1. The Rat 71505

    .243 Bullet from Coyotes to Deer

    Having a hard time finding 243 bullets, but would like to narrow my search by asking what bullet would work for coyotes that would not blow em up and the same bullet would work for deer. I have a DPMS lite hunter 20" with a 1-10 twist. I heard the 105 Hornady Amax is the way to go but I can't...
  2. Six Feet Under

    Hunting & Fishing Good Deer Jerky Recipes????

    All, I was wondering if you guys had any good deer jerky recipes you wanna share with me/ the hide? Or even beef jerky? I have a new propane smoker at my house I kinda was wanting to try out... Or if you guys have any good dehydrator/ oven recipes? Whatever, I'm all ears. I love jerky...
  3. M

    Hunting & Fishing Must see hunt that is just crazy

    I just saw this a couple weeks ago but it's been out a cuple months. Wildest hunt you might ever see caught on film..enjoy
  4. C

    Spotting scope recommendations?

    I am looking for a cheaper spotting scope not for finding bullet holes but for just spotting and watching deer and coyotes at 100-800 yards. my top price is 150 bucks. any input?
  5. Greg Langelius *

    Hunting & Fishing OT (Maybe) Buckshot illegal for hunting deer in NY

    Am I missing something here, or is this just plain wrongheaded and dumb.
  6. bohem

    Suppressors new deer cannon

    Here's my new deer hunting hand cannon. Super Redhawk, 44mag, 9.5"
  7. deersniper

    Hunting & Fishing Shot at a deer today at 900 yards, wounded it.

    Ok, I didn't really do that. Why is it acceptable practice to take shots at predators (fox, coyote, etc) at distances that don't ensure a clean kill, but it is considered unethical to shoot at a game animal such as a deer at long range? I respect a fox alot more than a lyme disease carrying...
  8. H5N1

    Hunting & Fishing Colorado Mule Deer Hunt

    I'm thinking about going on a Colorado "drop camp" mule deer hunt this year. Has anyone had experience with any particular outfitter? I've never hunted in the mountains. Any advice would appreciated,Thanks
  9. shooter65

    Hunting & Fishing Pennsylvania deer hunters

    Harvested 335,850 deer in 2008-09 according to Pa. Game News.
  10. B

    Hunting & Fishing Sniper Deer

    Only caught him because his branches moved Could have got killed if it wasen't for my Stealth and good eyes...HA Be carefull out there.!!!!!!
  11. Fighthard

    Hunting & Fishing More Giant Wisconsin Deer Rub Pics!!

    Wisconsin 2008. Saw the big boy that made this crossing a field following a doe at 400 yards once in 8 days. Maybe I will see him again this year. Freaking monster!!!
  12. shooter65

    Hunting & Fishing White deer
  13. K

    Hunting & Fishing My deer. I was 12 years old

    Here's my couse white tail shot in southern Arizona. Scores 108", which is 1" over Arizona record book minimum. Falls short of Boone and Crocket by 2". Shot him when I was 12 at about 250-275 yards(we didn't use a rangefinder back then). Used a 7mag and 140 nosler ballistic tips. I honestly...
  14. Down Under Hunter


    This hunt shows 2 Fallow deer taken last year. Both nice shots. Unfortunately neither deer droped in the camera frame. The price you pay hunting by yourself ! Enjoy DUH Moderator- Feel free to move thread if incorrectly placed .
  15. Highground

    Hunting & Fishing Antelope/Mule Deer Caliber.

    Any thoughts on the .243 Win for a Wyoming antelope/mule deer hunt?

    Hunting & Fishing A few pics of my kids and my deer.

    My biggest deer to date, 7STW, 255 yards. 96 yards Savage 10FP 308 w/ SMK Daughter with her 2007 deer, 243 youth rifle 110 yrds My Fallow Deer My baby boy with a few rainbows he caught today at a local kids pond. His first kill, 200 pd feral pig Federal 223 TBBC at 40 yards. 1...
  17. 500grains

    Hunting & Fishing Anyone used 6.8 SPC on deer?

    Has anyone used the 6.8 spc cartridge for deer hunting? I curious to know (a) does the bullet hold together well enough to penetrate to the vitals at close range, and (b) does the cartridge have enough for longer shots, say out to 600 yds? Left to right: 6.8, 223 and 7.62x39
  18. rogue090

    Hunting & Fishing Deer blind window contraptions

    I have hunted many different deer blinds over the years, but for the most part once I got old enough and more responsible I built my own. The design I was most happy with had small shelves extended below the windows for binos, coffee cup, and most importantly a place to set up my bipod for a...
  19. P

    Savage 10 .243 for long range and deer gun?

    As I am writing this right now. My uncle is at the range zeroing his new .30-30 he just got. I was looking at getting the savage Model 10 Predator Hunter in .243. I have been hearing along of great info on this round being able to get out to 1000 yards, because of its great BC. On the other end...
  20. N

    Fieldcraft color for hunting deer on Long Island & upstate

    I'm looking to buy one of the TCS coveralls from Cabelas to hunt deer on Long Island and Upstate during the season. I can't decide which color to choose. (mossy oak new break up, mossy oak brush seclusion 3D). Any help would be much appreciated.