1. R8EDPG4

    SOLD Area 419 Linear Flash Suppressor

    NIB Area 419 Linear Flash Suppressor with 5/8-24 mount adapter. $100 shipped PP F&F or Zelle.
  2. J

    Accessories PMMC Glock 19 barrel / ultra comp

    Hello, I have a Glock 19 gen 5 Parker Mountain Machine Ultra comp and barrel combo for sale. I have 450 rounds of brass-cased ammo through this barrel/comp. It has run awesome with 115gr magtech, 115gr S&B, 124gr speer lawman. It is dual port design that cuts recoil by 50-55% with 115...
  3. O

    Firearms BCM Comp mod 1

    New bcm comp mod 1 for ar15. $75 paypal shipped
  4. TxDerek

    Firearms FULLY Built comp 300wm w/ reload gear!

    Full custom 300wm competition elr setup. $3500 for everything Alamo Precision Rifles G2 action 20moa rail Mueller Heavy Varmint 28" 1:8" Area 419 sidewinder brake Hawkins dbm bottom metal AccurateMag McMillian a5 Adjustable stock - custom paint Bedded action to stock Black cerakote barrel to...
  5. fatmat27

    Optics Aimpoint Micro T1 2MOA *SOLD*

    Aimpoint Micro T1 with 2MOA red dot. Like new, no scratches/blemishes on the body or glass....or anywhere for that matter. Comes with box/papers/tool/lens covers as shown. $450 shipped Priority with tracking. PayPal F&F or Zelle *SOLD*
  6. Alaskaman11

    any comp in Alaska?

    I would love to start shooting in comp again, is there any in Alaska coming up?
  7. srv656s

    Missouri - Big Piney - Tactical Marksmanship comp

    Got out to shoot yesterday with the guys from the Big Piney Sportsman's club in the Tactical Marksmanship match. They do 2 matches, an F-Class type match where you shoot 5 shots prone @ 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, and 800 yards. Yesterday was teh first time I tried the Tactical match...
  8. GUNNER75

    .243 Win, RCBS Comp Dies, Giraud Trimmer

    Just ran into this tonight, thought I would see if anyone else has. Full length sized and deprimed 500 plus .243 cases last night. Got home this evening, thought I better get after it again. Tossed 1/2 of them in the tumbler, and deceided to set up the Giraud. Got the Giraud set up and...
  9. J

    Rifle Scopes aimpoint comp fuzzy to me only

    Hi, I am new to the forum, so try to be gentle. I have an aimpoint CompM2, and I seem to see a clump of multiple dots strung out in a short line instead of one crisp dot. I have heard reference to astigmatism causing this. Both of my eyes seem to do this through it, but others do not see it...
  10. D

    6mm Nosler Custom Comp 105's

    Has anybody tried these yet? They are listed on Midway now but there is no info on Nosler's website yet or a least anything that I can find. It lists the BC as .593 on Midway, this has got to be a misprint, lie or a dream come true if they will shoot worth a crap. This is a better BC than any...
  11. D

    Sniper Golf: Comp Idea

    I've just been playing around with this idea for awhile in my head because I think it could potentially be a really great way to get outside, have fun and shoot. This doesn't involve golf balls or using them as targets which is what I understand sniper golf to be as it's known here on the hide...
  12. S

    Gastonia, NC Sniper Comp (9/2-5/09)

    The 3rd annual Gastonia Sniper comp will be held in Sept of 2009. Several new teams competed in 2008 taking the event to a whole new level. Spent alot of time at the SHOT show lining up sponsors and this years prizes are looking even better. Check out IM me with...
  13. Slickrick0999

    forster comp seater die question?

    My forster seating die is leaving a ring around my 178 Amax bullets. Why is it doing this and how do I correct? I dont remember seeing this with the 175 SMK's. I have already taken it apart to clean. Nothing to bad on that. I load some more and the ring is still there. Thanks, Rick
  14. S

    whats the perfect rifle for a tactical comp?

    First of all i dont even think there is any place that has a tactical competition here in Illinois. maybe Missouri? Anyway what is the best set up for a competition? Do you need an accurate rifle that doesnt weigh much? I have never seen a competition, but from what i read there it seems that...
  15. USMCj

    Anyone try NOSLER Custom Comp 175gr HPBT?

    I know that Nosler Custom Comp bullets are copies of SMK's but they are also cheaper, so I was wondering if anyone had tried the 175gr pills out of their precision rig and how they compared to SMK's.
  16. A

    Range time and a bit of a comp

    Yupp got some range time yesterday, as most other guys life is a bit hectic and when a window appears I go for it, regardless of weather. Well yesterday we had winds in the 10-15 m/s and a lot of snow. 100 meters prone, 200 meters, ny click are off, I dialed in 11 but ought to have kept my...