1. tundramuscle03

    Photos Finally complete .30-06

    After a long 16 month wait, I finally picked up my new .30-06 from Cactus Weapons, even though they forgot to include my additional magazine and bipod... Rem 700 action LW-50 1:10 26" #7 Manners T4A PT&G Bolt Seekins Base and Rings BO M5 Bottom metal Rifle Basix trigger S&B PM II 4-16x50...
  2. JamieD

    New build finally done - Showing some promise : )

    Heres the specs: Reminton action completely trued and bolt sleeved Chambered in .223 match throated to 2.485 using the 75 A-max (for the new .223 AI Mags) Bartlien barrel 1-8 twist medium palma finished at 22" Pinned Holland recoil lug Rifle Basix LV-1 R & D bolt knob AICS 1.5 stock with two...
  3. Evilaviator

    Cabele's Backorded Primers Finally Shipped

    Hallelujah the wait is over. 5k Remington 7 1/2 primers on the way. Says they are in stock so I'm guessing they have more in inventory.
  4. J

    i finally understand

    a few months ago, I got a 10/22, and a nikon scope my first trip to the range, my scope had been so poorly mounted that I couldn't even get on paper after cranking the dial all the way to one side. After remedying that issue, I had to zero it in. Well, trying to zero in with your rifle...
  5. Phylodog

    The "Critter Splitter" is finally complete

    I originally had this built using an HTG stock to try something a little different but just couldn't get used to it. I bought this A5 from a Hide member and had her bedded again. Taking it out Monday for load development and leg stretching. Coyotes beware...... AJ Brown built .223 Ackley...
  6. 2

    Suppressors Form 1 finally got here!

    After almost five months, my form 1 is here. Cut my first baffle yesterday. yee-haw Here we go so far. <span style="font-weight: bold">Left</span> is first step, cut step for spacer and then the 60deg cone inside as well as the bore hole. <span style="font-weight: bold"> Center</span>...
  7. 81sfo

    Finally Finished...Again.

    I think i finally got this rifle right.After trying two other barreled actions and three different scopes, looks like im now happy. RWS trued Rem700 action,Rock m24/m40 308 1-10 twist 19.5" barrel length, and 21.5" to the end of the surefire brake. Badger Knob. Badger 20 moa base, Badger USMC...
  8. *Nine

    My .223AI is finally almost done *PICS*

    3 months of waiting for my barrel and my gunsmith work paid off yesterday! I still have to inlet my stock a bit more for a good free float, but I wanted to throw it all together for a quick pic. Also, once I get the stock done I'll be painting the barrel black. Thanks to a bunch of guys here...
  9. M

    Range Report Finally got a little range time with the 260

    I took my tactical rifle rifle out today an shot some impressive(to me anyway) groups with it. I used Reloader 22 which isnt in the Sierra loading manual and I also used VVN560 which isnt in the manual either but both powders shot great. I tried some 120 grain Hornady Amax with CCI BR 2 primers...
  10. moochy28

    She is finally done 308

    Well guys I have finally got her put together.. Manners T4 stock,Seekinns DBM,Rock 22'barrel .308, Elite Iron can, USO 3.2-17 optics in USO Rings and bases..All work done by Jim Ruiz at Predator Custom Shop...Only need a cover for suppressor and a better bipod..
  11. ohiogunnut

    Suppressors Finally got it! (SAS 308)

    Finally picked up my new can today (SAS 308). Very happy! Started the paperwork and mailed the check in December, went pending 27 March, and they just mailed my stamp a week ago... Specs are: Armalite upper and Eagle lower Eagle chrome/moly 24" T barrel SWS E1 rail Teppo Jutsu adjustable gas...
  12. C

    .338 Lapua build finally coming together.

    Got my AICS chassis in from Mile High yesterday (thanks Diane And Randy). Got the barreled action mountee last night and the Premier 3-15 x 50 is on it's way. After a few months of patient waiting the time for break in is almost here. Will post some pics tonight.
  13. fordsoldier

    Finally done.

    Well I restocked my rifle again went from a HS Precision to a Bell and Carlson A3 Medalist on my 700. I really like the feel and fit of the B&C compared to the HS. But my built is finally done. My Remington 700 .308 Bell and Carlson A3 AZ bolt knob modification Badger med rings Badger 20 MOA...
  14. C

    Finally got it together again...

    So when I got My HS stock the damn hole for the trigger assembly was milled off center UGHHH so we had to fix that then I got a Old factory remington trigger. I hate the x mark triger it sucked. I got this puppy to the range with some 150 grain federl vital shock "hunting ammo" I got for 13...
  15. Guns4570

    DTA SRS 338 with glass finally

    Received the Heritage from Scott at Liberty Optics. Now maybe I can get this going. Dillon 550b has a new caliber to load.
  16. G

    Hunting & Fishing Finally some got some chucks!

    150yds with a 243 Win and 70BT 2nds. Quarting towards me, that's an exit wound. Again with the 243 Win and 70BTs. Running away slightly left at 200 yds. Went in at the base of the left rear leg.
  17. superde

    I finally found some Fed AE .22lr 40gr

    Searching the Web this evening I finally found a place which had some. Finding this stuff (or any other ammo as we all know) has been a major pain in the ass. There is one brick left FWIW.
  18. SuperSeal110

    The g/f's Pink power is finally done. .223ai.

    Nothing fancy, but she's like a little kid on Christmas morning. Spec's Trued Rem 700sa Mike Rock, Rem var con, SS, 8tw" finished @ 21". Spiral bolt and barrel by Karl Kampfeld. McM A5, 60%grape/40% purple William's bottom metal (old style) I should of went ADL blind mag... Talley light...
  19. W

    Finally!! I was able to build a damn rifle!

    I've been slobbering over nice pieces on this forum for over a year now, and I finally built one for myself. Model 70 Winchester,.30-06, Shillen barrel, 1-11 twist, H&S Precision stock, Leupold VX-1 w/tactical turrents, Jewel trigger, long, heavy, beautiful. Finally stopped chasin' women and...
  20. JCH

    New Rifle Finally Done!

    Well after having several gunsmiths work on my rifle, I am finally done. Now I just have to find a load that will work. Here are the details: Rem 700 Accurized LA 7mm Rem Mag Rock Creek 26" M24 contour fluted barrel (1-8 twist) with brake Jewell Trigger Badger Tactical Knob McMillan A5 with...