1. rayvandervort

    HELP -nothing I have tried will fire form brass in this Remington 700 270 factory gun

    Research, friends who have worked at Smith and Wesson and Remington by phone were unable to help. I will start with the back story. This gun and I have not been handloading for a long time but my son and I are sharing a renewed hobby - reloading for accuracy. In time he hopes to invest in...
  2. dukerugger25

    3x fired brass not chambering - 300PRC

    I'm having a problem with my 300PRC, in that 3x brass will no longer chamber. Brass was resized and the shoulder was bumped back 0.002", just like the first two times I reloaded it. This time however the bolt is hanging up at the downstroke. Checked headspace and it is correct, same as the 2x...
  3. NY700

    Gunsmithing live round stuck in chamber

    I have a S&W M&P 9mm. I have reliable fed 800 rounds through it. both handloads and factory rounds. for the second time in the last 200 rounds i have a handload stuck in the chamber and the slide is stuck and i can not unchamber the round. I do not want to discharge the round for fear it may...
  4. J

    Teflon in chamber and barrel

    Would it be advantagous to coat inside of barrel or would it cause a loss of rifling effect?Is it even possible?
  5. O

    Gunsmithing chamber reaming

    I'm starting to think about building a long range hunting rifle. I'm going to be attempting to build this thing myself and I'm chambering it in 264 Win. Mag. I'm thinking I'm going to build it on a savage action (possibly a custom action, haven't decided yet) My question is... Has anyone tried...
  6. J

    Chamber Preasure

    What happens to chamber preasure if you work up a load at 1600 ft, and then go up to 6500ft. I understand that preasure will be higher if the temps are higher, but unclear about the change with altitude. Thanks
  7. 500grains

    accuracy of 223 Wylde vs 5.56 NATO chamber

    Any opinion on which produces a more accurate rifle? And which is less sensitive to carbon buildup?
  8. G

    Gunsmithing How much cartridge case to chamber clearance?

    How much case body to chamber clearance is suggested for a tactical (going to get dirty) rifle? How much case neck to chamber clearance? How loose should it be for reliability? How tight should it be for accuracy? 0.008"? 0.005"? 0.003"? other??? Thanks in advance, Kyle
  9. N

    Wyled chamber, dies and brass???

    Just got a Rock River AR rifle with a Wyled chamber and would like to know what full length die and brass recommendations you all have.. Thanks for your opinions.
  10. T

    Gunsmithing Chamber problem?

    Had a Pacnor barrel installed on my 280 AI. Trimmed all my brass to 2.525". 168 gr sierra hpbt seated .010 off the lands. At first I thought the necks spliting was due to work hardening, but then I noticed the ring around the neck. The neck also has a slight taper on the end starting at the...
  11. E

    Gunsmithing chamber reaming cutting oil?

    I read that high sulfur cutting oils will dull reamers when used on stainless, is that right? what are yall using?
  12. 308skinner

    Question bout Wylde chamber

    I have a RRA flattop with the Wylde chamber. Do i need to full length the brass every time or can i just neck size it with this chambering?
  13. E

    Gunsmithing brass sticking in chamber

    I have a GAP 308 I purchased from another member here. Very nice rifle. One caveat, My loads seem to stick in the chamber after firing.These are my "general loads" for everything I own 308. Some here have said that they are too hot. I'm not sure. These same loads function flawless in my match...
  14. bsp212

    Gunsmithing 300 Win Mag chamber reamer

    Looking for a .300 Win Mag chamber reamer for 220 gr. SMK at AICS mag length. Any suggestions?
  15. C

    Gunsmithing GAP Crusader's chamber

    Anyone know what reamer is used? George? The reason I ask is that the FB on mine is longer (~.040") than the Savage 10FCP I started out with.
  16. U

    Gunsmithing .308 Chamber reamer recommendations requested

    Need to rebarrel AIAW .308 I need recommendations for a chamber reamer purchase. This is a rifle used in professional instruction classes, TAC matches and some F class F/TR. The 7.62 chamber kind of hard on .308 brass and want to stay away from too tight match/Palma chamber. Shooting mostly .155...
  17. E

    Gunsmithing Barrel cleaning, bore brush and chamber brush.

    How often are you using the bore brush if your patches come out dark on the first swipe and successively lighter on the following swipes with patches. In five passes with the patches, I'm really not getting any dirt. Are you using your brush at all or just using the patches? How often do...
  18. Crashnrondo

    Gunsmithing Help with a chamber issue on a new barrel

    I just received my new barrel for a Savage and I installed it with the go and no-go gauges like I have done in the past with other calibers. Then I tried chambering a factory round and it jammed the bullet pretty bad, so I colored the next round and it looks like I would have to seat the...
  19. J

    Gunsmithing Removing a live round from chamber when extractor

    Got a live round stuck in my 40-x chamber and the rim is partially torn off. Any ideas on getting it out. The brass rod method forced the bullet into the case. Any help out there?????
  20. 6

    Gunsmithing Cutting a Chamber

    Is there anyone that uses a CNC Lathe to cut chambers and thread barrels. Is there any reason I could not use this techinque not only would it save buying a reamer I think it would be easier to setup. I would think you could easily dailed the center of the barrel into .0001 and then cut your...