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    Accessories Voting Share in Spartan Precision Equipment for sale.. makers of the Javelin Bipod

    I have a 0.7% voting share in Spartan Precision Equipment in the UK that is up for sale if anyone is interested....? They currently produce lightweight carbon fibre bipod and tripods under the “Javelin bipod“ brand, with significant sales to hunters and various military units worldwide and are...
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    Black Friday deals?

    We’ve got a 15% off bipods and 25% off adapters running at until the end of tomorrow...
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    Precision em!!

    Just picked up this to test... Sako M10 in .338 ?
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    Huber 2-stage vs. Bix'n Andy for Rem. 700

    I’ve got a BnA Marksman trigger on my Rem 700 custom build and it is an absolutely beautiful trigger.. love it!
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    6.5CM barrel length

    I’ve got a 24” Proof Sendero contour on my new 6.5CM and the weight saving is huge compared to my buddies steel barrelled version....
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    AW/AE/AICS mag diffrences

    Which mag would you guys recommend for a 6.5 CM in a Remington 700 short action? It’s running an AICS compatible custom DBM bottom metal...
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    Precision em!!

    First outing for my first custom build... Accurised Rem 700 by Spartan Precison Rifles McMillan Carbon A5 Ambush Proof research 24” Sendero Spartan custom bottom metal Spartan Kopis muzzle brake Bix n Andy Marksman trigger Swarovski Z8i scope Tier One Unimounts Spartan Javelin Carbon bipod (by...
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    Sidewinder vs APAs bastards

    Check out Marc Soulie's (Spartan Precision Rifles) new Kopis brake which I saw recently and works brilliantly.
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    Gunsmithing Export fees US - UK.... Sound reasonable?

    Hi folks. We are looking to ship a rifle we’ve had made in San Jose, CA back to the U.K. Spartan (in the U.K.) hold a Registered Firearms Dealer ticket so import into the U.K. is no big issue. To export from the US we have been quoted fees of 10% of the value of the rifle, plus shipping...