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  1. thearmory

    Ammo belted ammo

    we have about 20k rounds of belted .308 nato fmj, and 20k rounds of belted .50. in the 20k rounds of .50 about 2k rounds are API. asking .85 a round for 308, and $3 a round for 50 fmj. the APi asking $5 a round . prices are negotiable when buying large quantities! contact me at 361-212-7141
  2. Max Ordinate Academy

    Training Courses Pistol Training Saugus CA 3 dates Aug and Sep

    Pistol Fighter Evolution Overview: Designed to integrate fundamental Cover Based Shooting (CBS) within the following disciplines: operational space employment, fundamental individual movement skills. This course will introduce Pistol Fighter Mindset. Topics Covered: • Cover Based...
  3. JaysonF

    Suspended for 1 year for playing with a toy gun at home...

    Suspended for playing with guns in their own yard... Does anyone else think that they're trying to make gun rights the equivalent as smoking? I mean, over 20-30 years of indoctrination in schools, and it seems like it will be worse than ever before... What avenues would a parent have to...
  4. JaysonF

    Hunting & Fishing Retriever training...

    I have a 2 year old golden retriever and I want to train her to go hunting, or send her to be trained. My questions are: Does anyone know of any reputable training for dogs of my breed (preferably near Nevada). If I cannot find a good place nearby, I will train her. Does anyone have any tips...
  5. GunjunkieM24

    Photos The old truck gun....

    I sold this rifle a couple of years ago but just found these pics. Sure wish i had it back sometimes. Didnt have much in the rifle but man was it a tack driver.... Specs, PSS stock skim bedded in Marine Tex Trued 700 PSS Action Badger Knob, base and M5 Set barrel back .125 and shortened to 24...
  6. Jon Lester

    3 Gun in Wythville Va. Oct.3

    Clark K and Mike Oberman are hosting a 1 day 3 gun match in Wythville Va. It is on a new course and we ran a trial Match a couple months ago.It is interesting. The date is Sat Oct 3 for 3 Gun and on Sun 4th Clark plans to travel to a local farm for some LR stuff with steel near 2000 yds. The...
  7. E

    Gunsmithing Cerakote spray gun?

    I have been thinking about starting to use cerakote any opinions on this spray gun for a beginner? I was thinking that hplv or is it lphv was the way to go, will this work or will there be too much waste?
  8. S

    Suppressors 1911 Colt Rail Gun.

    I went into the big city last week on business and decided I could use a new 1911. I was is the market for one with a light rail just because I did not have any with a rail and my 16 year son was pushing me in that direction. Looked at Springfields and Kimbers (own only Colts), but then noticed...
  9. N

    Help? First Gun.

    Ok so heres the deal. I'm looking to buy my first high powered rifle. I completely understand how outrageous this may sound, but I'm looking for a good gun that has an effective range at 1000yrds. And affordable too. I've done quite a bit of research, and if I had the money I would buy a .338...
  10. J

    Gunsmithing gun smith permanently attached muzzle brake

    hi all, i have a tikka super varmint in .308 http://www.tikka.fi/t3models.php?supervarmint it was a decent shooter, but i decided i wanted a muzzle break for the hell of it. i have sent it off to a gun smith here in Australia who i didn't know personally but who was recommended to me to get the...
  11. cvbond

    USPSA Area 6 Multi Gun Match, Conyers, GA--Oct 2-4

    We will be doing a Multi-Gun Match this year and will be using the San Angelo scoring method. Thanks again to Nordic Components and Tim Ubl for agreeing to be our Match Sponsor! Right now it looks like the mix of stages will be something like 1 each of Rifle, Pistol, & Shotgun, 4 combo (2 guns)...
  12. sigyman

    155 scenars vs 175SMK's in a gas gun????

    who here has used these two bullets in their gas guns and what results are you getting with it? which do you prefer to shoot more? and what are your loads for both rounds??
  13. J

    Gun Care After Rain

    Was caught in a sudden heavy downpour today - which was welcome in the middle of our drought so I'm not complaining. The rifle was not soaked, but definitely took some water all over. Any suggestions about anything beyond the usual cleaning that I ought to do? The rifle is a R700 in an...
  14. Y

    308 rd hard to extract from chamber..bolt gun

    I reloaded GMM once fired brass with 44 Varget-sorted by weight. Some extracted fine. 2/3 were very hard to pull bolt to the rear.I had to drive oe hit the bolt HARD to the rear to get rd to extract. Case lengths , chamber length, OAL of rd all GTG with all loads. Is there a problem with the...
  15. H

    Amazing service from gun industry

    I just got off the phone with Dillon ordering some parts for my press and just amazed by the way they stand behind their products. I moved and broke a couple of things on it and they just sent them to me no charge. I thought it was pretty cool Jason
  16. vmpglenn

    Please offer suggestions for a tube gun 'smith

    Not having enough time as I'd like to shoot (much less gunsmith), I'm looking to have a smith put a quality tube gun together for me. Since Randy at R&D Precision is not taking any work right now, do you have any suggestions for whom I might contact? Thank you.
  17. sniper307

    Rifle Scopes need help. gun wont zero

    scenario. rem 700 pss in AICS. was wearing LEU 6.5 x 20 mildot in LEU med rings on TPS 20 moa base. shot like a house on fire. took that optic, ring,base set up and put on my 40x trainer. mounted NEW NIGHTFORCE 20 MOA base and med rings on PSS. put LEU 6.5 x 20 TMR in them. scope is proven. cant...
  18. rdsii64

    shopping for a gun safe

    My wife and I have been looking at gun safes since I have this new gun buying habit now. Right now we are looking at safes from sentry and patriot while I am look for other brands to research. What I am looking for is a <span style="font-weight: bold">REAL gun safe</span>, not some glorified...
  19. D

    troubleshooting a gas gun

    i have a dpms lr 308 that i had a conversion done to make it an lrt sass. problem with it is that once the gun heats up it short strokes. it will still eject cartridges but the bolt doesn't come back far enough to strip a new round from the magazine. an ideas?
  20. M


    There will be a 2 gun sniper competition on Sat. july 11th at the Bradford Sportsmans Farm in Bradford Fl. at 8am. It will include your longe range bolt gun and combat pistol. For more info go to ruashooter.com or bsfshootingsports.com.