  7. P

    2009 Nor Cal TBRC pictures are up

    All the pictures are now up. I apologize for this taking so long. The photographer Craig, took well over 2K pictures. I've posted over 800 after sorting through them. All pictures of individuals are there, so if Craig took a picture of you it's in there somewhere. If there's a picture of you...
  8. Down Under Hunter

    50 CAL- AMAX 750grn- What BC do you run ?

    Going to do some extended range work with my TAC 50 this weekend and was wondering what BC you guys are using in your PDA's ? I think the NF exbal program lists 1.05 ? How close is this ? I read that someone here was saying closer to .95 ?? Any thoughts ? Cheers DUH
  9. M

    Long range rifle match 7-26-09 So Cal

    Long range rifle match 7-26-09 North County San Diego, CA. Any scoped bolt action or semi-auto rifle. Caliber from .223 up to and including .338. Distances will vary from one hundred to eight hundred eighty five yards, steel targets. Forty rounds maximum for the match. There will be a short...
  10. kombayotch

    "Fast" 30 cal. barrels?

    What brands and types of rifling supposedly give higher velocities again? Broughton 5C is supposed to be one... others? Any input form builders or others who see a lot of different barrels would be appreciated.
  11. Smokin99

    New Upper Cal. Help??????

    Building a DPMS 308LR and am undecided what cal. to make it. Ive already had a 24" bull in a 308 and was thinking about a 260 with a 20" or 24" barrel. This is nothing but a F@ck off rifle to shoot 1000yards and shooting PDogs, and will be wearing a 5.5-22x50 Nightforce. Any suggestions, Ive...
  12. ryznstr15

    Reloading .308/ 30 CAL with Mag LRG Rifle Primers?

    Hows it going all. If someone could please tell me if it is possible to reload my 308 with large magnum rifle primers and what to expect that would be great. I was told that I would have to drop my powder charge due to it burning hotter because of the magnum primer??? Any info would be great...
  13. J

    Tyrol 5022 .22 cal

    hi, a while ago i bought a seccond hand tyrol 5022 with 5 shot mag nice and cheap because of a bit rust and so i just strip it back and painted the whole thing to protect it and now its my bush basher.. recently i have been wanting to find out some information on the tyrol 5022 .22cal but...
  14. jeepone

    Rifle Scopes Leupold enough travel for 50 cal?

    Im wondering if the Leupold Mk 4 scopes have enough travel to get my 50 out past 1000 yds with a 100 yd zero. I have an Armalite 15 MOA base. Thanks,
  15. M

    Tactical rifle match 6-28-09 So Cal

    Tactical rifle match 6-28-09 North County San Diego, CA. Any scoped bolt action or semi-auto rifle. Caliber from .223 up to and including .338. Distances will vary from one hundred to eight hundred eighty five yards, steel targets, varying shooting positions and locations. Sixty rounds maximum...
  16. N

    .22 cal wildcat from 6.8 SPC

    Picked up a 6.8 Rem SPC case at the range recently. Neat little case. Seemed to me if it was necked down to .22 cal it would be a nice compromise between the .223 Rem and .22-250 Rem. More velocity than a .223, but easier on barrels than a .22-250. I assume this has been done already...
  17. T

    Which cal for 20 in build

    I want to build a 20 in gun for my all around rig. I am going to build it with a stout profile barrel but not a ball bat diameter. Something like a rem varmint but deep deep flute it. Here is the kicker. I want to build it in one of these calibers. 243, 6x47 lap 243ai 260 or 6.5x47 lap...
  18. zscurlock

    .50 cal press? Load? Trimming?

    Which do you prefer? The only one I can get right now is the Hornady. I am also wondering what do about trimming? I have a giraud for all other calibers. Does bmg brass grow and need to be trimmed every firing? I have 200 pieces of primed brass and wanted to get started. Will I have to size it...
  19. NorCal Vu

    09 Nor Cal TBRC Results and AARs Pics and Video!

    First off I would like to thank the 30 member range crew we had this year to help pull off another great Nor Cal Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge. Shawn, Sam, and Jason kept things flowing smoothly and safely on the steel range. This year we had 12 spotters on line to ensure we catch every hit...
  20. B

    Tacfire Precision Rifle 1 in So Cal - 26-28 June

    See the schedule and contact information here This is a good, solid basic program that will give you a strong foundation in precision marksmanship fundamentals. If you are interested, contact them as soon as possible as I know that they are...