1. PLeighton

    Bullet Style Choices

    Please forgive me if this topic has been covered at length in a different thread. I did a search with no success. Due to shortages and whatnot, I have started to consider other projectiles other than the standard 175 grain SMK that I currently use. This led me to ponder the differences between...
  2. U

    >338LM powder choices for 24in barrel?

    Been working on loads for my Rem.700.338LM. I'm using 250grn SMK with Lapua brass and FGMM primers. So far I've tried RL-19...About 1.25in.5 shot groups. H-1000 same...RL-22 hovering around .75 to 1in. I see most everyone has 27 to 29 in barrels on their Lapuas, but mine is only 24in. looking...
  3. M

    Suppressors Sight choices for Mossberg 590

    I built up a 590 with a bunch of cool stuff, Mesa stock adapter, Mesa shell holder, CAA CBS stock, Magpul Moe grip, Mesa rail... I'm up in the air on what do to for sights or a red dot type sight. Can I get some opinions ?
  4. lowlight

    Possible Sniper's Hide Spec Built Caliber Choices

    Okay, we talked about this briefly but things are starting to move forward and I wanted to check a few things out before getting too involved in the build specs. The Sniper's Hide M2009 build will be loosely based off the Gladius which was an 18.5" 308 rifle that George spun together for me...
  5. A

    Electronic scale choices...

    Hi guys, Just set myself up with a Hornady LNL press and all the goodies to load 308WIN. Now all I have left to buy is a set of good quality electronic scales.. what a choice! I have been looking around at the various different scales RCBS, Lyman, Hornady etc. The thing that I do not like...
  6. P

    Powder choices

    I have a few powders I had on hand to develope a load for my 6.5x55 swede and 7.5x55 Swiss rifles. I now need to also load .308. The powders I have are Varget, H4350 and H4895. The 4895 seems a little fast so i have been trying the other 2. I had several people recommend RL22, and after a long...
  7. G

    Rifle Scopes Night vision choices for precision rigs?

    Anyone running any NV setups on their precision rigs? Just looking to get into it, and wondering what the options are, and which direction people are going in that have already done the research. I got to play with an NV setup on an M4 and was thoroughly impressed, but I'm more interested in...
  8. 73MCRD

    Maggie’s 2 choices in marriage

    Two choices in can be right or you can be happy. Ralphie May
  9. A

    Rifle suggestions, your choices?

    Hi (just makes it clear im a newbie with the rifle) Im a fresh hunter at the moment and am wondering about to getting me a rifle... Wondered about some of you with some experience could give me any good tips? Im looking for more something that i can use on the size of a moose and smaller. But in...
  10. Z

    Gunsmithing Rebarreling choices

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Found this article has some good info i believe Author: Wood, Dennis A. from - 07 American gunsmith Rebarreling choices: there are numerous decisions to be made before an action is rebarreled, including the type of steel, how it's rifled, rate of twist...
  11. SScott

    Gunsmithing Stock bedding compound choices?

    OK guys, I want to hear your proven bedding compound choices. I have a Remington 700 with Bell and Carlson tactical, and a Savage with a Mcmillan stock that I want to bed. At the Sporting goods store they had Acra glass and some other kit. but I have also seen Devcon mentioned here. Could a...