1. S

    Rifle Scopes Nightforce 3-way Wrench (NX8)

    Does the Nightforce NX8 come with the 3-way wrench? Thank you.
  2. Savage_Jake

    RCBS Ram Priming Tool

    I broke the priming tool that came with my Rock Chucker Supreme press so I was in the market for a new tool. I looked up some reviews about the Lee Auto Prime, and the RCBS Hand Priming tool but some of the reviews were kind of shady. But the reviews for the RCBS Ram Priming tool were excellent...
  3. G

    Which hand prime tool for .338 Lapua?

    Hi, Just looking for some ideas on what works for a hand priming tool to handle .338LM. If I need a special bushing for the tool, lemme know. I've used my neighbors RCBS hand primer on 308's when my dillon's primer assembly broke, but I'm not sure if that will work on .338LM's. Thanks...
  4. Michael Victor

    Awesome M14/ M1A armorer tool....

    Not sure how many of you shoot M1As but I found this tool that is bad ass. It does just about everything you could need to work on an M1A. The quality looks amazing, I can't wait to order one...
  5. S

    Warner Tool Company Dies

    Does anyone use the Warner custom sizing reloading dies? Are they worth the money. Are they appreciably better than say the redding competition dies?
  6. N

    Deburring tool for drill press?

    ...please tell me there <span style="font-weight: bold">IS</span> one! My fingers aren't gonna last doing it with the Lee tool... Any recommendations?
  7. PLeighton

    C.A.T. M-4 Tool Opinions?

    While shopping for some parts for a friend of mine's AR build I stumbled across an interesting piece of equipment. It's called the C.A.T. M-4 Tool and provides a solution to cleaning the bolt carrier group of an AR platform. For years now I've been looking for a tool that would remove the...
  8. veezer

    Gunsmithing removing fluting tool marks?...Upated

    I just got a new barrel from Lilja that has fluting on it. At the muzzle end of the fluting there are tool marks but not at the chamber end. I called them and they said that this is normal "tool chatter" where the machining started. I asked him how to remove it and he didnt give me any ideas...
  9. J

    Gunsmithing Picatinny milling cutter tool

    The "dovetail" cutting tool for making the final shaping cut(s) in 1913-adapters to go on a rail. Anyone know where and if one can buy these, or do I have to have one made based on available spec? Sorry, my search-fu is inadequate and nothing seems listed with Brownells.
  10. usmc7980

    Gunsmithing Make your own Remmy 700 Firing pin tool

    Final fixture here, It is made of 1/4" 6061 T6 flat plate with angle bolted to it. Everything else was trial and error junk I made my own because I'm a cheap ass. It's really simple, I used two pieces of 2"x4"x1/8" aluminum angle from my shop, some scrap wood, and a piece of 1/2"...
  11. C

    RCBS Free Bore Tool?

    I bought the RCBS head space mic and freebore tool and I have a measurement .076, but I get lost on the directions at this point. What do I use the .076 for?
  12. sobrbiker883

    Thread size for seating depth tool?

    Does anyone know the thread size for the now Hornady Chamber-All tool (formerly the Stoney Point) for measuring seating depth to the lands? I want to make a modified 7-08 case but don't know what size tap I'd need......
  13. L

    Gunsmithing ak barrel got nicked by dremel tool

    I feel like an idiot! I knicked my ak barrel with a dremel cut off wheel. cut is about 1/4" long and .02 deep and .02" wide. does anyone have any experience with what will happen when the barrel heats up. will it put things on a bind? Have the ultimak forearm and upper rail on the cut is about...
  14. Ishallbie O'Cullkillin

    Gunsmithing Tool for Briley FF Tube

    I bought a Briley carbon fiber free floating hand guard & am having a hard time torquing it down with my ultra deluxe harbor freight plastic strap wrench. My YHM tool won't work either. DPMS has a tool that looks like it might work, but I'm too broke to keep fishing. Any suggestions?