1. Wheres-Waldo

    Gas ports lands or grooves?

    Is there any difference in whether a port should be located in the land or groove of a barrels rifling? Furthermore, I've been advised that a port that has been located in a portion of rifling that bisects a land AND a groove has no effect on accuracy... True/False? I Google'd it up and there...
  2. A10XRIFLE

    Suppressors and Gas Guns! My 2cents

    My opinion: Suppressing gas guns is just not a good Idea. Why, Its kinda like building a 1200 HP car and putting a Muffler on it and a Parachute behind it. As the bullet exits the muzzle and into the can all the Gas, Carbon, Unburnt powder Etc now sneaks into the muzzle and back into the...
  3. mackdrvr

    Garand gas cylinder question.

    Can you guys get your op rods out with out removing the gas cylinder? All the books out there say remove the gas cylinder, and then remove the rod. Talk has it that removing the gas cylinder to much will loosen up the barrel splines over time losing accuracy. By the way I cant get my op rod...
  4. sigyman

    155 scenars vs 175SMK's in a gas gun????

    who here has used these two bullets in their gas guns and what results are you getting with it? which do you prefer to shoot more? and what are your loads for both rounds??
  5. D

    Gunsmithing Lightweight AR barrel with mid length gas system?

    Where can I get one? It seems like no one stocks them...everything seems to be special order if you depart from a medium contour barrel.
  6. RidgeRebel

    Gunsmithing DPMS 308 gas issues?

    Somebody posted a similar post on the rifle forum but I have the same issue. I was out shooting my DPMS 308 LR today it is an 18in barrel. I've shot less than 100 rounds through it and I bought it new. It has shot great until today. I shot about 10 rounds and then it started short stroking and...
  7. D

    troubleshooting a gas gun

    i have a dpms lr 308 that i had a conversion done to make it an lrt sass. problem with it is that once the gun heats up it short strokes. it will still eject cartridges but the bolt doesn't come back far enough to strip a new round from the magazine. an ideas?
  8. LibertyOptics

    Best way to clean a FN Fal gas tube?

    Hiders, The question pretty much asks it all. I love the FAL platform but still haven't mastered the cleaning of the gas tube. Do you use a bore snake, rod and patch (give jag and patch size here) or some other way to clean the gas tube?? I could ask this question at the Fal Files but...
  9. wordisbawn2008

    Gunsmithing adjustable gas block

    is there any reason to have an adjustable gas block on an ar-10 if you never plan on using a suppressor?........and if not is replacing the factory block something one who is not a gunsmith should attempt?
  10. TrickPony29

    Gas Piston AR's (POF-USA vs LMT vs LWRC)

    I've read up a lot on how the LMT's and LWRC's stack up against each other but does anyone have any experience with Patriot Ordnance Factory ( If so how do these compare? Thanks in advance, Drew
  11. 0

    Ar Gas System Lengths

    im going to get an AR when funds approve, and i want to make the most informed decision possible, my question is about the differences in gas system length. like carbine mid and rifle is one more reliable, durable, etc? thanks in advance
  12. jephs422

    differerence between gas and piston AR uppers

    I'm building another upper but up until recently had never seen the piston style uppers. Can I build this style with a regular bare upper and lower, or are the parts specific to the piston type? And is there anywhere I can get schematics or detailed info on them?
  13. D

    Ciener .22lr Kit work in a Gas Piston Upper?

    Anyone know if a Ciener kit or the Spike's Tactical version of this kit can be used in a gas piston .223 upper? I know the .22 is a pretty dirty round to fire. Does using one of these kits get the really nasty fouling coated into the gas tube of a direct inpingement AR? Does the Spike's...
  14. K_4c

    Gas tube cleaning??

    Is there a proper way to clean the gas tube on an AR? It seems that my ar is short stroking and not extracting the spent round. Thanks for any advice given. Kinnamon
  15. S

    Bushmaster gas piston AR

    Hi Hide members, I know many of you guys are AR experts. I have researched the superior aspects of a piston AR rifle vs gas AR rifle. I know now Bushmaster makes a piston version of the AR. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge regarding this AR version? Particularly, can I put this...
  16. cj1026

    AR gas piston retrofit

    Ok so I'm thinking about switching to a piston setup on my AR. I have 2 questions though. Does anyone have or used the Bushmaster setup? Any problems? And second The AR I want to install this on has a MI low profile gas block and MI 10" FF railed handgurds. Will this setup work with my gas...
  17. O

    Let's see those Gas Guns!

    I know there are some Kick-Ass (No offense Captain) Gas Guns out there! Just got my latest from dmg308! Shoots about 1.5-2MOA with Wolf ammo. Better than MOC (Minute of Chest)! Armalite M15A4 ARMS S.I.R. #58 Cheap-ass Scope (Looking for an Eotech) GG&G Flip-sights W/Trijicon $20 Foregrip...
  18. mike1128

    AR-15 gas conversion system?

    Anyone know a good conversion system that has a selective gas option for less and more, and also comes with a seperate carrier? I have a 16 inch Bushmaster I want to put it on. Thanks for any help
  19. RWSGunsmithing

    Gunsmithing Mid-length gas dimentions

    Need to know what the length is on a middy ar gas system is. Form end of barrel extension to gas block shoulder.
  20. S

    AR15/AR308 gas block compatability?

    I have a question about gas blocks for AR's. Can you use an AR15 gas block on DPMS lr308's assuming the gas block locations are the same specs in diameter? I would like to build a 308 but find no gas blocks that are necessarily specific for them. I was thinking an Vltor, larue .750 size...