1. selfbowhunter

    Who does ceramic coating reasonable???

    i have a rifle i would like to have coated that i built a few months ago. i have over $1600 in just parts so i dont want to spend a bunch. is there anyone who offers this service for a couple of hundred bucks? i really dont even care about the barreled action as it is all stainless, but the...
  2. V

    Gunsmithing Coating a crown to prevent rust.

    I just had a barrel cut from 26 to 20". It is a chrome moly barrel and just want to finish the crown as it is now bare metal. Any suggestions as it is such a small area. I have used duracoat before but for such a small area there has got to be something simpler.Hope this makes sense.
  3. lowlight

    Suppressors Robar NP3 Coating on my Volkmann Custom

    Well my Combatant Carry came back from Volkmann Custom today. Luke brought it in for me about a month ago to have Robar put their NP3 finish on it. Volkmann Custom NP3 Article The finish is like pure silk it's looks like glass on there I can't wait to take it out for a spin. Here...
  4. Sean the Nailer

    Gunsmithing Coating Color Question:

    Hey all, just a quick question, and sorta off the wall: Below is a link to the NIC website, and hopefully, a specific page that shows the colors. The question is, which BLACK would/do you use more? Graphite Black (H-146) or Armor Black (H-190)...
  5. S

    Water transfer coating question

    What do you guys think about this water transfer as it pertains to coating a rifle? I ran across a booth at a recent hunt expo in town, and they had some very neat patterns. Their prices seemed really reasonable, so befor giving them a try i wanted to see if anyone has any experiance with it or...
  6. K

    Gunsmithing FDE coating recommendtions

    Could someone recommend a company who does firearms coating and Ar15 upper assembly in California. I ordered a woa spr barrel and upper with a 12 inch lite rail from DD for my build. Has anybody had experience with Steve at Adco and Randall Thanks Kris
  7. xxsjj2007xx

    Gunsmithing Stainless Barrel coating.

    This might be in the wrong section but how can you effectivly coat a stainless barrel. I.E. prep work and best product. I would like to do this myself but am a little weary of it. Thanks guys.
  8. csbkmartino

    Who does their own Moly bullet coating

    I've been reloading for years but have never tried moly coating factory non-moly bullets. What is the best process? Thanks
  9. mtm87tx

    Gunsmithing Coating the bolt

    i have a higher end rem 700 with the metal/silver looking patterned bolt. how can i coat this solid black without it wearing off with use?
  10. selfbowhunter

    coating bottom metal

    i just ordered a mcmillan stock and aftermarket steel BDL bottom metal. the metal is in the white. what is the consensus on the best coating for these type of parts? i dont mind building or buying things as long as they are not too extravagant. what do i need to do the job myself? is there...
  11. U

    Anyone using hBN bullet coating?

    I have some bullets tumbling now in hBN. Has anyone used or using it? If so how is it doing?????
  12. gimmefuel

    Gunsmithing Rem 700 teflon coating

    So I called Precision Coatings in St Paul about getting my SS muzzle break teflon coated (closest thing to the "texured" mat finish on my SPS Tactical) and they have a $200 lot minimum. Would there any advantage to having the bolt dis-assembled and coated?
  13. Nocalphoenix

    Gunsmithing Parkerizing or blasting for coating prep?

    I have been blasting everything with alum ox and had a friend ask about use the duracoat parkerizing solution as a prep for various coatings. I understand the concept of giving the coatings something to hang on to but is the parkerizing better or equal to blasting? This would be for both...
  14. safarigene

    Gunsmithing Gun coating for saltwater

    I spent part of last week on my dads sailboat and had a little rust on my stainless 1911 from where I kept it in the cabin while we were docked. I was wondering what the best coating is for this situation. The KG guncoat sounds like the perfect solution, but would like some suggestions on other...
  15. R

    Gunsmithing Black Oxide Coating

    Anybody know where can I get a barrel black oxide coated to match an action?