1. 1shot2kill

    altitude where cartridge is loaded

    kinda fuzzy question but i was wondering if the altitude,humidity,bar pressure etc at wich you ammo is loaded effects how it shoots? for example if i were to reload a 308 case at sea level 100 percent humidity and 100 degrees farenheit and then reload another at 9000 feet very little humidity...
  2. D

    Range Report what is the fastest / biggest 30 cal cartridge

    were having a long standing argument about which is the king of ,30 type cartridges that is .308 bullet dia, One that actually excists , so far the 30-338lap is looking about the biggest we can find in our club Anyone shoot bigger? Help me win this one Cheers
  3. G

    Gunsmithing How much cartridge case to chamber clearance?

    How much case body to chamber clearance is suggested for a tactical (going to get dirty) rifle? How much case neck to chamber clearance? How loose should it be for reliability? How tight should it be for accuracy? 0.008"? 0.005"? 0.003"? other??? Thanks in advance, Kyle
  4. L

    Accurate 7mm Cartridge

    I'm looking for some opinions here. I'm doing a 7mm long range gun, I just got the barrel, a Lilja stainless 1:9 4 groove, its going on a Savage action. I want to shoot 162 Amax's or 180 VLD's. I was going to do it in a 7 mag but talked to some guys and they seem to like the 7mm08AI but I can't...
  5. Center Mass

    Best LR cartridge for an AR platform.

    Hey guys, I have a DPMS LR308 that I like a lot. But, I can't help but think that there must be a better cartridge that I could use. Don't get me wrong, I love the .308. I have owned several and still do I'm just looking for a better performer on a semi-auto platform. I'm thinking something...
  6. D

    Thoughts on a cartridge for extended ranges.

    I made a post in the rifles section also, but I will "somewhat" duplicate it here. I know there are hundreds of posts on the sight regarding this stuff, but I have some specific criteria and would like fresh opinions. I just picked up a 700 in 300WM ADL sporter for a SWEET price. I already...
  7. Chiller

    Cartridge Inspector

    Does anybody have experience (good and bad) with the Forster's Case and Cartridge Inspector? If possible can you compare/contrast with the Redding Neck Gauge (sorry sounds like a essay question). How much of a benefit do you get from this from a reloading standpoint?
  8. P

    338 lapua cartridge oal vs magazine

    I am shooting a 338 lapua using AI magazines. I find my oal is limited by my magazines 3.5" maximum. Once I drop a 300 grain bullet and 94gr of H1000 I am concerned that I will not be able to get an accurate load. I still need to break in the barrel, chrono the loads and of course measure the...
  9. C

    what is the ultimate long range cartridge

    hmmm what is the ultimate long range rifle???? I would like to hear your take in this question.... like 700-1000 yards!!!
  10. Dsparil

    M118LR bullets(not the full cartridge) - wideners|281|727 how accurate are these? has anyone tried them?
  11. duke308

    Range Report Cartridge capacity?

    Is there a scientific reason there are no popular cases with a capacity of around 60 grains of water? The .223 is 31.4 gr, .22-250 is 44.6 gr.308 is 53.5 gr, .30-06 is 68.0 gr, and .300 WM is 90.4 gr according to one chart I am looking at. Why no case with 60 grains it should be flatter and...
  12. S

    Gunsmithing I want to invent a new cartridge!!

    I really think that a 6mm bullet on the 6.5 creedmoor brass casing would make a heck of a varmint chambering. Decent brass at a decent price. Not so expensive that it will hurt if you loose one. Very similar to a 6xc or a 6mm 22-250. I am not sure what i will call it but i do think i need to do...
  13. Jrb572

    Forster CO-AX Case and Cartridge Inspector

    Has anybody used one and do you like it? I am debating buying one. I was looking at the sinclair Concentricity tool and neck sorting tool. But the Forster one does both and is a lot cheaper. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Joe