1. S

    Photos Win M70 25wssm

    Winchester model 70 stealth II in 25wssm Ken farrell 20 moa base Warne Rings SS 10x42 scope harris bipod in transit please don't mind the phone pic's. will get better pic's once the bipod is on. thanks to OutlawTen5 for selling me the rifle.
  2. P

    Gunsmithing Win. M70 Bedding. pic and tips request.

    Going to be pillar and MarineTex bedding a Win. M70. Looking for pics of bedding process and/or finished jobs. Looking for tips on M70 bedding as well. I have bedded once before with MarineTex, but that was a 10/22, so this is kind of new territory to me. Its a pre-64 if that matters Will be...
  3. jona

    winchester m70

    I am interested in finding some specific information on early Vietnam era M70. I would like to know things like, length of pull, barrel length, barrel dimensions and so on. Could someone point me in the right direction to find this information.
  4. T

    Remington M700 or Winchester M70

    I've got a question for those who had a chance to really compare in the field as to their likes and/or dislikes when comparing a Remington M700 to a Winchester M70. I've spent considerable time doing research on the subject, but would like to know what your opinions are on the subject are here...
  5. Whiskey Tango

    Anything wrong with a Winchester M70?

    I've been in the bolt gun game for a limited time and I'm beginning to try my wares into the F-class game. The readers digest version of my quest is this: Which is better, the Rem 700 or the Win M70? I know that the Rem 700 is very popular here, but what am I losing (or gaining) with going with...
  6. K

    New M70 Coyote Lite

    Has anyone got to see one up close. If so what do you think of it.
  7. paulholcomb

    Photos M70 .300WSM

    My new project.....nearly done!
  8. Metalhead0483

    New M70

    So I got my hands on one of the new Winchester M70's for the first time today. It was a featherweight delux in 300WSM and I have to say that I like what I saw! The fit and finish was excellent, the bolt operation was smooth, the trigger was decent, the wood was amazing, and overall the rifle...
  9. paulholcomb

    Photos M70 Sniper for Joker

    m70 sniper
  10. K

    Photos pre64 M70 feather weight .308

    54' ugly duckling
  11. K

    Pre64 M70

    Hi guys, I am new to the board and looking forward to getting to chat with you! I am new to the M70 action but have been putting together a decent 67' .308 and i look forward to running it in the next day or so to see what it can do. By chance i was able to pick up a Pre64 feather weight in...
  12. cypriss32

    Gunsmithing Issues with going from WSM to 308 rounds on a M70

    Traded my bolt off my M70 WSM for a standered bolt face one. Wondering if there are any issues in this transition. I currently feed from AICS mags and CDI bottom metal. I will be keeping it that way. Any issues I should expect?
  13. cypriss32

    Gunsmithing M70 Actions.... Standered VS WSM

    I was wondering if anyone knows it that bolt from a standered bolt face action will work in a WSM action?
  14. DarinR

    Why did Marines go from M70 Win to M700 Rem?

    Did they find the M70 had shortcomings or was it budget/availability based? Just curious why it happened. The more I learn about the M70, I more I like it. Thanks, Darin Reiss
  15. Engine 22

    Gunsmithing Winchester M70 follower question

    Will a factory follower for a WSM work for a .243. I can't find any indication that they are not the same.