1. C

    Twist Rate for .308

    Hi all, I purchased an SPS Tactical with a 20" 1 in 12 twist a few months ago and while I love the gun so far it seems like every internet forum is completely swayed to the AAC-SD with the 1 in 10 twist. When I purchased it, I was under the impression that the 1 in 12 was the better of the...
  2. T

    .308- 1:10 twist rate- are 150gr bullets hopeless?

    Getting my 308 rebarreled its an 18.5" 1:10 twist barrel. Most of my bullets are 150gr- what are the effects on twist rate. Is it a definite thing that 150gr bullets will suck as I hear these 1:10 are best with the heavier pills
  3. swarrick

    load for 1-9 twist AR

    I need a starting point for loads for an AR-15. It has a 20inch barrel with a 1-9 twist. I will be using this for shots out to 600 and do not want to single load. Yes I have read the .223 reloading section.
  4. jayd4wg

    optimal .308 bullet for 22" 1:12r twist (hunting)

    not looking for the quick answer here, looking to learn. There are TONS of hunting and match bullets for the .308, and i'm trying to cut the clutter. I'm having a hard time finding total length of available bullets to use any of the formulas i know, so i'm asking advice. I have a barely broken...
  5. U

    75 a-max in a 1-9 twist?

    Anyone tried this with any success? I have a bunch left over from highpower shooting, but only ever used them in a 1-8 barrel.
  6. M

    Barrel twist for 6.5 Grendel

    I am wondering what is the best barrel twist for the 123 grain lapua screnar? I was looking and have found 1/7.5 and 1/9 twists. I am hoping to change my AR-15 A-2 into a 6.5 Grendel SPR when funds become avail. So any help would be great.
  7. Cinch

    Gunsmithing Rock 338 Edge twist?

    I've been thinking about building an Edge as my next project and I see there may be another Rock group buy coming up. I was curious to know what twist you guys with a Rock barreled Edge are using. I will be getting a 30" tube and would like to shoot the 300gr SMK. Thanks for the info. Cinch
  8. D

    1x10 or 1x11.25 twist for 7.62?

    school me please on the differences. thanks. for ar-10 type 16-18 inch barrel
  9. B

    Range Report Twist Rates

    It's been a while since I've posted, but the last few times I saw the issue of barrel twist rate come up there never seems to be included a discussion about atmospheric conditions as effecting bullet stability. But the fact is that whether a given bullet is stable upon exiting the barrel...
  10. W

    .308 Win w/ 18" 1-10" twist barrel to 1,000 yards

    I have just acquired a 308 Win with a 18" 1-10" twist barrel with very few shots down the tube. I have been asked to set the rifle up shoot up to 1,000 yards. I shoot a variety of 6.5 mm rifles out to 1,000 yards but do not have a lot of experience with the .308 Win so please excuse my...
  11. N2rockets

    Twist Rate for 100-1000 yds. Muzzle Crown?

    Hi guys I am interested in putting together a Remmy 700 .308 with a McMillian A4 stock. I shoot between 100 and 1000 yards most commonly. I am wondering what twist rate is best for those ranges. I know you can get 1-12, 1-11.25, 1-10 and stuff, I dont know what each is best for though. I don't...
  12. M

    .243 twist ? Rem SPS Varmint

    I'm pondering the Remington SPS Varmint in a .243, which comes with a 26" 9 1/8" twist barrel. It seems like 1-8 is the way to go, but would the Rem factory barrel likely be O.K. with the 105/107gr range of bullets? Down the road I could always have a new barrel put on, but I'm thinking of the...
  13. O

    Ruger m77 mark2 .223 twist rate

    Does anyone know for sure what the twist rate is on this rifle? It's a SS synthetic stock if that's any help son's rifle, was told @ Cabela's it was a 9 twist, being told by "EXPERT" ruger don't make 9 twist in .223
  14. S

    185gr and 1/12 twist?

    Hello, I have a thousand or so Lapua 185gr D46 bullets. I was wondering if these would be accurate through a 24" 1/12 twist L-W barrel? I know longer bullets like faster twists and these things are pretty long. Here's a sample pic:
  15. 19818119

    Twist Q

    Okay guys, I'm going to add a .243 Win bbl to my Surgeon build. I've been told that 1/8 twist, 1/7.5 twist and a 1/7.8 twist is "ideal", only one answer can be accurate. Going to shoot the DTAC's exclusively, what twist do I want and why? Cheers, Rath
  16. J

    Gunsmithing Twist rate for 110 gr 308?

    1 in 12? 1 in 14? Got a bunch of 110 gr Hornady TAP available. The faster twist barrels don't like it much. They are much happier with the 168 gr.
  17. H

    Gain twist

    Ordering a gain twist barrel for the 338. Where to start and finish at is the discussion. I'm thinking 10 twist to start and 6 twist at the end. Should work well with the heavier long for caliber, lathe turned bullets. What are you guys thinking?
  18. S

    6x47L what twist would you use??

    I may be chambering a 6x47L here in my next project. I need a rifle to hunt coyotes with and hopefully a pig hunt as well. I think i will try a 6x47L but i am undecided on what twist to use. I have a couple different 8 twist 6mm rifles so i was thinking about slowing down the twist so i could...
  19. exnarc

    barrel twist

    1 in 10 or 1 in 12 for a 308
  20. S

    75 grain A-Max in 9" twist

    I have an opportunity to acquire a quantity of 75 grain A-max bullets. Do you think they will stabilize in my 9" twist Remington? The charts I've seen indicate that they might be borderline. Thanks, Sherlok