1. JoeSmith

    M16A2 Long Range with Iron Sights Dilema

    I was shooting M16A2 1/7 twist barrel with M885 green tip and standard iron sights, zeroed on standard A2 25m target; shot the usual out to 300m with 3/8 on the rear sight and transitioned to steel at 400m, dialed 4 on the rear. Missed. Had a spotter bring up the sights till I was at 5. Hmm...
  2. R

    Photos Iron Ridge AR10 build

    My AR10 Iron Ridge Arms build, crappy camera phone pics, waiting on my LaRue QD mount, Harris Bipod, and the Premier 5-25 scope and this bad boy will be complete...bling bling! LOL
  3. SEPUL

    Suppressors Elite Iron suppressors

    can any one give me any info on Elite Iron suppressors i want a can for a SUPER SASS and was told by armalite that elite makes the cans for them thanks
  4. 3

    Adding iron sights

    I have been considering buying a Remington 700 SPS Tactical. It is very attractive price and I'm convinced it is a quality rifle. However, I want iron sights. I have two questions: (1) Is it even a reasonable idea to try to put iron sights on the 20" carbon steel barrel this rifle comes with...
  5. captnmo

    Rifle Scopes flip up iron sight recommendations

    Just wondering if anyone has any preferences on a particular brand of flip-up iron sights. I'm going to put them on an AR-10 mounted on a rail flat-top as a backup to the scope. I don't have any desire to spend a lot of money for a brand name but want something that's reliable and is accurate...
  6. The King

    Range Report Iron Ridge Arms IRA-10D and new SPR Build

    Range Report: Atmosphere: Freezin Ballz. For laymen, this is 30 degrees or so. Wind: Mother nature was angered by our presence and attempted to remove us...into space. 20-30MPH Today we went out and shot my new IRA-10D and Cmonroe's new SPR build. The load for the SPR was a Mk 262 clone...
  7. Am180man

    Suppressors Elite Iron Ruger Mk II pistol.....

    Got my Ruger Mk II back from Elite Iron. Started out as a slab side target model. Now it's an integrally suppressed thing of beauty! Dale and Kathy are great folks to deal with. I have 2 other cans in transfer and will be purchasing one of the Bravo cans for my FN SPR. Pistol is extremely quiet...
  8. F

    Iron sights for CZ Varmint?

    Hey guys, I want to put a peep sight on my CZ Varmint to practice iron sight shooting. Anyone know where and what I should get? Of course, I also need front sight as well.
  9. C

    Iron Ridge lowers

    Just wanted to let you guys know that since Eric Holders intentions of implementing the Assault wheapons ban, Oliver at Iron Ridge is planning on running 24hrs a day on just lowers for right now. These lowers are for either DPMS or Armalite. I think these are the best looking lowers made. Also...
  10. lowlight

    Iron Ridge Lower Build *First Look*

    It's here, My Iron Ridge AR-10 Lower mated to my GAP Upper.... Before I went to Texas, I dropped off my SH Build AR-10 upper to Oliver & Co, over at Iron Ridge. At the same time, I was able to get a tour of the shop, and see where the lowers for the group buy were being created. At that...
  11. RollingThunder51

    Old Iron - Bad Photographer

    I have really enjoyed watching the development of the Stealth Recon Scout (SRS) here on SH. A really different rifle coming out of design and into production is rare and when it does, it’s a time for celebration. It brings back some good memories and made me crack the vault in search of an old...
  12. darkarcher

    Iron Ridge 308 Lower Builds

    So, there should be about one hundred of them, from the group buy, on here. Started this thread to see what parts every one has massed for them. For me, it is a first, putting one together. I would like to say what direction I am going with it. Hopefully, if I am going the wrong way, or if...
  13. J

    Iron Ridge Arms .308 lowers...

    This is their first run and boy does it look great. Have anyone received one of their Armalite lowers yet? Now we have been called the "guinea pigs" for their prototype... Now usually being a guinea pig is not a good thing... Dave mentioned they may have to adjust this or that by 10,000ths...