1. M

    Gunsmithing Help with Timney install failure - spring and sear disintegration

    Hey I’m hoping someone can help me rectify a failed Timney installation. I tried to install a Calvin Elite in my Rem 700 5r 300WM. Problem I ran in to was that the hole for the front pin was partially blocked by the bolt release lever. Regardless of what position I try, I cannot move the...
  2. ker2222

    Gunsmithing Idiot or miss something (trigger install) UPDATE

    I am trying to install an older rem factory trigger in an SPS tactical. X-Mark trigger came out fine..... When I go to put the rear pin in it is taking WAY to much force. I got it done, but now the bolt takes WAY to much force to close. Again, I got it done, but trigger wouldn't fire anyway...
  3. pshell

    Gunsmithing Limbsaver Recoil Pad install

    Finally got around to starting the install on my grind to fit recoil pad. This is going onto a HS 700P stock. Thought I would post to show how easy this really is. You just need to take your time and try to remember that you can't put the material back once you grind it off. To the pictures...
  4. Big Dog Steel

    Bolt knob install

    I had a local machinist do a bolt knob install for me tonight. He did an awesome job. I think I have him convinced to start offering this as a service to everyone else. We are talking about producing our own parts and knobs. They have several 3d cnc machines as well as cnc lathes...
  5. E

    Gunsmithing Mcmillan Butt Pad install tutorial?

    I have done one, was not all that pleased with it, but it was passable. I would love to see someone else's method, or just hear some tips. I drilled into the back of the stock and epoxied in some pieces of dowel rod to accept the screws for pad. Then I taped around the stock and sanded it...
  6. F

    Gunsmithing AR Freefloat Forened (MI) Install Question

    Anyone know exactly how "minor" the minor-gunsmithing is that is required for a Midwest Industries Free-float "tactical" forearm for an AR-15 type rifle? Or more specifically, just what it entails? Thanks in advance!
  7. W

    Gunsmithing Jewell HVR install

    Package arrived and former trigger removed. The Jewell's sear looks like it is held in place by a small pin on the left side in a small circular housing. I have a tendency at having to do things twice so I want to install it correctly the first time. After the trigger in installed, do I then...
  8. C

    Gunsmithing How to install crush washer

    I am putting together a new barrel on my AR15 with an A2 birdcage. Anyone know which way to install the crush washer and what foot pounds do I torque it to?
  9. Spanky88

    Gunsmithing Timney Install on 700

    I am in the middle of installing a Timney trigger on my 700. Of course when I tapped out the pin with the bolt release spring it flew across the room and is yet to be found. Whenever I do find it though, I do not remember how to properly put it back in. I know the loop of the spring needs to be...
  10. ker2222

    Gunsmithing trigger install???? need some help

    anyone have a link or pdf or something with step by step install directions for a rem 700 trigger??? I have: barreled action with new x-mark trigger old style trigger with bolt lock up safety even I don't have: know how to swap them out
  11. 427Cobra

    Gunsmithing How To Install BT17 Rail for Atlas Bipod in McM A5

    Tools/Supplies Drill 3/4 bit of some sort, I used a 3/4 HS Counterbore with #21 drill bit as a pilot 1/4 inch drill bit Tape Not pctured, glue Allen wrenches BT17 Rail from our own Kasey BT1517 fastener set from Kasey And of course the Atlas Bipod I removed the bipod stud that McM...
  12. ejd049

    Gunsmithing Badger M5 Install?

    I finally got my McMillan A5 in Tuesday and attempted to install a Badger M5. Everything went smooth until I noticed the stock is not cut for the Badger pillars and the rear bolt sticks out about 3/8 of a inch!!! I have called and emailed McMillan and Badger but no answers yet. Has this happen...
  13. rweldon

    Rifle Scopes Anybody ever install NM sights on a M1 Garand?

    Just picked up my Springfield Armory M1 GArand from the north store by Camp Perry. While browsing through Fulton Armory's website, I see they have national match sights available. The front blade looks easy to change, but the rear sight looks like it might need some slight massaging to fit...
  14. xxsjj2007xx

    Gunsmithing Who will do a Muzzle Brake install???

    Who on here installs Muzzle brakes. What do you guys suggest. Rem 700 in 308. No I dont need it just like the look. Thanks
  15. H

    Badger FTE Brake Install Question....

    I just ordered one - any details on ease of installation? Threading and/or machining? thanks!
  16. orkan

    Gunsmithing Jard Trigger install

    I did a little video describing how to install a jard trigger if anyone is interested. I love these triggers for my AR's. Second only to the JP in my opinion. The instructional video is 30 mins long and pretty dry, but hopefully it will be helpful to anybody that is afraid to dive into their...