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    Hunting & Fishing Considering a gutting hook or a knife with one. What are you using effectively.

    I've got a Gerber similar to this one that has worked very well on 3 elk and 2 deer. I have not needed to sharpen the gut hook and the blade is easy to sharpen and takes an edge well.
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    Hunting & Fishing Pack out bag

    Here is a google image I found showing how to secure a load in the Badlands Clutch pack. Here is another image of the 2200. Hopefully that helps.
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    Hunting & Fishing Pack out bag

    My Clutch has what they call a "beaver tail" pack on the outside. This outter pack is removable (making it more like a 2200) and is lashed to the main pack by 7 straps (2 on the botton, 2 on the top, and 3 across the middle). You can put your meat in between the main pack and the outter pack...
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    Hunting & Fishing Pack out bag

    I have the Badlands Clutch pack. It's just slightly bigger than most day packs but can pack out over 100 lbs of meat in one go. It is very sturdy and very comfortable. My cousin has used the Eberlestock X2 pack for years and that has been a great pack for him. It has hauled thousands of...
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    Hunting & Fishing Have you ever had someone else try to claim your kill?

    Man you guys have had some rotten luck. I hope nobody ever has to go through that with any game, especially big game. The only kills I have ever had claimed by other hunters were doves. They definitely aren't worth fighting over and its usually younger hunters so I don't really mind. I did...
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    Hunting & Fishing 2014 Elk Hunt

    Congrats on a great hunt. I just got my first elk (cow) in Utah. It was blast so I can relate to what you are feeling. Good job and best of luck in your future hunts.
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    Hunting & Fishing First Elk, Utah 2014

    Hey guys, I thought I would share my very first elk taken in the 2014 general season antlerless in Utah. I have a cousin who lives and hunts there that I met for the first time last November. Needless to say we hit it off and I made it out there from California to do something I have...
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    New reloader, question on issue with Barnes bullet

    The 168 gr. Barnes T-TSX is incredibly accurate out of my .308 and devastating on deer and pigs. My load is as follows: Lapua Brass 168 T-TSX 44.1 gr. Varget (IMR 4064 was very accurate as well) CCI BR-2 primer COAL: 2.810 (Barnes like a good jump) 2700 FPS Federal brass is...
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    Range Report .270 Win Muzzle Velocity

    This is a 168gr Barnes T-TSX fired from my .308 recovered from a 300 lb. boar. The muzzle velocity was 2,700 FPS and impact velocity would have been around 2,450 +/- FPS. The expanded diameter is .608 (almost double) and the retained weight is 167.0 gr. This is an extremely accurate load in...
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    Range Report .270 Win Muzzle Velocity

    No, that doesn't sound right. You should easily get over 3,000 FPS without compressed loads. I know the loading manuals will list some of the higher charges as compressed, but remember, those things are written and edited by the lawyers. Plus, the .270 has been around since 1925 so there are...
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    Range Report .270 Win Muzzle Velocity

    3,000 FPS should not be an issue out of a 24" barrel with any of the popular powders for the .270 Win and a 130 gr. bullet. I am running 60.0 gr. of H4831sc and a 130 gr. Barnes T-TSX in Winchester brass with CCI BR-2 primers and am getting right at 3,000 FPS out of a 22" barrel. With a 24"...
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    Need help loading some .270 Win

    I have just finished developing a hunting load for my Tikka T3 Lite in 270 Win that shoots really well, about .5 MOA. Winchester Brass Barnes 130 gr. T-TSX 60.0 gr. of H4831SC CCI BR-2 Primer COAL of 3.330 I also have a match load that will shoot .25 MOA at 100. Winchester Brass...
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    Hodgdon BL-C(2) .308

    That's not too bad. I tried BL-C(2) for my Savage .308 when I first started reloading but I could never get consistent groups with it. One group would be 1/2 MOA and then the next would be 1.5 MOA. It was all over the place for me. I got much more consistent groups with Varget, IMR 4064, and...
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    Getting setup for 308...die recommendations?

    I have tried using the body die first and then the neck sizer. There really wasn't too much difference, but using the neck sizer first followed by the body die yielded just the slightest amount of better runout more often. German Salazar had similar results in his testing and there is a write...
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    Any Help here Appreciated.

    With your 16.5" barrel, it will be tough to get enough velocity to keep anything stable out to 1,000 yards. I would look into the 155 gr. Lapua Scenar. Plug in some numbers on the JBM calculator using your atmospheric conditions with your 180 Interbond load, the 175 SMK, and the 155 Scenar. I...