1. LoneWolfUSMC

    Bradley B-24 and Bradley Adjustable Cheek Rest Review

    Proper cheek weld is an integral part to precision rifle shooting. Many traditional stocks like those found on the 700P and Savage 10 rifles need some help in this area. I just got a chance to work with a new cheek piece from Bradley Cheek Rests. They are made of Kydex and strap onto the stock...
  2. savageshooter623

    Cheek rest color opinions.

    Hey everyone. Im going to put a tactical operations ammo cheek pad on my rifle but I am undecided about the color. My rifle is all black, so i thought I would keep it that way. Then I thought that this would be my chance to add a little color. I will either go with black, multicam, or coyote...
  3. GBMaryland

    Photos Black TRG-42 w/ Terge Cheek and Butt Spacers

    Sako TRG-42 - 10mm Terge Cheek Spacer - ~25mm Terge Butt Spacer - Near Muzzle Break - Near Single Recoil Lug 20MOA Rail (older style) - Dremel Tool Special Sun Shade Hook - Black AR Leather Service Sling - Sako TRG (new) Bi-Pod - 300WM - IOR 6x24x50 MP-8 Dot [Zeros fine and works well] (Yeah...
  4. Fortis

    Cheek piece for Manners T4 stock.

    Has anyone used one of the saddle type cheek pieces on a T4 stock. If so could you post a pic.
  5. T

    A4 cheek saddle.

    My set screws on the saddle a constantly coming loose after only a few shots. Any one else have this problem? Is there a remedy? Thanks
  6. deersniper

    Riser cheek piece for ar15?

    Looking for a cheek piece/ riser for an AR collapsible stock to make it easier to use a night vision scope. Any ideas? I have seen a few that snap on but reviews are mixed. Looking at this one:
  7. jakeb

    Integrated Cheek Piece or Add Saddle Later?

    Hey All, I'm buying a new stock for my rifle and wanted some help... What are the pros/cons of an integrated adjustable cheek piece vs. a kydex saddle? Should I just go integrated? Or wait and see if I need it and then add a Kydex saddle (Karsten) later? Or do I scratch both and just stack...
  8. S

    KMW vs McMillan cheek piece?

    I was wondering the weight difference between the KMW cheek piece and the two thumb screw McMillan (not the thumb wheel one)? I know the KMW is steal and the McMillan is aluminum, but wanted to know how much more the KMW weighed? (I would like to keep the rifle as light as possible.) Also if...
  9. T

    eye relief? cheek weld?

    Thanks for all your help on the flinching issue guys. Good suggestions all. Now, I have another question for you. I'm having a problem aligning my eye with the scope. I do have a carlsten cheek piece,lined up and tight. I get the right sight picture for a moment then, the shadows being to appear...
  10. popeyecop

    Fieldcraft Need a cheek rest. who sells them?

    I need a cheek rest, one that can store extra ammo on it. I see them in all these pics and wonder where they came from.
  11. fordsoldier

    Gunsmithing Karsten cheek peice

    I know the concensous is that every one love Karsten cheek pieces. Does anyone have a picture or two of a karsten cheek piece on a bell and carlson light/tactical.
  12. patches

    KMW Cheek Mod Thumb Wheel or Wing Nut??

    Hey guys- Is anybody making a thumb wheel or wing nut like adjustment for a KMW cheek mod stock. I have a McMillan A5 with the KMW and I have to use an allen wrench to adjust the stock up and down. The problem is when I want to pull my bolt out of the rifle at the end of the day I have to put...
  13. mac37

    Gunsmithing Adding an Adjustable Cheek Piece

    Is it possible to add an adjustable cheek piece to an existing stock? I have a R700 in a bedded HS Precision Sporter stock and would like to use it for some tactical shooting but need to raise the cheek piece for a good weld. I've seen the Karsten unit but not sure if this is the only way to go.
  14. T

    Karstens cheek piece

    I'm going to buy the Karstens cheek piece and wondered if anyone has mounted it with a drill press and if you would have any suggestions. Plus I have seen a few with what looks like a knurled nut (not the star) and would like to know where they got them. Thanks Mike .
  15. Seventy 1

    Cheek piece / bolt cut out.

    Am I correct in saying that McMillan does not cut out a bolt removal space in the cheekpiece of their stocks. I've noticed it done on some Manners stocks. Could someone fill me in? as well , what adjustment type cheekpiece do most prefer from McM, ie saddle, thumbwheel,..etc. Thanks
  16. P

    a-5 cheek rest

    here's kind of an odd question for those that shoot with adjustable cheeks. i use sinclairs poly bore guide and i have to drop the cheek rest down to get the bore guide in. i was thinking of cutting some dowel rods for the post holes to make finding my adjustment quicker. i was wondering i...
  17. Smokin

    AICS cheek piece thumb screws

    Mine always come loose. I now use a rag and a pipe wrench to tighten them down before a match so that I dont end up losing a cheek piece on the range. Now the thumb screws are actually separating from the screw (if that makes any sense). I lost the AICS factory hex screws so I ordered a new set...
  18. Phylodog

    McM HTG w/saddle cheek rest?

    I fired my new rifle today, a .223AI in a McMillan HTG. My other rifles both have A5 stocks with thumb wheel adjustable cheek rests and I had a difficult time getting a consistent cheek weld on the HTG using an Eagle stock pack and padding/spacers under it. I don't recall ever seeing one and...
  19. rmcc

    Rifle Scopes cheek piece

    Does anyone have a source for raised cheek pieces? I am having trouble with my scope blacking out. Played around with a piece of closed cell foam added to the stock. Raising 1" brought me into perfect alignment. Most of the pads I see are 1/2". Am saving for a different stock, but for right now...
  20. Cory Lee

    Gunsmithing mcmillan cheek piece upgrade

    I've got a McMillan with the integral cheek piece. Is it possible to upgrade now to the thumb wheel cheek piece? Is that the $45 dollar one listed under GAP's services page?