1. AKMarty

    Factory ammo-stuck cases after firing

    Craziest thing happened last week. I swapped scopes around between rifles and returned my Leupold VX-II 3-9x40 to my Ruger M77 MkII in .338 Win Mag. I had in the past shot the Winchester Supreme 225gr Accubond CT ammo. I recently bought 2 new boxes since I previously liked the performance in the...
  2. scudzuki

    Remington 700 ejector stuck

    After about 10 rounds downrange today the ejector pin in my fairly new (less than 100 rounds down the pipe) Remington 700 bolt got stuck inside the bolt, flush with the bolt face. I tried to coax it out at the range unsuccessfully, then shot 10 more rounds, digging each round out of the ejector...
  3. NY700

    Gunsmithing live round stuck in chamber

    I have a S&W M&P 9mm. I have reliable fed 800 rounds through it. both handloads and factory rounds. for the second time in the last 200 rounds i have a handload stuck in the chamber and the slide is stuck and i can not unchamber the round. I do not want to discharge the round for fear it may...
  4. C

    Gunsmithing stuck barrel

    need some help got ar noveske barrel that won't break lose.I have in vice it should pull lose i'm the right tools ?
  5. D

    Gunsmithing stuck cases

    Just bought an AR-15 from a guy who put it together himself...I know, I know...probably not smart, but I did it. I chamber a round, fire, the bolt opens and tears the rim on the case but the case won't come out. Removed case, cleaned chamber and tried it again. Same result. Any ideas? I...
  6. flagg888

    Gunsmithing HELP!! Stuck Bolt!!

    First off, Happy Fathers Day! OK, here's the situation, I was playing around with a new stock and had the barreled action in and out of it a few times. Was checking for bolt movement, safety movement, fit, you know, playing around. So, I was cycling the bolt and firing and playing with the...
  7. Smokin

    My Bullets get stuck in my Redding Die

    I have a brand new Type S Redding Competition Seater. Trying to seat .260 REM to a COAL of 2.820. Got three bullets done (all were pretty inconsistent in length) and then the bullets started getting stuck in the die. Any ideas?
  8. H

    Getting a cleaning rod stuck halfway down the bore

    ..has to be about the scariest thing I've encountered while ever cleaning a rifle. It happened to me tonight, and I leave for a big hunt early in the morning. I'm ultra paranoid about keeping my rifle in good working order, but tonight i had a jag slip through the patch somehow and scrunch up...
  9. Jester8

    Gunsmithing Bolt Stuck On Mod. 70

    Question for anyone that this has ever happened to, but I was dry firing just a little bit ago, click, cannot for the life of me cycle the bolt again. This is a model 70 SA. The bolt lifts parallel with the floor and then she ain't budgeing. I don't know if the firing pin broke, or the saftey...
  10. P

    Gunsmithing Seekins lower & stuck bolt catch plunger - help!

    Hello all, I am building a lower and I somehow have the bolt catch plunger stuck in the receiver. The bolt catch spring is behind the plunger, but it is stuck good. I lubed it up, didn't help and I am now heating the receiver up in my over (225 degrees), but no luck so far. <span...
  11. RemXCR2009

    Gunsmithing Redding FL dies case stuck

    I just got in a new redding 308 FL die set today and have got a case stuck this has never happend on my RCBS dies can anyone tell me if this is common and what to do about it
  12. chadg

    stuck bullet

    Hey everone has this ever happened to you? I was out on my property the other day doing some shooting.I found a old box of winchester 180gr. fail safes in the back of my closet.So idecided to see what kind of groups i could get out of them. The first 3 shots went of without a hitch.The next two...
  13. Liberator TJ1984

    Maggie’s Shoulda stuck to paint ball guns...
  14. Jayne

    First stuck case!

    Been reloading for 10, err, make that 15 years now and tonight I got my first stuck case. A friend asked me to make him some .416 Rem Mag so he got me the components and a brand new set of Hornady dies. Lubed the cases like I do my .308 with Hornady one-shot on all sides and went to sizing...