1. J

    Walther PDP red dot

    My fiance just ordered a PDP full size 4.5". She wants an optic, but I've read somewhere that only one or two specific red dots sit low enough to line up with factory sights. Trying to avoid having to spend another $100 on suppressor height sights if possible. Anyone have any experience with...
  2. M

    Firearms Walther PPQ Q5 Match with Extras

    Like new (less than 50 rounds fired) Walther PPQ Q5 Match for sale with add-ons for sale. Vortex Venom installed (box included), TF magwell and magazine baseplates installed, custom match holster. This piece is a very clean safe queen. Shipped to your FFL for $1,350. Please DM if interested.
  3. H

    Accessories .40 cal Walther PPS Magazines

    Two .40 PPS magazines - 6 rounders with grip. $25 shipped for both of em.
  4. jtom66

    Suppressors Walther P99 - Difference between QA & AS?

    Need a little help here. I've read the Walther site and still can't seem to get it thru my thick skull the difference between the Walther P99 QA and AS? Please help. Feeling stupid.
  5. captnmo

    Suppressors Walther PPS for conceal carry?

    Anybody have good or bad experience with the Walther PPS for conceal carry? I need a conceal carry weapon and doing some shopping. Thanks!
  6. S

    Gunsmithing Lothar walther barrels???

    I am thinking about trading for a lothar walther barrel. A good friend of mine told me that these barrels are junk! He said they are hammer forged and that i dont want one. I always thought they were a premier barrel maker? Whats the scoop?? Thanks lee
  7. ArmedByRuger

    Walther SP22

    Hey guys whats up with the Walther SP22? It has been around now for 1-2 years and there are virtually no reviews, no information, only two little vidoes on youtube that barely talk about anything. It's almost like everyone is afraid to be associated with this pistol as freaky as it looks. Maybe...
  8. M

    Suppressors Walther P99 Compact vs. H&K P2000

    Which would you choose and why? Some background information, the reason I chose these particular two hands guns is their similarity in build quality and size. I've held both and felt extremely comfortable, the P99 with the pinky extension for the magazine makes my hand fit perfectly. On the...
  9. G

    AR-10T barrel, how to tell if it's Lothar Walther?

    I bought a used, complete AR-10T upper with 24" stainless steel heavy barrel a couple of months ago, and I have been trying to find out if it's a Lothar Walther manufactured barrel or not. The guy I got it from did not know. Is there a way to find out if it is a LW barrel by looking at it...
  10. ARP

    Photos Digital Walther

    I squirted some desert type of digital camo onto my buddies suppressed Walther SP22 M3 22 LR. I am going to have to get me one of these pistols ASAP. I love it.
  11. scullti

    Suppressors Walther PPK alternative?

    My mom has wanted for awhile her own small, centerfire (not .22 rimfire) handgun that would not be so much for self-defense but more so for just plinking. We've had her handle a few handguns in Cabelas and she really liked the feel of the PPK, not to mention the look of the pistol (apparently...
  12. M

    Suppressors Walther P22 FTF (releases to half cock)

    Took the Wifes P22 out this morning, and it did this. Never happened before. As a round was in chamber, and the hammer forward, did a full trigger squeeze. When the hammer when to the rear and released, it only went to half cock. At first, I though it was a bad first round and racked the slilde...
  13. Ishallbie O'Cullkillin

    Suppressors Walther P22 Threaded Barrels

    Anybody know where I can get a 3" - 4" threaded barrel for a P22?
  14. Target07

    Suppressors Drop Holster for Walther P22 w/ Tac-52 Suppressor

    As the title states. I am looking to find a drop holster for my Walther P22 w/ or w/o suppressor and laser module. Any help would be appreciated. For what it is worth the only holster I have found for it is a Fobus belt holster.
  15. dixie_rebel669

    Suppressors walther PK380 anybody tried it yet

    I was talking to my dealer and he told me about the new <span style="text-decoration: underline">walther pk380</span>. It looked like it might be a good ccw pistol for my girlfriend. Has any one tryed it out of has any information on it other than whats in the brochure
  16. K


    I have a Walther 22lr single shot. It has a heavy barrel conture. The bolt handle is at the very back of the action behind the tigger. The rifle has no model number I can find on it. On top of the action it says Waffenfabrik Walther Zella-Mehlis (Thur.). The barrel and action is all one piece it...