1. 2

    Gunsmithing barrel 'choice'

    ok thinking of a rebarrel job on a 700.. i've thought 6m br but have been reading about the 30 br an sounds very interesting.. what has attracted me is the life of the barrel they say 5~6000 rnds ? which brings me to the question .. would you go with a chrome moly or stainless considering the...
  2. H

    Rifle Scopes Scope Choice For Noveske 5.56 SPR Build

    Right now I am looking at the Night Force 2.5-10x24 and 2.5-10x32 both MIL/MIL, or possibly a USO SN-4 1.5-6x28 with EREK. I already have a Night Force 3.5-15x50 on another rifle, and a USO ST-10 on another build and I love both. I would like to keep the weight down by going wth the NF and I...
  3. 18Echo

    Caliber choice for .284 barrel blank

    I have a Rem 700 LA on hand and a Krieger 1:9 .284 MTU contour barrel on it's way. I have Gary Ocock lined up to put everything together. Original plan was 7mm Rem Mag, but after reading many posts and then checking out the section on 7mm's I'm having second thoughts. I want a 1K...
  4. A

    Rifle Scopes Spotter and Bino choice help!

    Guys For out in the field hunting, what magnification/size spotter and binos do you recommend? I do not want the biggest units due to weight and size for packing, but still want quality. I have a Zeiss 85 spotter but it is big and heavy to even consider packing for walking. I am looking at...

    Rifle Scopes .300WM Optics Choice help

    Hi Guys, Long time reader, 1st time writer. I have a HOWA M1500 in .300WM that I am building on and am needing some suggestions on scope choice. I need something which will with-stand the .300WM all day, practical for field use and be some what competitive for the odd comps at the local...
  6. ejd049

    Suppressors Suppressor Choice!!!

    I am getting my first suppressor and want the best for the money. I am going to put it on a .223 Rem 700 and a AR15. Can I get some input on the following? Thanks AAC Ranger 2 M4 1000 YHM SS Phantom Phantom
  7. D.A.T

    Rifle Scopes Need help with optic choice

    I am looking at 2 scopes one is the SS 10x42 the other is the bushnell 6500 2.5-16x42 The bushnell will cost me around 100 bucks more This will be mounted on a Savage 10fp with HS stock. I will be using it for target shooting at all ranges and also hunting (deer, coyote.....) what are the...
  8. ECHO4

    Rifle Scopes Narrowed the scope choice down for the 10/22

    It's going to be an entry level scope just so I can get trigger time, while saving my money for a better quality scope. I'll just be hitting the range shooting out to 150-200 max and plinking at camp. I have narrowed it down the the: BSA Sweet .22 6-18x40 side paralax BSA Contender 6-24x40...
  9. raxafarian

    Rifle Scopes Optics choice for remington 5r .308

    I think the more I search the more confused I get Most of my shooting will be off the bench from 100-300 yards. I have daily access to this range. Once a month I'll be shooting out to 600yds. Target use only. Known distances. Base is a Badger Ordnance 20moa. Rings will most likely be...
  10. S

    Rifle Scopes Optic Choice

    Ok guys I have a quick question. I work at a hunting shop and the vast majority of my shooting has been hunting related; but recently I have gotten into the whole black rifle and tactical shooting scene. I currently have an AR with a 20" LaRue Tactical Stealth upper, and I am trying to figure...
  11. N

    Rifle Scopes Optice choice? mil/mil or moa/moa

    Looking to buy a nice tactical style scope for a AR-10 rifle. Looking to do some shooting out to 800 yrds or further. I've looked at everything from High end Lupys, Nightforce, USO's and even S&B. I know that the last 3 are great but where do you stop. I'm not rich, and where does the quality vs...
  12. S

    Rifle Scopes Magnification choice.

    I'm sure this one has been beat to death and I will get several do a search ya lazy B&[email protected]%D, which I have but I'm sure I'm using the wrong terms and my search FU is weak today. But anyway here goes. I have a Remmy .308 in an A.I.C.S stock that I plan on shooting at 1-300 yards for the most...
  13. B

    22Lr optics choice for spikes conversion

    I am looking for some advice here. ive done some research and have some ideas. I have a 16in spikes 22lr conversion that i plan on using out to 200yds in some matches and i need a scope for it. im looking for something with turrets and 8-10x max zoom. i was going to run a 1-4 but i coulnt...
  14. mildot326

    Flashider/Break choice

    Considering between 2 flashiders/breaks for my latest build, AICS, 20' barrel. My choices are the AAC blackout or the Surefire MB556K. I won't be running a suppressor. That's another story.
  15. E

    MY AR 15 is a bad choice for my situation right?

    First, I live in CALIFORNIA. Keep that in mind. So I bought a CMMG recievered AR with a LWRC upper, in the event of a social melt down here. Which may happen due to riots, which have happend OR a biq quake and we're left w/o power and limitations on food. I got the AR as just and extra tool to...
  16. Gnab2

    Help with a new gun choice....

    I am new to the AR relm. I am looking at getting an AR style gun in .223 with a heavy barrel. I can't really make up my mind between Olympic Arms Model K8 Target Match Rifle or DPMS Panther Bull Twenty-Four Rifle. I am still open to other makers. I just need help in making a choice.
  17. Cobbley

    Rifle Scopes Please help with scope choice..

    Hello. I am new to the Forum. I will jump right in with this question: I am not new to guns, and I am not new to scopes. I won't claim to know it all ('cause I don't). I am not too proud to ask for help. I am looking for a scope for my Sako TRG-22 (.308). My experience, and what I am...
  18. JL

    Gunsmithing 260Rem, reliable and accurate choice for AR-10?

    Cheers Have been playing around with an idea to update my Oberland Arms AR-10 SASS with some 6.5mm barrel. Likely it would be 260rem, barrel lenght around 22". Does special 260 reamers for AR10 even exist? Mean like 223 "wylde-style", accurate chambering without sacrificing reliability. What...
  19. Wheres-Waldo

    Top Choice 300WM Brass?

    Whats the deal with Lapua not making 300WM brass? Im assuming Nosler and Norma are just about the top notch for 300WM?
  20. P

    Stock Choice for Surgeon 6.5x47 build ??

    I have chosen the action and barrel; as above its a surgeon short action with surgeon bottome metal and will wear a Lilja 28" 3R 8 twist tube finished at .950" at the muzzle The stocks I am considering are; Mcm A5 manners T2A manners T4A What would you choose and why ?? any chocies I have...