1. The4GunGuy

    SOLD SOLD: Vortex Ranger 1800 Rangefinder $150 shipped

    Selling like new, low usage Vortex Ranger 1800 rangefinder. I wanted something to pair with my Kestrel. New on Midway/Amazon is $349, I'll sell for $150 shipped to lower 48. Includes belt case and lens cloth.
  2. TxDerek

    Firearms 375 Cheytac complete package!

    Complete 375 Cheytac package. Specs are in picture of the build. 55 rounds down tube. Comes with brass, everything on the list except the scope setup, and load data for rifle. Listing for a good buddy who isn't here on the Hide. Thanks. $6000 shipped.
  3. B

    HOUSTON AREA FOLKS: What's the best rifle range in the area?

    Looking for a rifle range in the Houston area where I can dial my rifle out past 150....city folk problems.
  4. D

    Denver, CO Resident wondering where to go and shoot?

    I live in the Denver area and have a major urge to get some trigger time in. I normally go to Pawnee Sportsman Center to shoot but I anticipate with the statewide lockdown they will not be operating. I am thinking of heading up to Wyoming, Cheyenne area. A)Does anyone know if ranges around...
  5. G

    Optics FS -- Vectronix Terrapin NIB

    For sale is a green Vectronix Terrapin that is new, never used in the field at all. I've taken it out and tested here in the house, thats it. Other than that its been in the house in storage. Had intentions to use for some long range shooting that never transpired. Its just sitting here not...
  6. M

    Long distance ranges in Georgia?

    New to the long range game, I have property in Athens, but can only stretch to about 150 yards... looking to find public ranges for longer distance. Any recommendations? I have a howa 1500.
  7. B

    WTS: Nikon Black 4K rangefinder

    Great rangefinder. Have ranged steel plates out to 1500 yards and buildings at several thousand. Works perfect. No scratches or dings. Everything comes with it as new including the box and warranty/owners manual. Asking $350 obo. Easiest way to get me is texting (405)550-7420
  8. lowlight

    My Solutions to setting up your Ballistic Computer

    We have had a ton of discussion regarding the various ballistic computers. And there are some basic elements they all need in order for them to work correctly. On top of that, we have a lot of systems that get updated and changed so people may or may not have continuous access to their...
  9. cuzi.defense

    Rifle Scopes .50 BMG Zero Distance

    I am new to the .50 BMG caliber and am curious what the standard zero range is for the round. I have heard allot of different rumors as to the round not stabilizing until it passes 300m and am curious if there is any truth to this.
  10. KOOutdoors

    Range Report Cold bore shot help

    I have about an inch high cold bore shot.(barrel had about 20-30 shots threw it) Shots 2-4 are holding together good. I'm new to long range shooting. I'm curious if this is normal? How do I accommodate for this while hunting? Do I create two different ballistic programs? Any help would...
  11. E

    I need help learning what the worst sniper rifle would be for a novice?

    Hi folks, I'm hoping to get some good feedback from those in the know about some of the sniper rifles least preferred or with the poorest effective range. Allow me to briefly clarify. I'm an author working on part 2 of a post Apocalyptic novel in which a character has been set up to fail. The...
  12. HillbillyfromAL

    Photos First Time at the Range with My M1A

    I haven't been able to shoot since about December of 07 with any rifles, I had to have back surgery. I was kinda surprised at how shitty I did, but hey I guess that's just more of an excuse to get out more often. The wind's weren't bad 5-10 and gusty, so yes those flyers are my fault. The one I...
  13. HillbillyfromAL

    Photos I've gotta get to the Range

    Alright guys, here's what I've done to her so far. Stoned the Sear for a nice smooth trigger pull that measures in at 3.5lbs. Recut the crown to a 11degree instead of flat, stoping to get max contact with flash supressor. Tightned up the Gas assembly to eliminate extra play. The mags are painted...
  14. X

    Range Report

    Today, 8/15 I participated in a match at 600 yds. There were 12 of us. It was a beautiful blustery day. Winds 10 - 15 kts, makes things a little more challenging for all. Well, each and every one of the the 11 other competitors proceeded to hand me my ass. Another fine day of shooting .
  15. B

    First trip to the range with the TRG....Pics Added

    So after seven months of waiting to acquire all the parts, Brass, Dies, Scope, etc. etc. I finally took my TRG 42(.338LM) to the range today, and all I can say is WOW, what an amazing rifle. The damn this is everything I expected and more, and I would suggest it to anyone looking for a rifle in...
  16. A

    Range Report 208-210 RANGE REPORT with a 308..

    YMMV I have used 208AMAX,210SMK,210BT with the same load of RL17 same brass,primers and Gun same range for hundreds of rounds and different weather conditions,all three shoot within each other for come ups at 565 yards and 1K ,I could load one of each and group shoot at 9.5 mills at 1k. Now I...
  17. Hateca

    Gibbs 1903A4 reproduction eval *second range day*

    I received one of the Gibbs 1903A4 replicas just more out of curiosity then anything. I have numerous original Garands, carbines, and 1903’s but not a 03A4 because like everyone else the cost is way too much to obtain. The rifle comes in a hard case with a leather sling and rifle dust cover...
  18. beech96w

    S&S Long Range Match - Sept 12 - Tiger Valley

    Can any one elaborate on this match? Course of fire, etc? http://www.tigervalley.com/webcalendar/view_entry.php?id=7&date=20090912
  19. jw1911

    Rifle Scopes Wanting a range finder... what about these?

    First: Burris http://www.burrisoptics.com/laserscope.html Second: Bushnell http://www.bushnell.com/products/scopes/riflescopes/yardage-pro-riflescope/204124/ Both a scope and a range finder for about what i would normally pay for a burris scope any way. So has any one had any...
  20. Witch_Doctor

    Range Report from the New Guy

    Went out to the range today, zeroed the new scope at 100 yard, then went to the 200 yard line. All the following are from 200 yards, didn't get a chance to take it out 300 because of a match going on. Used Federal 168gr BTHP match kings. I like the way it shoots with the shorter barrel, and I...