1. T

    M40A3 - got an upgrade!

    Just got my 100% spec M40A3 back from her Badger M5 upgrade. She used to sport DD Ross metal, but I found I was wanting the Badger upgrade, to make her more current. Only thing left that I might do is get one of the UNS mounts that our very own PGWDTI makes up here in Canada, for the USMC...
  2. J

    Rifle Scopes Zero stop upgrade on existing NF

    How much would this cost , I see on their sight where it can be done , but I don't know the price , I have one with and one with out . I really like the zero stop . Both are 5.5x22 x56 with the NP-R1- great scopes IMHO
  3. ltfirehunter

    Rem 541T trigger upgrade

    I have a Rem 541T and would like to replace the trigger with a better lighter one that will adjust down in the ounces. Any Ideas?
  4. Rancid Coolaid

    Best M1 SOCOM stock upgrade

    The out-of-the-box Springfield Armory SOCOM stock sucks. I need to upgrade the stock. I would like to mount a 1-4 scope on the rifle, but my rail ends just before the ejection port (not the newer "full-length" rail) and I don't want a scout scope. I'm considering a Vltor stock - but that...
  5. MtnShot243

    CZ 452 need upgrade parts

    Will some one let me know were to get upgrades for the cz 452 please. I am working on a trainer.
  6. 03psd

    Rifle Scopes ST10 Upgrade?

    Long story short, I bought an older ST10 from member ArticLight here. He was going to upgrade to an MST100 but it didn't happen for whatever reason. He is interested in getting his scope back. I am not opposed to working a trade but I honestly don't know what upgrades I would want or if they...
  7. ST42

    SAKO Quad Upgrade Parts

    Gents, For those of you that might need / want parts for the Quad. I found this web site that offers better action bolts and an upgraded action spring. http://www.jnpgunsprings.com/index.php And for those doing a DIY build. Here is a great site for bolt knobs and bases...
  8. gorhamlit

    Savage MARK II trigger upgrade

    i took the trigger assembly completely apart, took the housing, squeezed it together so the bottom come together (little off set looking "L" you see in the first picture), and tack welded it close. Then I ground down the welds a little to clean them up, re-assembled, and there you have it...
  9. J

    Mk12 Mod 0 Trigger Upgrade

    Guys, Finally broke in my MK12 Mod 0 that I bought here on the board. I was waitng for my Ops Inc Can and stamp. Finally got out to sight it in. Was shooting Black Hills 77 Match and got several 1/2" - 3/4" groups of 5 @ 100 yards. But the trigger is really heavy. Was thinking of upgrading...
  10. T

    Upgrade Rem 700 5R 308

    I have a new in box Remington 308 stainless 5R barrel. What should I do to upgrade it.....I am not too big on the stainless look and prefer a more tactical look to my rifles....Who should I send it too for a different finish and what type of finish do you recommend? Other ideas to make it a...
  11. Twisted

    Rifle Scopes Time to upgrade optics, some questions...

    So I recently built my first precision rig (Rem 700 in .308) and I put a Bushnll Elite 3200 5x15x40 on it. I honestly like the scope and for the money it is hard to beat. Well, a few weeks ago I took a precision shooting class with a very knowledgeable instructor. He was commenting how the big...
  12. Cory Lee

    Gunsmithing mcmillan cheek piece upgrade

    I've got a McMillan with the integral cheek piece. Is it possible to upgrade now to the thumb wheel cheek piece? Is that the $45 dollar one listed under GAP's services page?