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  1. dariuszczyszczon

    Member Link Up CO- Pawnee Grasslands temp shooting closure

    Re: CO- Pawnee Grasslands temp shooting closure Called the forest service yesterday and they informed me that pawnee will be closed until fall. Any ideas of were else to go for 1000 yd shots?
  2. dariuszczyszczon

    Hunting & Fishing Buffalo (Bison) Hunting

    Re: Buffalo (Bison) Hunting I knew bison were big but man that one was huge. Talk about allot of meat to work with. WOW
  3. dariuszczyszczon

    Hunting & Fishing What range finder do you use while rifle hunting?

    Re: What range finder do you use while rifle hunting? <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Killswitch engage</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: I Am Hero</div><div...
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    Hunting & Fishing Texas Hog Hunt

    Re: Texas Hog Hunt So out of curiosity does hog meat taste the same as pig of have a wild and game taste to it?
  5. dariuszczyszczon

    Hunting & Fishing 2011 Hunting Season is winding down....

    Re: 2011 Hunting Season is winding down.... Awesome pics. Great memories.
  6. dariuszczyszczon

    Hunting & Fishing Best X-mas lights !

    Re: Best X-mas lights ! Now that's what i call christmas lights
  7. dariuszczyszczon

    Hunting & Fishing First Deer. First Buck!

    Re: First Deer. First Buck! The hunt is over. The accomplishment are vast. Gives you a great felling for ending the season.
  8. dariuszczyszczon

    Hunting & Fishing Hunting trip 2011

    Re: Hunting trip 2011 Great trip and great memories. Its nice to get meat in the freezer. Congrats
  9. dariuszczyszczon

    Hunting & Fishing Trophy Mountain Ranch, Co. Anyone?

    Re: Trophy Mountain Ranch, Co. Anyone? Well here my 2cts worth if your looking for other options. Don't know if you have your mind set on high country or just big mule's. There a friend of mine in my home town that has a great track record with pictures to prove of his past accomplishments...
  10. dariuszczyszczon

    Hunting & Fishing Anyone Ever taken a Oryx?

    Re: Anyone Ever taken a Oryx? Its interesting i'm looking at doing the same hunt. For right now looking at tags and building the points for later in the future.
  11. dariuszczyszczon

    Hunting & Fishing Pics to get ya fired up on Predator season !!

    Re: Pics to get ya fired up on Predator season !! Man i got say there nothing like great predator pictures to get you motivated. Is the season to be jolly.
  12. dariuszczyszczon

    Photos Rem 700 SPS .300 Winmag

    Re: Rem 700 SPS .300 Winmag I think it looks cool.
  13. dariuszczyszczon

    Hunting & Fishing Is scoutlook weather worth getting into?

    Has anyone used scoutlookweather.com and tell me if its worthwhile to get into?
  14. dariuszczyszczon

    Photos His and Hers

    Re: His and Hers Now thats a match made in heaven
  15. dariuszczyszczon

    Photos New Savage M10 FCP HS .308

    Re: New Savage M10 FCP HS .308 Once you get the groups, do post them. Looks pretty coo