1. R

    Rem 700 bolt / firing pin problems

    First post here guys, but i have been learning from you all for some time. I went out shooting today after about 6 shots i noticed a little smoke coming from the end of the bolt nearest my face. i pulled the spent brass and found this the hole in the primmer was real tight and round i took a...
  2. M

    Gunsmithing strange vibration when firing my .308

    Hello all. I was at the range yesterday and I took a .308 savage action rifle I pieced together a while ago. I just had it out about 2 weeks ago and shooting the same ammo it seemed normal. Yesterday from the first shot I got a vibration like a tuning fork for what I would estimate at 1/2 second...
  3. P

    Case Separating Without Firing

    I had something strange to occur this afternoon. I have some 264WM reloads that I loaded in 1977. I was planning on shooting them to clear-out some old ammo I have laying around. I noticed they were seated to deep at the time of reloading and figured I would pull the bullets part-way with an...
  4. offroadr1

    Gunsmithing do i have a firing pin problem?

    today was the 4th time i have had a misfire from my rifle in less that 80 rounds. the rifle is a FN SPR A2. i bought it used with roughly 600 through it. all the loads have been my handloads. all cci br2 primers. the first 3 were in win brass and the one today was in virgin lapua. also with the...
  5. beenjammin

    Ruger Mark III 22/45 firing with no mag issue

    Guys, i think there is a write up somewhere about putting mark II parts in the mark IIIs to allow them to fire with no mag. Can ayone point me in the right direction. What else are popular internal parts for these pistols. I was thinking about the VOLQUARTSEN accurizing kit. i got a tactical...
  6. Mr.Kirk

    Gunsmithing 6.5x47 Firing pin problem

    I recently wrapped up a new 6.5x47 Lapua using a surgeon action. I purchased the s/a repeater ideal for a basic 308 build and already having the correct bolt face. I constantly had hot loads while developing a round for this rifle, even when using known light loads from another rifle. I was...
  7. L

    Remington 700 firing pin problem

    This is a well used Remington 700 with a total of around 7 thousand rounds thru it so I'm not complaining about the rifle, but I was getting some really odd results yesterday. It was piercing primers (which it has never done) and getting light primer strikes during the same day using ammo that...
  8. mtm87tx

    Savage MKii problems firing

    just took the mkII to the range and it only fired 1 or 2 out of 5 rounds using Fed 510, walmart Xpert and remington standard target ammo. the unfired rounds had marks on them but not as deep as the ones that went off. any opinions on why im having issues? gun has about 2k through it and less...
  9. usmc7980

    Gunsmithing Make your own Remmy 700 Firing pin tool

    Final fixture here, It is made of 1/4" 6061 T6 flat plate with angle bolted to it. Everything else was trial and error junk I made my own because I'm a cheap ass. It's really simple, I used two pieces of 2"x4"x1/8" aluminum angle from my shop, some scrap wood, and a piece of 1/2"...
  10. mdesign

    Gunsmithing Force of Firing Pin Spring

    I have a factory 700P in 300WM and a custom built on a 700 LA with a Callahan firing pin assembly. When dry firing, I notice that the factory firing pin assembly falls much harder than the Callahan and the the primers are dented more than any rifle I have. I would not really care but have...
  11. E

    Gunsmithing Win 70 pre '64 firing pin . .

    Looking for a good reputable source for <span style="font-weight: bold">Win 70 pre '64 short</span>, parts. Are there a number of OEMs out there ? If so, which manufacture the finest products ? I haven't dealt with Numrich in years, are they still a thumbs up outfit ? I only want to buy it...
  12. LongShot94

    dry firing

    i tried the search and came up with nothing, ive always been taught that it is very bad to dry fire, is that true?
  13. T

    Gunsmithing Aluminum replacement firing pins

    Do they cut down on reliability at all and is the decreased lock time noticed by those who use them? Thanks in advance. TJR
  14. shootist2004

    Gunsmithing remy 700 firing pin replacement

    Ive been banging on the 3/32 pin for an hour now..... is this thing glued in? it wont budge! I soaked it in kroil for 24 hours... I would take it to a gunsmith but I cant wait 6 months! any advice?
  15. T

    Advanced Marksmanship laser pointer in dry firing

    I have searched on laser pointer and couldn't find anything on this, so ... Somewhere, I read that if you attach a laser pointer to the underside of your barrel, it is a great help in telling if the barrel moves at all in dry firing. It sounds plausible, but is it? And if so, where do you get...
  16. Hogshooter

    Gunsmithing Rem 700 firing pin spring

    Is there an easy way to replace the firing pin spring in a Rem. 700 bolt. I have no problem removing the firing pin assembly from the bolt body using the edge of a desk or the shoestring method. If I remove the item (dime) in the slot it looks like it may be a bear to compress the spring to get...
  17. S

    Gunsmithing Oversized firing pin hole?

    I think my firing pin hole on one of my rem 700 is a bit big. It looks like the primers are crattering a bit. I know a lot of guys have the hole bushed, but does it really matter that much? Rifle seems to be shooting just fine, but if it will help accuracy i will get it fixed. What do you think...
  18. K

    Gunsmithing Remington 700 firing pin protrusion

    My factory protrusion length was 58 thou. My new aluminum firing pin protrudes 60 thou. What is the proper length it should protrude? Like I said, factory was 58 thou. I've installed a few aluminum firing pins and they were all between 53 and 60 thou, which is consistent with what the factory...
  19. Lindy

    Advanced Marksmanship Field Firing Solutions Ballistic Software

    I've been using Blaine Fields' PDA program, Field Firing Solutions, for several months. If you're not familiar with the program, check out the manual for the program, which is here: My wife and I were up in Colorado for much...