1. Brians708

    Photos The .22 and .17 don't cut it any longer...

    After a few years of playing with rim fire my 10 yr old daughter wanted to graduate into something more. Friday morning she shot the Rem 5R in .223 at the 100yr range from the bench. After a few fam fire shots she held 2 ea. 1" - 5 shot groups. Saturday she went prone shooting pigs (steel...
  2. jayjaytuner

    Gunsmithing how much to cut off barrel blank

    krieger barrel....was wondering, if the blank is a total of 29" can it be made to 28" or is it reccomended to take 2" off the barrel how far are the tool marks on the end of the barrel?
  3. Nocalphoenix

    Fieldcraft Where to get stencils cut for a paint job?

    Guys, buddy wants an extremely detailed stencil (raising the flag on Iwo Jima) for a paint job and there is no way I can hand cut it. Does anyone know of a reasonable company that does small quanities of vinyl stencils? Seems like everyone I found only does high volume or wants a bunch of set up...
  4. One_Feather

    Gunsmithing Cut away photos for Rem 700

    Does anyone have any cutaway photos of a remington 700 action, barrel, chamber area?
  5. A

    Gunsmithing Base mount screws too long - how can I cut them?

    Finally mounting up the Ken Farrell 20MOA base and putting the Falcon Menace on my Savage 110. I found lots of good advice here via the search and FAQ on leveling and everything, but I can't find any info on how to fix my issue, which is this: When I torque the base mount screws, they bind the...
  6. Seventy 1

    Cheek piece / bolt cut out.

    Am I correct in saying that McMillan does not cut out a bolt removal space in the cheekpiece of their stocks. I've noticed it done on some Manners stocks. Could someone fill me in? as well , what adjustment type cheekpiece do most prefer from McM, ie saddle, thumbwheel,..etc. Thanks
  7. PLeighton

    Gunsmithing Saiga 12Gua Barrel Cut & Thread

    I have a friend at work that recently ran out and bought a Saiga 12 Gauge as well as every accessory he could find. One of mods he is trying to do is have the barrel shortened and then threaded to accept the brake he bought. Can anyone recomend a good smith that would be able to hook him up?
  8. akabaron

    Gunsmithing How short to cut barrel?

    Hey, I have a remmington sps varmint in .308 and am having it cut and threaded for my AAC SD762 can. The factory bull barrel is 26" What is the shortest (I was thinking around 20") I could cut it with out any noticable velocity and accuracy loss? Any one do this and wish they cut it to a...
  9. E

    Gunsmithing whitworth mauser extractor cut?

    Is there supposed to be one? I have been doing a few old mausers for buddies and each had an extractor cut and a "nose" that went through the shoulder right in front of the lugs. I finally got the barrel off of a whitworth mauser I am going to rebarrel and lo and behold the rear of the...
  10. upnorthbacon

    Hunting & Fishing Coyote barrel suggestions, cut it down?

    I came upon a great deal on a brand new savage model 12 and I'm turning it into my coyote gun. I'll try and get some pics up, it's a .223 1/9 twist 26" fluted stainless barrel. I have it in a B&C medalist stock w/Nikon 3-12 monarch scope. My last rig (SPS .204) I was easily shooting out to...