1. The4GunGuy

    SOLD TriggerTech Diamond Straight Rem 700 Trigger

    SOLD SOLD SOLD TriggerTech Rem 700 Diamond Flat Clean Blk/Red Single Stage Trigger R70-SRB-02-TNF Have an extra TT Diamond. Love these triggers and the crisp break. This is s flat face trigger. You will need to adjust to YOUR DESIRED PULL WEIGHT, since I have it set to around 1lb for PRS...
  2. tireys

    RRA 2 Stage Nat. match trigger vs. Rem 700 40X

    I went to the range today. I just mounted a Vortex optic in a Burris P.E.P.R. 1 piece mount and wanted to get it sighted in. All in All The rifle and scope performed well. The kicker was the trigger difference. I only took my RRA along so I could get what I needed to get done, done. I have been...
  3. D

    Who has a AR10 2 stage Jard trigger in there AR10?

    Anyone used a 2 stage AR10 Jard trigger? What weight did you select and what you think about it? How many rds have you shot with it? I was looking on there website at there 3# and 4# triggers.
  4. P

    Mix Single and Two Stage Trigger - One Shooter?

    I am building a couple of AR15s and one AR10, as well as obtaining a couple of bolt rifles (over time). Question is, should these rifles all have the same type of trigger (single stage or two stage)? I have been told by some that trying to switch back and forth between both types can be...
  5. L

    Single stage v. 2-stage trigger

    What are the pros and cons of a good single stage trigger verses a good 2-stage trigger? Thanks for the information. Lance
  6. T

    Gunsmithing What is a good AR-10 2 stage trigger?

    lookin to build an awsome AR-10. I put a chip McCormick 2 stage in my AR-15 and love it but I don't think he makes one for an AR-10. Anyone have any suggestions?
  7. P

    Two Stage Trigger for Bolt Gun?

    I just learned that two stage triggers may be found in bolt guns. I thought these were used in ARs only. ??? I will have an AR-15, AR-10, and a bolt gun or two. I would think it would be best to become familiar with just one type of trigger. Are two stages really available in bolt guns...
  8. P

    AR Trigger: Single or Two Stage?

    I've read some comments here, including the trigger test, on AR single and 2 stage triggers. What I have not seen so much of, is that for shooting from a bench or prone, in a non-competition environment, is whether the single or 2 stage is preferred. I am looking for top accuracy out of a .223...
  9. Opiy

    I am thinking of a new single stage press

    I was looking at Redding for a new single stage press for when I get me a new bolt gun. I was looking at the boss but they also have the Big Boss which is beefier and seems to offer more bells and whistles. Anyone have these and how do you feel about it? There another single stage that just...
  10. Crash01

    Single Stage Press Advice

    I was certain that info would be easily found, but I couldn't find any topics on it. I have some money set aside for a single stage press, or turret. I've reloaded since I was 12 years old, but unfortunately, it was all shotgun shells. I understand the basics, and have a few reloading books that...
  11. flatlander

    Best Sniper stage you ever shot? Looking for ideas

    So whats the most difficult, interesting, cooliest or, best stage you've ever shot in a Precision rifle or sniper competition ? Looking for the round count, target description, distance, all the details etc Fire away. Todd
  12. D

    2 stage trigger, Why is it better?or not...

    What's the reason that a 2 stage might be a better mouse trap? I'm trying to decide which way to go for my fire control. CG Universal users ring in. Heck, tell me what you like / dislike about any trigger you've tried. Best of luck in the New Year, Duke.