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  1. smokeandmetal207

    SOLD Triggertech Rem 700 RH W/O bolt release

    Looking for a righty Rem 700 without bolt release. Diamond, special etc. Flat shoe preferred Thank you
  2. G

    Which hand prime tool for .338 Lapua?

    Hi, Just looking for some ideas on what works for a hand priming tool to handle .338LM. If I need a special bushing for the tool, lemme know. I've used my neighbors RCBS hand primer on 308's when my dillon's primer assembly broke, but I'm not sure if that will work on .338LM's. Thanks...
  3. 45.308

    Member Link Up Missouri brothers, question on hand guns?

    Can I legally take possession of handguns in MO being a resident of another state, Alaska? I was told by friends relative visiting there he could not take his to go shoot without having a MO hunter/firearm safety class and a permit/license and cannot find any INTEL from the Gov sites if this is...
  4. kennisondan

    77/17 barrel too tight to remove by hand..

    Hi : want to remove a 17 barrel and replace with the 22 mag barrel I got with the purchase.. it is too tight to remove by hand... advice is needed.... thanks dan kennison
  5. 3

    Gunsmithing S&W Revolver Hand Tension/Torsion Spring HELP!!

    I have a S&W Airweight 442 and the hand tension/torsion spring broke. I got a new spring in but cannot figure out how it goes in the pistol. Any pictures or descriptive's would be greatly appreciated!!!
  6. C

    Advanced Marksmanship wondering if i could get a hand with my shooting

    hey hows it going, im sorry if this doesn't make sense i'm not very good with computers. okay well i'm new to shooting and im not that old been shooting for just under a year and i own a remington 700 .308win and i was wondering if i could get some tips on shooting to improve my grouping. thank...
  7. G

    Rifle Scopes 2nd hand swaro lrf

    I have 3 days to bid on a 2nd hand Swarovski lrf unit that is 2 years old and I believe has had commercial hunting guide use in the alpine areas of New Zealand.Do these things have any known flaws after heavy usage or any thing I should be aware of before buying 2nd hand ?Some advice would be...
  8. HiCapMag

    Anyone have a Sierra Loading book on hand?

    What is the max load with TAC for a 69 and 77 grain SMK in a 223? Thank you in advance!
  9. MrMike

    Shot my first hand loads today.

    .308 SPS Tact. 20" barrel 1:12 twist rem brass CCI 200LR primers IMR 3031 (for now, it was available) Sierra 168 gr HPBT 2.800 OAL in a 2.980 COAL I worked up a load using an OCW method. The particular method I chose started loads at 10% below max working up 1% at a time until max is reached...
  10. J

    left or right hand

    hello all, i am a left hand shooter and want to purchase a a custom rifle from gap. is it really worth the extra $250 to get it in the left hand variant or should i just order a right hand model and deal with it? any suggestions?
  11. C

    Maggie’s Matters In Hand

  12. S

    Range Report Rem 700 SPS Tactical with Hand loads

    Rifle- Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308 EGW 15 moa base Warn medium rings Bushnell 4200 Elite Tactical 6-24x50mm Harris Bipod Round- Sierra Moly-coat BTHP 168 gr. Accurate powder 39.1 Federal match primers once fired Black hills Brass gr.
  13. jakermeister

    AR hand guard help

    Hey guys I'm looking to get a set of hand guards for my AR but need a bit of help. I want to get some FF hand guards but need to know if there's a difference between these to sets. Is free floating, free floating? Will they both be the same? Larue hand guards & YHM hand guards I have a...
  14. P

    Suppressors 870 Left Hand Safeties

    Does anyone still make left hand safeties for 870 shotguns? I have a 12 and a 20 ga as well as a .308 7600 pump that could use them.
  15. bohem

    Gunsmithing Hand lapping factory bore

    Another forum (6mmbr.com) brought up a point about hand lapping factory barrels. The general idea seems to be a plastic bristle brush, some 0000 steel wool and JB Bore paste. Put a plastic or wooden stopper in the muzzle so you don't pass the lapping equipment through the muzzle. Count 50...
  16. BigBrother

    Foregrip hand- palm or V?

    So I'm studying/practicing more and more in highpower competition and general marksmanship, and just started closely examining my left hand positioning, both on my M1A and my AR (I'm a righty, so this would be my foregrip hand.) Naturally I thought, when I first started shooting, that you grip...
  17. J

    lets see some left hand rifle pics

    I"m having a lefty built by defensive edge and would like to get some ideas on my options. thanks for your time.
  18. M

    An update to my hand loading method

    I've been loading sub-moa ammo on a Dillon 550 for a long time and I continue to fine tune the method. This update enhances the UC operation with a larger batch size and a change with the cleaner. See previous method here. Please note, I concede I do a lot more than what is necessary for the...
  19. RollingThunder51

    Photos A practiced Hand

  20. J

    left hand tactical 300 win mag

    can somebody tell me where I can buy a heavy barrled 300 win mag? I would like a remington but I'm not against other quality rifles.