1. WaywardSon

    Steyr SSG 69 10 round magazines

    Greetings. Looking for info from current / former SSG 69 shooters on the reliability of the Steyr 10 round .308 mags. From what I understand, Steyr has produced at least two versions of the 10 round mag. The "Gen 1" mags has a clear, see through backing on them just like the standard 5 round...
  2. W

    Accessories Ssg 69 30mm original scope rings

    Hi all, have just put a Picatinny rail on my ssg, so have a set of original 30mm qd rings. Used but very good condition. Wondering what they are worth, what would people suggest is a fair price?
  3. B

    SOLD -- Sale/Trade Sig Sauer SSG 3000 - Sniper 26" .308 barrel

    SOLD -- Got for sale a beautiful, almost new at 35 rds fired, meticulousely cleaned after every time at the range. Only reason for sale is my eyes ... diabetes rendered me hlf blind. Comes with everything that was in the box the day I got it. Additionally I got 5 more magazines, sti;; in...
  4. MrClean

    Steyr SSG shooters..... shot groups? pics?

    Hey, I know it's not a GAP but surely there are a few Steyr SSG owners out there that can post accuracy results and maybe some pics of targets? Even of your rifle would be cool, just curious how accurate your rifles are. Thanks!
  5. 308nate

    Photos 6X47 by SSG

    Just finished a customers rifle up and thought I'd share. a Phoenix action. PTG bolt with mini m16 extractor, .062 firing pin with a GT spring Tigged on handle with helix cam machined to match action. Broughton 7.3 twist, 28" barrel spiral fluted by Karl Kampfeld. a McMillan A-5 in 60 tan, 20...
  6. 308nate

    Photos 7-300 WSM by SSG

    Just thought I would share some pix of my 7-300WSM. Here are the specs. Phoenix EAGLE action. 750 bolt fluted by SSG bolt knob by SSG Seekins base seekins recoil lug brux barrel 8.6 twist 28" #14 interupted fluting Thread cap by SSG 10 degree "V" port by SSG Timney trigger Kwik Klip bottom...
  7. S

    Rifle Scopes Scope for Stery SSG 69

    I've got a new to me Steyr SSG and have a couple of scopes in the safe and on other rifles. I'm a paper-punching, long range elk hunting kinda guy. Not an operator, not on a team, probably not even an average shot, but would like to make the best use of my gear.Are any of these suitable for my...
  8. malaga2

    Photos Steyr SSG McMillan

    Here are two... one SSG P2K and one PII that has been cut to 21"...
  9. P

    Rifle Scopes Steyr SSG 30mm Ring Height

    A question for SSG owners, I decided to mount a Falcon Menance 7.5-50 on my SSG PIIK. My 30mm rings appear to be high. Will I have enough clearance for the 50mm obj.Post pics if you can. Thanks to all.
  10. B

    Photos SSG 7-300 WSM

  11. T

    Rifle Scopes steyr ssg 34 mm scope rings

    Hi, Are there 34 mm scope rings for the Steyr SSG PII? I called Steyr USA. There are no Steyr factory 34 mm scope rings. They referred me to ARMS in Massachusetts. The ARMS person told me that their 34 mm scope rings cannot be mounted on the SSG. Is there any other place I can look? Thanks,
  12. R

    What works best with the Steyr SSG 69 P1 ?

    What loads works best with the old SSG 69 P1 ? Thanks 155 Scenars 168's ? etc...
  13. G

    Steyr SSG scope rings

    Although I live in a rural area, a local gun dealer and gun smith have both told me that the only rings that I can get are the factory 1 inch rings I currently have. They both said the mounting system is "special". Any help on 30mm rings for they gun would be appreciated. The gunsmith wanted...
  14. cybersniper

    Rifle Scopes answering question about Steyr SSG and USO

    I have received some questions about my Steyr SSG69 PII prototype and about my picatinny mount and USO SN3 The rifle was modified by me to try to solve the few ergonomic problems that the old SSG69 has, and find out if a new SSG69-A1 model was viable. I wanted to convince Oliver Bauer from...
  15. T

    Sig Sauer SSG 3000

    Anyone used the Sig Sauer SSG 3000? What is your opinion of the rifle?
  16. S

    SIG SAUER SSG 3000

    Does anyone have any experience with this rifle? I'm curious how this shoots out of the box SSG 3000 The heavy-contoured, hammer forged barrel is fitted with a flash suppressor / muzzle brake to provide greater accuracy with reduced muzzle signature. Both the barrel and the receiver...