1. D

    Gunsmithing Gunsmith recommendation

    can anyone recommend a good gunsmith in or near Michigan? by the way new to the "Hide" although I have been lurking for awhile, gotta say I really like the site.
  2. Pogo57

    Gunsmithing Gunsmith Recommendation?

    Can anyone recommend a good 'smith in the Seattle area? Mainly interested in rifles but familiarity with military rifles would be great. TIA
  3. G

    Equipment Recommendation

    I have two female friends that want to get into shooting. I briefly discussed the differences with semi autos and revolvers with them, but I'm not really sure what direction to point them in for first time shooters. They may want to explore CCW carry as well. Any suggestions?
  4. KeithR41

    Gunsmithing Gunsmith recommendation

    I just got my F4 back from ATF. Anyway, I need my barrel cut, crowned and threaded. I figured that while I had it apart I want to recut my chamber to match specs and tru the receiver face. Also need to have a Badger Ordnance bolt knob installed and the local gunsmith said he didn't know how...
  5. TBass

    Powder recommendation for a .260 Remington

    I am currently shooting some factory loads from Blackhills ammo stuffed w/ 139 grain Lapua Scenars & it groups like a champ. I am now getting ready to start reloading all of the brass & I am perplexed on which powder I should use. Most of my reloading manuals give data for the IMR4350...
  6. N

    Gunsmithing Recommendation for Gunsmith East of Dallas

    I am in the process of moving East of Dallas (Rockwall to Greenville area) and am in need of a gunsmith to install a compensator for starters and a long term working relationship. Recs with positive personal experience greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. Warhawk

    Gunsmithing DFW Gunsmith recommendation

    Any recommendations for a gunsmith in the DFW area? I'm doing a budget build with some parts I have laying around plus a few I recently aquired. Remington Sportsman 78 action Remington 5R barrel in .308 Bell & Carlson Light Tactical Stock EGW 0MOA one piece mount Burris XTR rings Sightron SIII...
  8. B

    Getting back into reloading: Die recommendation

    Getting back into reloading after 10 years for my new Savage 10FCP 308. Been looking at Forster with the Ultra seater die. Trying to find a good neck die. What do you guys recommend? Not trying to start a brawl over dies.
  9. S

    Rifle Scopes Specific scope recommendation

    Looking for a large objective scope, high magnification not necessary. Weight is a factor. Illuminated reticle with brightness control, prefer something NV compatible. Prefer graduated reticle and target knobs. This is for subsonic lowlight and nightime use.
  10. fastford

    trigger recommendation for a 338 lapua build

    got a badger LA going in a AICS
  11. P

    Rifle Scopes Need a recommendation for target scope

    A while back I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't be shooting any tactical or 1k matches so I traded my rifle. Now I have a new toy. I picked up an Anschutz Match 64 .22 rifle, and am looking for a scope. I am not really up on target scopes. I know I want target knobs but don't know if...
  12. fastford

    Suppressors suppressor recommendation for a 338 Lapua

    suggestions guys?
  13. P

    Rifle Scopes Scout scope recommendation for M1A

    Hello While my bolt gun is being build I acquired MA1 scout rifle build on Norinco receiver 2007 production (I'm in frosty Canada ) Here are the details of the rifle. <ul style="list-style-type: disc"> Norinco Receiver TRW Bolt, headspace on chamber cut to 1.631 H&R Trigger Group Unitized...
  14. B

    Recommendation for Spotting Scope Tripod

    I have decided on a Pentax 80 ED to replace my Bushnell spotting scope. I need advice on buying the right tripod. Most of my shooting is done on a bench(70%)and prone(30%), so I don't need a tall tripod. I have looked at Ray-Vin, Sinclair, Bogen etc. only to have more questions than answers.