1. flatlandsurvival

    SOLD WTS Sako TRG 22 308 Win

    Up for consideration is my Sako TRG model 22 in 308 Winchester. I have owned this since new and have 108 rounds on the barrel. Comes with everything you see on the rifle as well as the original box. Here's a link should you need more info on this firearm...
  2. MisterMoad

    Ordering GAP-10: OD Green Cerakote vs. Mil Spec OD Green Cerakote Pics Plz

    Hey guys. I'm in the process of finalizing a work order for a GAP-10. I know I want OD green, but for the life of me, I can't find any pics of regular OD and Mil Spec OD together. Each of the two look totally different from pic to pic and the swatches on Cerakote's website are crap. It'd...
  3. B

    Rifle Scopes Illuminated reticle Red or Green

    What are the advantages/disadvantages of either color..I am adding to a USO SN3 with H27 reticle..Thanks for you input Mike
  4. S

    Rifle Scopes RED or GREEN Reticle?

    Looking at reticles, and USO has the option of using a red or green reticle. I know that green is easier on the eyes, etc. reducing fatigue, but I would like to hear from users of both. Any reason to go with one or the other? Pricing is same, so apples or oranges? Thanks for all input!
  5. Ghillie Zen

    RANGER GREEN - anyone here field ranger green?

    Been seeing a surge in popularity with RANGER GREEN gear lately and have been giving thought to picking up a field set from Crye for testing. The tone seems like a good balance for those needing a color that can transition well between day and night ops. Any thoughts or impressions would be...
  6. M

    WTS: NIB Green trg22 and trg42 green stk rifles. Please read the selling rules of the site and post in the right spot once you meet the requirements. Trying to bypass the rules will get you banned, feel free to pm with questions...
  7. M

    Suppressors OD Green Sig 229?

    Anyone know about these? Factory OD green frame
  8. T

    Photos Rem 700 and Rem 870 in OD Green!

    Hey guys, So I took the time to redo the paint job on my rifle. Although I don't have a lot of pics of the pint its self, I looks MUCH better then it did last time. I also have a new scope. The Falcon 4-14 for the few who may not know from looking. I also added a little more texter to the...
  9. mavrick10_2000

    Natchez has NATO M855PD 62gr Green Tip in Stock

    LIke the title says. In lots of 1000. Someone buy some so I can buy a few boxes off of you. LOL
  10. xarmor

    Rifle Scopes Green Redfield accu range value? (pictures added)

    Found a green anodized Redfield acurange for sale, anybody got a feel for what these are currently selling for. Reticle is good, scope is serialized to a rifle, anodiztion on the tube has turned goldish color. Overall looks to be in very good used condition. What would be a reasonable price?
  11. Y

    Rifle Scopes trijicon red or green??

    The new trijicon TR24 has a red triangle, and a new green triangle. Which is better, or more visable daylight hours??
  12. 9H_Cracka

    Radway Green 7.62x51 question

    Boxer or Berdan? Thanks.
  13. silverphoenix

    Green Laser Sight for my long range rifle???

  14. S

    Green Mountain 10/22 MAGNUM BARREL - Closeout

    Green Mountain's web site has the 17 inch blue and stainless Ruger 10-22 MAGNUM barrels on a close out special for $74 blued and $84 stainless. Anyone used/have one of these on the 10/22 Mag Ruger?? I'm sure the 20" is the big seller - does the 3" make that big a difference (I'm sure it will be...
  15. thatguy

    Gunsmithing green in white?

    ok, im not sure if this is the right forum, but i just hit my bushmaster with some winter camo(wrapped in string and mesh bag with white.). i was wondering if anyone would see a point in adding green or brown to winter/arctic camo. any sugestions would be greatly appreciated. also, i dont...
  16. O

    Gunsmithing Sako Green?

    Ok A memeber here and I am on the hunt for Sako TRG green. Has anyone gotten ahold of some and painted their TRG black rifles to match the Sako TRG green stocked ones? Am chasing down a few leads but any help would be appreciated. If you were able to match up the color exactly would you mind...