1. B

    Cerakote Ideas - Gimme!

    I am going to take my upper/lower/handguard to get cerakoted tomorrow but I am stuck on ideas. Originally thought of doing a titanium blue but have since changed my mind to something more "grey." Trouble is, I don't know if I want to go with a solid color or do some sort of "urban camo" type of...
  2. J


  3. A

    Remington Defense Concealable Sniper Rifle

    I finally went ahead with a nice 308 bolt action. I had been planning for a while on a Surgeon Concealable Sniper Rifle but was led astray by a fortuitous google search, and I picked up a Remington CSR. I’ve only had it for a couple weeks, but it has been pretty amazing so far. Also, this is my...
  4. C

    ATACs Camo Dip Kit

    Finally have the ATACs pattern... Camo Dip Kit - Do It Yourself Water Transfer Camo Dip Kit
  5. C

    Fieldcraft Coveralls or BDU for ghillie suit?

    Hi do you guys like to use coveralls ( 1 piece ) or BDU's ( 2 piece ) for your ghillies and why? I heard that BDU is stronger but 1 piece can be more conforatble. Any thoughts? thanks.
  6. Kogapsp

    Fieldcraft Todays project camo

    I have always wanted to do this fleck Camo I guess it turned out ok. The rifle started out black. Used three colors the black was the rifle color. I have the step by step process starting with black if anyone wants to see it. kn
  7. gugubica

    Fieldcraft Multi zone rifle camo

    There was a thread here a couple of weeks ago asking about using leaves for a camo job. I finally got around to taking some pics and thought I would share to give an option. I used leaves as stencils, but went with more traditional colors. I thought about using some orangey color to mimic...
  8. rweldon

    Rifle Scopes Who all makes realtree camo scopes?

    I'm looking for a Realtree camo scope for my Thompson Pro Hunter Encore. I know Nikon makes some, but are there any other choices out there?
  9. D

    Rifle Scopes Camo a scope

    New here, awesome site. I was wondering if anyone had camouflaged their scope to match the rifle. Or do you recommemd someone? thinking of having Gap build me a new rifle, wonder if they can? anyone know. any pics
  10. bdh308

    Krylon and Camo wrap for Hogue stock

    This is what I did instead of tryin to paint rubber. Not the prettiest but I dont shoot for looks. The camo wrap has a nice grippy texture too. Eventually there will be a MCM or BC but for now this is what I did.
  11. D

    Gunsmithing Color Match Question - McM A5 Forest Camo

    I have a McM A5 in Forest Camo and I would like to paint my barrel and action to match the dark green portion of the camo pattern. Which color and which type of finish would you reccomend for this? Thanks.
  12. C

    Rifle Scopes Colors to match the desert camo pattern

    OK attempting to paint a scope... I cannot seem to find an exact or really close color match ( Spray can )to the light and medium tan/beige colors in the McM desert camo pattern. any freakin help at all would be great... growing overly frustrated.
  13. Pusher591

    GAP Camo on a AI 1.5 Stock?

    Guys, thinking about having a build done by GA Precision for a CRUSADER 18.5" barrel and substitute the stock for a AI 1.5. Was wondering if anybody knows if it is possible to have the AI stocks done in GAP camo? If so my money will be spent very soon.
  14. LS6TT

    Fieldcraft photo request - snake skin/webbing camo

    Can everyone that has done this style paint job post their pictures. addtionslly if ou can link to the highest res possible that would be great. thanks example
  15. jayjaytuner

    sand or desert camo

    anyone have pics of either, or bolth...... lookin at gettin a mcmillan in one or the other, they seem to be kinda similar from the pictures, but never seen either in person.
  16. C

    Tips for this camo job...

    I have this rifle right here I want the paint job to look just like this right here Any tips or info if this is like a factory paint job that color scheme is perfect for the area I hunt in I want it to be pretty much spot on to the m24 pictured... Thanks!!!
  17. Scimitar

    New camo jobs (pic heavy)

    Finished up a few for my friends here in NC. Hope you like em'
  18. Killswitch Engage

    Fieldcraft another camo job

    here is my 24" ar. i did it in alumahyde II coyote and od with a touch of rustoleum flat black to define break up. i think it turned out ok.
  19. E

    Fieldcraft new camo on skins

    Just finished up these skins, colors are...coyote tan, patriot brown, highland green, O.D. green and desert verde.
  20. T

    Camo stencils

    Anyone know of a good website or method for "free" camo stencils? The rifle already has a duracoat base coating of sniper green. I am wanting to apply black mission specific spray paint. Im leaning towards tiger stripe or traditional camo pattern over the green base. All thoughts or ideas would...