1. M

    Point Blank Ballistic Program

    Does anyone use this? I have started using it and I can't find a way to make it show the data in meters instead of yards.
  2. D

    point me to the right scope and mount.

    I am looking for a new scope for my Magnum Research magnumlite .22lr. My main problem here is that I need a base or rings with 20 moa, but the gun already has the raised weaver style rail. Anyone know anything that would work with this gun without raising the scope too high? Second the scope...
  3. zink14

    LWRC Point of contact

    anyone have a legit point of contact at LWRC, or any legit info on the SABR est. ship dates? thanks Zink
  4. E

    Starting point - Powder Charge for TAC

    Got my Patriot Arms Rem. 700 .308 with a 22 inch barrel and just mounted my USO SN3 TPAL. Now it's time to develope a load. I plan on using the TAC powder I have on hand as it meters well. What do you all suggest for starting and ending charge weights to push 155 gr. Lapua Scenars and 175 gr...
  5. armada

    Rifle Scopes Point of impact

    I was searching around this forum on information on point of impact when you change power on avariable power scope. I've had no luck. I was wondering if someone you can shed a little light on the subject. What I was wondering, on the mid priced variable power scopes (Leupold, Nightforce BR...
  6. M

    Gunsmithing Remington 700 scope base mounting point stripped?

    I just received a remington model 700 sa that has the front most mounting point stripped out. I installed a Leupold two piece base and the rear screw is tight. I put some locktite on and it seems to be holding fine after about 20 rounds. Would you guys leave it alone or have it repaired? What...
  7. F

    Rifle Scopes IOR MP-8 Reticle: Size of Center Aiming Point?

    Looks like about .5 mils, but anyone know for sure? Tried the search, didn't see a specific answer to this question... Thanks in advance
  8. Dsparil

    Rifle Scopes Trijicon Long Range Accu Point

    does this thing use tritium like the acog and illuminate the reticle in low light? i.e. could technically be used for bindon concept?
  9. shooter65

    Gunsmithing To raise the point of impact...

    using Burris Sig. rings with inserts, do you use the thicker insert in the rear or front ring? thanks.
  10. A

    Hunting & Fishing 9 Year old bags 41 point buck

    Didn't see this anywhere else, and I like these kinds of stories. 41 Point Buck?
  11. ranger1183

    Hunting & Fishing Remington Bronze Point bullets

    Has anyone hunted or tested the terminal ballistics of the Remington Bronze Point bullets? I had never even heard of them as I have always reloaded SMK's or Nosler Ballistic Tip / Accubonds for shooting. I was out of handloaded 30-06 ammo and stopped by the local Sportman's warehouse to grab...
  12. pickpick

    Advanced Marksmanship natural point of aim?

    How do you go about finding this point?
  13. six 4 sure

    Rifle Scopes At what point am I wasting money?

    Let me start off by saying I have lurked here on and off for several years, but rarely post anything. I’m still basically a noob, but I did perform several searches I just didn’t find any answers. Or maybe I didn’t find answers I wanted to hear. For that past several years my financial...