1. jason_mazzy

    Gunsmithing 1/4 moa out of armalite AR-10? ur input please

    I have been informed through a good military friend, that a friend of his makes custom sniper weapon systems from ar armalite ar 10's. I have spoke to him and he did a bunch for the marines and seals, and says they go 1/4 moa. I was told first it starts with the barrel, about $300 or so and then...
  2. Black-X

    Rifle Scopes Need some input on a set of AN/PVS-7B's

    I'm trying to figure out if this package is worth it or if I should hold off for a while and maybe get a PVS-14. I don't mind the goggle type setup, will have to find a laser later. I'm not up to speed on NV equipment and I'm hoping one of you all might be able to help me out. The setup is...
  3. D

    New rifle project, need caliber input please!!!

    I have just picked up a long action Rem 700 ADL in 300 win mag as a donor action. I want a cartridge for 1500-ish yards. I would like input on what can be built on this action which has: decent barrel life, affordable to shoot, good to great ballistics to the above distance.
  4. orange

    Rifle Scopes Kahles Zf95 10x42 input appreciated

    Just wondering if anyone is using the Kahles 10x42 zf95 and what they thought of it. Thanks
  5. S

    Odessa FV 200yd F-Class July match input...

    I`m looking at having our July match spread over both Saturday and also Sunday. The usual regristration time of 10:00 AM and start by 11:00 AM. We generally finish by 1:00 or 1:30, so there is plenty of drive time to get home and enjoy your afternoon activities. (Legal fireworks, et al) I`m...
  6. K

    New, need input on Rem700SPS Tac vs. FN Patrol

    I looked at both the Remington 700 SPS Tactical and the FN Patrol today at the gun shop, both with the 20" heavy barrel. Cosmetically, they seem very similar, I was wondering if any of the pro's here had any comments as to which is the better gun for standard shooting distances, durability...
  7. 8

    Need input on new paint

    Just like some feedback on this new paint I done. Rifle got a complete make over.
  8. diggler1833

    RCBS .223 die issues, any input?

    While I was loading some 68gr Hornady BTHPs yesterday I noticed that every bullet had an indentation ring on the ogive about 1/3 of the way from the meplat. Did I do something wrong with setting up the die? I did set up the die like the instructions said with turning it all the way down on an...
  9. BgBmBoo

    MORE INPUT PLEASE on my .223 loads

    Hi gang. Ok...a few more questions from the newbie reloading. I followed the advice of the last few of you who gave me some input and now have a few more questions. Ok...I have been working on a load for my .223 bolt gun (Tikka T3 Lite 1:8 barrel). I use it for coyote hunting with some paper...
  10. Hasgun Willtravel

    Gunsmithing Build parts are in, need some input 6.5x47 bullet

    I have been struggling over this one. 6.5x47 Lapua. My Pierce TAC repeater action has been done for quite some time, and the barrel has finally showed up. Its a 30" Broughton blank, to finish at 28" She will sit snuggly in a AICS 1.5 from our friend Adam Bauer. All my parts are in, and...
  11. thatguy

    want some input

    i asked this on another forum. and before you guys kill me, let me know if this has been covered before, and ill read through the other articles. my question is this(dont bust my balls too hard on the equipment, and i cant post pics on a government computer) will this be able to put ANY(or...
  12. C

    Contemplating a ,260 build looking for some input

    I'm thinking about building up one of those SPR actions from CDNN. I'll probably get the one with the 5-round hinged floor plate and get a CDI bottom metal later when I can afford it. I'm thinking I'll put a Bartlein barrel on it and either a Manners or McMillan stock for it. What I'm unsure...
  13. patches

    Vandyke RIfles Input or Product Review

    Vandyke Rifle is located here in Kansas, where I live. I am a CNC machine tool dealer and one of our sales people calls on John's shop. My sales guy actually has one of Vandyke's rifles build on the AI chassis and is very happy with it. Just wanted to get input to see if anyone has any...
  14. gorhamlit

    Suppressors need input on a used P220 - got questions

    I bought a USED P220 from my friends' dad(he don't know JAK!). I shot it, it jammed 2X per clip, and that was 3 clips of wolk steel case target, and three clips brass case winX, I looked at it, it was dirtier than $h1t, heard a lot of good things about SIGs, figured, eh...dirty, bad dirty...
  15. ykrvak

    Rifle Scopes Need some input guys

    I just purchased a leica 1200 from eurooptics that doesn't want to work. No big deal Alex is a good guy and is all about rectifying the situation. Here's the question. Word round the campfire is the ziess will range 100-200 yards further for basically the same money, it is in a larger package...
  16. S

    need your input here...

    I need to carry my rifle here and there what type of case , soft or hard will be the first choice for my QUAD ? have a bipod and scope on it ?
  17. Johncalloway

    22-250 (I Need New Input)

    I am looking to start reloading for my remington sps. It is chambered in 22-250. One day I want to step it up to a 308, but right now this is what I have. I have never tried to make a load for any rifle to get the best groups out of it. I have mostly loaded pistol shells until now. I was...
  18. upnorthbacon

    Range Report Input question on pesja ballistics.xls

    I downloaded pesja ballistics.xls onto my blackberry and it appears to be going to work for me. There's an input field for the MOA drop and if I'm using 1/4" clicks at 100yds on a Nikon Monarch what should I be inputting in this field? It states "Inches at 100 yards per MOA graduation on scope...