1. ucsfl05

    New Barrel Throat Finish, Rifling damage- is this Normal?

    Wanted to get an opinion on this- just got a brand new benchmark barrel in 6GT and cleaned it. This is what my throat looks like and there is some damage to the rifling just before the crown. What would you do? Thanks
  2. McGuyver

    Gunsmithing Recommendation on a chamber reamer for 260 Remington

    Hello all, I am getting ready to purchase a chamber reamer to do a 260 Remington and I was looking for some suggestions on whether to do a standard SAAMI chamber or a match chamber. Standard throat of custom throat? As it stands right now, I am considering a live pilot reamer from Pacific...
  3. Skimafia

    Gunsmithing Dummy Rounds for the newby

    All, As the title suggests, I am new to the world of long range marksmanship. I am currently working on piecing together my first rig. I am getting to a point where I have some unanswered questions that I figured I would post here. How does someone determine the most ideal dummy round...
  4. A

    Gunsmithing Chambering a barrel through the headstock?

    Never have even touched a lathe before so forgive me if I sound stupid. How far can a barrel stick out of the headstock/spider/dohicky unsupported when chambering? Reason I ask is if say your spindle bore is only 1" but your chambering a barrel with say a Rem #3 contour where the barrel...
  5. H

    Gunsmithing Barrel contour and chambering

    I have a heavy contoured barrel that is chambered in 260 Rem. The barrel is crowned and threaded. Is it possible to reduced the contour of the barrel to a smaller diameter and / or rechamber to a larger caliber? Would any gunsmith be able to do this or is this a project for only the barrel...
  6. V

    Suggest a long action magnum chambering for me

    I bought a new Rem 700 action (long action, magnum boltface) and I have been swinging back and forth between doing a 7mm RM or a 300 win mag. Are there any other good options I should look at? My goal is to have a hard hitting, accurate rifle out to at least 600 yards. I already have a 700P in...
  7. wnroscoe

    Gunsmithing Chambering Process by request

    I chambered a .260 RP a few days ago for a client and thought I'd share the process for those that may have never seen this. My photos start after initial turning down of the tennon and threading. Sorry, I didn’t think about sharing until after that had been done. I double indicate everything...
  8. S

    Gunsmithing dpms chambering issue

    my dpms lr 308 rifle does not go into full battery on occasion. when i pull the charging handle to eject the round to inspect it, there is a scratch mark on the side of the case. this happens with the reloads and commercial rounds. i have been told to use a finish reamer and it will clear my...
  9. S

    Gunsmithing Chambering question

    I am trying to build a .308 on a Remington action. I just got "The Complete Illustrated Guide to Precision Barrel Fitting" and I had a question. It sounds like in the book when you chamber you use the rougher for about 1/4 in. then switch to the Finisher to cleanup. Then go deeper with the...
  10. S

    Gunsmithing chambering ar 15 barrels

    Who here is chambering ar 15 barrels? Looking to get in on the rock river gb and need to have some work done. Anyone have a recommendation? Thanks
  11. R

    Gunsmithing finish chambering

    Has anyone used the pull through style finish reamers on a short chambered barrel? I'd been looking at having a rifle of mine rebarreled and started thinking about doing it myself today. I have machine shop/CAD experience, but don't have the opportunity to use a lathe for this particular...
  12. S

    whats your favorite chambering for 1500 Yards

    Like the question says. What do you reach for when the target is 1500 yards away?? Lee
  13. E

    1903A3 chambering?

    A buddy brought his grandpa's nice sporterized 03-A3 remington by the house tonight. He had asked me about it earlier wanting to know the caliber. I had told him I thought it was an 06 and would take a look at it if he brought it by. I grabbed a 06 headspace gauge and it wouldn't close on the...