1. ucsfl05

    Chamber and Saami- shoulder bump problem?

    Hi there, In need of some help. Put on a new proof prefit. Was hard, if not impossible to close bolt on my full length sized ammo. The prefit chamber would accept virgin brass (without bullet). Also, cannot chamber once fired brass from the same chamber. Pics from case gage: Notice the...
  2. R

    Making 6mm Creedmoor from 243 Win?

    Title says it all, I sold my 243 and picked up a 6 Creed and now have quite a bit of 243 brass and a growing number of 6 Creed brass. Is is possible / worth it to resize from 243 to 6 Creed? If anyone has done it, I'd love to hear what you've done to make it work. I assume I would need to at...
  3. S

    Need Help--308 Brass Growth and Stuck Cases in Rem 700

    I've looked for clues all over the internet and in my reloading books, but so far I have come up short in trying to solve a problem I'm having with my 308 loads. I've been working on solving this off and on for a few months with no luck. I have loaded successfully for years in a bunch of...
  4. M_2_B

    New brass neck dents

    I have purchased a pretty good amount of new lapua .308win brass lately and it comes in this nifty blue box that I can use for other things except brass!! The reason I say this is because some of the necks are dented inward. I have a set of redding does that I use to reform fired brass that I...
  5. P

    .308 Resizing problems

    I only load .308 Win and am using RCBS Gold Medal Dies. I use a Full Length sizer with a .336 insert for the neck. Here is my problem. I start with clean, tumbled, fired cases that have had the primer already removed. I lube on the RCBS lube pad and resize. I am trying to only bump the...
  6. M

    case shoulder resizing

    I just got my Model 700 XCR Long Range tactial rifle in .308. I have some factory ammo that won't chamber. I pulled a bullet and darkened the should and neck area of the case and found that the shoulder of the case is slightly larger as evidenced by a shiny ring were it hits the inside of the...
  7. superde

    Resizing .308 brass to .260

    I've got over 2,000 pieces of once fired Black Hills .308 brass that i would like to turn into .260 Remington brass. Do I need/have to anneal it? What all am I going to need to do to get this done?
  8. K

    Full-length resizing or neck only?

    Sorry, but I'm full of questions on reloading...but you guys have really given me some great insight! For match chamber bolt guns (and keeping the brass separate for each). Do you like to full length resize or just neck size your brass? I'm FL sizing for my autos. This is primarily for .308...
  9. Opiy

    Reddings new case resizing die G-Rx

    Check this out. From the article is seems only 40 s&w is the only caliber but if they release one for 9mm I am sure I will get one. The die resizes the full length of the brass to take out the bulge of fired brass. Redding G-Rx Die
  10. superde

    Lube the inside of case necks when resizing?

    I've got a friend who has been reloading for 15 years, and he does not. I have been, but it is a PITA because it adds time. What say you?