1. HillbillyfromAL

    Photos My MIA that I built

    I took a standard barreled M1A painted it with Gunkote, Dropped it into a Sage EBR stock also painted with Gunkote. I'm just trying to get these pics to work, but I've done some more stuff to it since these. I'm hoping to be able to get out to the range tomorrow.
  2. G

    Gunsmithing Anyone built a .284 repeater for comps?

    Has anyone built a straight .284Win repeater on a short action and successfully chambered it for 180VLD's to the lands from the magazine? If so, what mags do you use and/or what is the modification to the mags? If not, did you build on a long action instead and do you think an AE MKII and/or...
  3. snommittj

    Gunsmithing Anyone built a rifle on a Eliseo RT-10?

    Anybody have any experience with the Eliseo RT-10? I'm thinking of building my next rifle on one. What caliber did you use and how do the mags feed? Can you seat the bullets out far enough and still load from the mag? I'm putting the new Surgeon round long action in one with a 30" tube...
  4. P

    Anyone built hunting rifle with Surgeon XLaction

    Anyone bult a hunting rifle with this action ? thinking of a "Non Typical" style rifle in .300 winnie etc. scope is 3.5-15x50 NXS
  5. Tony.

    Price Check: Eric Reed built M40A1 build

    There seems to be a few M40a1 spec builds in the for sale section lately with Unertl's on them. I am thinking about selling my full spec Eric Reed built M40a1 with no scope, but includes a Badger clip slot picatinny rail. S/N is a 7-digit series, Remington dated it as a 1969 production...
  6. Victor Co Heather

    Built my own steel target... (UPDATED-TESTED)

    I love shooting steel (like who doesn't?) and enjoy building things so I decided to make my own steel target for desert shoots. My mission was to create a hard steel target that was self-standing, could break down to easily fit in my car/truck and take a beating from either...
  7. ARP

    Photos Lawton built 375 CheyTac Desert Edition

    I got to paint another 375 CheyTac today. This one done in a "military inspired" desert theme camo. These rifles are awesome to see in person for sure. This one belongs to hide member KYShooter338. Pics are a bit less than top quality, but hopefully you can see it well enough to enjoy...
  8. lowlight

    Possible Sniper's Hide Spec Built Caliber Choices

    Okay, we talked about this briefly but things are starting to move forward and I wanted to check a few things out before getting too involved in the build specs. The Sniper's Hide M2009 build will be loosely based off the Gladius which was an 18.5" 308 rifle that George spun together for me...
  9. ms6852

    Custom built for $500 to $800

    I ran into this website by accident and am quite lured. I have no idea about this guys but seems pretty solid to me. Anyone dealt with this guys before? http://www.aquilafirearms.com/
  10. sommers

    Roscoe built Surgeon 308

    Just wanted to give a shout out to William Roscoe for doing a build for me. After talking with William over the phone about the build, we finally decided on a Surgeon RSR in .308 Win. 1995 Palma chamber, 20" Hart, McM HTG, with a Rifle Basix trigger and OD kote on the metal parts. After...
  11. J

    338 Lapua built on an AR platform

    just looking for feedback at this point, I have a few friends that are looking at manufacturing a 338 Lapua magnum on a modified AR platform. Do you think this would be a worth while product or should it remain a bolt gun exclusively? Is there any interest for this rifle on this forum? Any...
  12. 500grains

    I built a Rock River bull barrel gun recently.

    Here is a sample target (note I wrote 2008 but the correct year is 2009. Oops.) Parts: RRA upper, lower, LPK, YHM forearm, JP gas block, RRA 20" 1-8 barrel.
  13. Mgordon

    Just built my new rifle...Finially done!!!

    Hey guys, I just figured I would show a few of the latest rifle projects. The 700 in the Manners stock is my personal rifle and the other two were for some friends. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I STILL NEED TO CERAKOTE THIS BARRELED ACTION. This one is a Remington 700 that has been blue...
  14. G

    Range Report Range Report - new rig built by Mark Pharr

    Specs: Rem 700 SA .308 HS stock with palm swell (textured by me and Marinetex) CDI Bottom Metal stock trigger (Wil tuned to 2.5 lbs) Brux 24" barrel - MTU contour - 1:11 twist NF 33 MOA base Badger rings NF NXS 5.5-22x56 NP-R1 Reticle TIS Sling Harris pod with Phoenix Tactical large PodClaws w/...
  15. KYS

    GAP built Badger rifles - triplets :)

    Well I thought I would post my pics of my 3 most current builds. I was lucky and got in on the Valkyrie build in 260 Remington. And then near the delivery date George posted one for sale in 6.5x47 and I scooped it up as well. He did the 260 in Desert Flectarn camo and I spec'd the AAC suppressor...
  16. ARP

    Photos Lawton built 375 Cheytac

    I just finished coloring on this BEAST of a rifle built by Lawton Rifles for a member of the hide here. It is a 375 CheyTac and it is something to behold. Quite impressive in person. I hope you like it DebosDave. For anybody wondering what the heck that symbol is, visit DDs profile and check...
  17. Blaster4

    the saga continues with my GAP built 6.5 Creedmoor

    It's a week out from the Hide Cup and I figure I should finally clean that new 6.5 Creedmoor barrel that Moon twisted up right before the last Bash. This barrel had under 300 rounds through it and it was a hammer...no break in no cleaning for any of those shots. Cleaning began and ended rather...
  18. Blve

    Gunsmithing Who built my rifle?

    Okay one of you guys built my 338LM a year or so ago I just can't remember who. It was off a Remington action. Let me know if you remember too, its driving me nuts. Thanks
  19. N

    GAP .308 built with a Surgeon action in an MCS GAT

    It took just shy of a year, but I am very happy with the build. I was in Kansas City last year working on a project, and I stopped in to visit the shop, and met George and his crew. A good friend of mine, M.45 here on the 'Hide, has a sweet .308 GAP that I have shot on a few occasions, and...
  20. KYS

    Quantico built M40A3

    Well I said I would post pics of it. Here they are.... picked this beast up today and I was really pleased. I had the chance to put about 10 rounds downrange here at home at 200 yards. grouping was awesome but didnt have my camera with me at that time. More to come... Its a thing of beauty