1. C

    Member Link Up Central PA meet up in the end of October?

    I'll be back home on leave during the end of October to the beginning of November. Anyone from central PA wanna get together and do some shooting? I'm going to break out the TRG and stretch it's legs for a day if I can get some ammo loaded up. Post here if you're interested! CMS

    Any training in Central or South Eastern OH?

    Just looking for some beginner training in long range shooting. Everything I know is self taught and I would love to learn proper techniques. Im about an hour S E of Columbus Ohio.
  3. D

    Member Link Up Central Cali Hide Members / San Joaquin Valley

    Any other hide members around these parts? I like to shoot with other people, helps me learn. I have exclusive access to 1000-1200 yards and would be open to others shooting here as well. The berms on the 600-1000 yard range are not that tall, so I would ask that you know your dope close enough...
  4. I

    Feeler, South Central Idaho, LRP Steel Match's.

    I probabley should have put this feeler out sooner but I am a busy boy. Just checking to see if there is any interest for long range precision reactive steel match's in South Central Idaho. I live in Bellevue, Idaho located 60 miles North of Twin Falls and 20 miles South of the tourist town of...
  5. E

    Member Link Up central WA

    I was wondering if there are any people that shoot near the ellensburg yakima area. I come home in late august but i really dont know anyone who shoots long range. Erron
  6. R

    Vern Harrison Central Virginia Tactical

    I just got back from a 3 day beginner's course with Vern. I'd read what some of you had to say about Vern and about his course(s). All I can say is he is quite a guy and he provides a very good course. Vern's firing range is a long windy farmer's field. You really don't need much more than...
  7. Triad

    Pat Rogers/EAG in North Central Kansas

    05-07 June 2009 - 3 Day Carbine Operators Course - Wamego, KS 3 Day Carbine Operators Course Wamego KS Host: Blake McGuire Admin: EAG – [email protected] Cost: $575 – Deposit $285 Range Fee: $10 per day ($30) payable upon arrival TD1 This...
  8. S

    Maggie’s Pit Bull to a good home Central Florida

    A few months ago my inlaws found this little guy wandering around their place. We've tried to find his owners; posted flyers, craigslist, the local newspapers, drove around several towns and went door to door, you name it and we've tried it, but no luck. I've already got 4 dogs in a fairly...
  9. christian77

    Hunting & Fishing Central TX hog hunt

    zink14 & I made our way out to his ranch this past weekend and got the drop on some unlucky pigs. We were firing from a cliff elevated about 100ft or so, firing at a 90' angle down, 18-20mph winds at a range of maybe 200 or so yards and the critters were hauling ass

    210M Primers $138 per Thousand - Lowlife Central

    I was just at the Nations Gun show in Chantilly Virginia. I should know I would get disgusted but a friend wanted to go so I went. There was a guy there "trying to sell" 1000 Federal 210M Primers for a $138.00 a box (1000 Primers). This was way up and above the normal stupid things I see at...
  11. J

    Training at Central Virginia Tactical - opinions

    Guys I am looking at getting some training from Vern Harrison at Central Virginia Tactical - any experience with them? opinions?
  12. G

    Fieldcraft What camo for central IL?

    I'm considering painting the skins of one of my AICS based rifles. I'm either going to do something in white or something that will mix with Central IL vegetation. What kind of camo jobs have guys done for Midwest plains, grasses, and corn fields?
  13. W

    Gunsmithing Gunsmith in Central Arkansas

    Anyone know of a good smith in central AR? I am looking to have a new set of sights installed on my 1911.
  14. 762frmafr


    i am in central missouri about 5 miles from owensville. i own 100+ acres and have 400+ yards to shoot if anyone is interested. i am also looking for a place to shoot 1000+. thank you.
  15. glock24

    Central Virginia Tactical still in business?

    I e-mailed them twice this week and both times it was kicked back as undeliverable. I called and left a message, but no return call yet. Just curious if anyone knows their status. Thanks